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Greetings music lovers... These are the setlists of my radio show, which can be heard on WHPK, 88.5 FM Chicago. The show is broadcast every other week on Friday afternoons.

The show has developed and gotten more focused over the years. In the early shows, I really hadn't found my groove yet, and the mixes were more scattered than they have been lately. As I developed my collection over the years, I started doing more focus shows and began to enjoy that style. At times that leads to playing tracks that have easy catagorization at the expense of some of the unique finds that are off the beaten track, but the focus shows are a good place to hear a unique take on and good introduction to the artists that are featured.

If you want to hear some of the show highlights, check out the algoriddim podcast.


November 4, 2011

U Roy part 1
Though U Roy started off recording work for other producers, he really started having hits when John Holt heard him and took him to Duke Reid. Though he was relicking material that wasn't always current, the combination took off like wildfire and U Roy had numerous hits. This show focuses on that material with Duke Reid, producer at Treasure Isle studio.

October 21, 2011

U Roy part 2
After getting his start DJing at several sound systems, U Roy connected with King Tubby and became the top DJ for his sound. For his first recordings he worked with several producers, starting off with Keith Hudson and then Lee Perry, with whom his first single saw release as "Earth's Rightful Ruler" with Peter Tosh. After Perry, He recorded with Bunny Lee and Lloyd Daley. After making it big with Duke Reid, he went on to work with several other producers like Alvin Ranglin, Glen Brown and Tony Robinson. This show focuses on the work that U Roy did with these other producers.

October 7, 2011

Dillinger made his name on the El Paso sound system next to Dennis Alcapone. He started recording with Lee Perry, releasing several tracks before moving on to Yabby You where he scored a hit. He went on to work with Niney, Augustus Pablo, Coxsone Dodd and later Joseph Hookim at Channel One.

September 23, 2011

I Roy part 2
This is the second part of the I Roy series. I Roy really had a funk and swagger that was unique to him. He got his start when he hooked up with producer Harry Mudie, who gave him his name. He remained with Mudie til '71, when he spread out with other producers. His first album was with producer Gussie Clarke and included a string of hits.

September 9, 2011

I Roy part 1
This is the first of two shows featuring I Roy. I Roy is the only person that can compete with Big Youth when it comes to recording seminal work for some of the obscure and off the beaten path producers. He worked with Lloyd Campbell, Winston Blake, Lloyd Daley, Bunny Lee, Derrick Harriot, Jimmy Radway, Keith Hudson, Lee Perry, Ruddy Redwood, Pete Weston, Glen Brown, Byron Lee, Clive Chin and Rupie Edwards among others. For me, I Roy's cuts were my first introduction to these producers.

July 27, 2011

Big Joe part 2
It turned out I had so many big riddims from Big Joe that I had to stretch the show out to a second session.

July 15, 2011

Big Joe part 1
Big Joe started off with producer Harry Mudie, riding some big tunes with him. He later worked with Winston Edwards, Coxsone Dodd, Bunny Lee and linval Thompson. Its hard to find many details on him otherwise.

June 17, 2011

Prince Jazzbo
Prince Jazzbo made his name at Studio 1 before moving on to work with Bunny Lee and later Lee Perry. His work with Studio 1 was nice, and he touched on some big riddims while there. He really made a name for himself with his work for Bunny Lee where he got into a clash with I Roy. After this he did work for Lee Perry that was during Perry's best phase. After these works he went on to doing some self productions that are also worth checking out.

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