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Greetings music lovers... These are the setlists of my radio show, which can be heard on WHPK, 88.5 FM Chicago. The show is broadcast every other week on Friday afternoons.

The show has developed and gotten more focused over the years. In the early shows, I really hadn't found my groove yet, and the mixes were more scattered than they have been lately. As I developed my collection over the years, I started doing more focus shows and began to enjoy that style. At times that leads to playing tracks that have easy catagorization at the expense of some of the unique finds that are off the beaten track, but the focus shows are a good place to hear a unique take on and good introduction to the artists that are featured.

If you want to hear some of the show highlights, check out the algoriddim podcast.


December 23, 2005

Reggae-Soul Vol. 3
Part two of the four part series. Back after a bit of a break. I had to remix the second half of this show since I lost the original recording, so it took a bit to get around to doing so since I was out of the country for a month.

Now that I've had a chance to remix the second half of the show, its ready for you all. Decent little mix in a soul reggae combination style.

December 9, 2005

Gregory Isaacs
Once I dug into Gregory Isaacs early work, I found there was too much content to cover in just one show. So here's two shows worth of prime Gregory Isaacs tunes...

November 25, 2005

Give thanks and praise

November 11, 2005

Gregory Isaacs
There's not much to say about Gregory Isaacs that you can't find elsewhere. He's a vocalist I avoided for a number of years, thinking that he was all about love songs and mediocre tracks from the eighties. After digging into his repertoire, I came to appreciate the wealth of rootsy tunes he laid down in his early years.

October 28, 2005

Mikey Dread
Mikey Dread got his start in radio back in the early 70s and was a crucial part of getting reggae music out to the Jamaican masses. He eventually began voicing his own tunes and later went into production. He's still around and performing, so check him out if you enjoy these tunes...

October 14, 2005

The Viceroys was composed of Wesley Tinglin, Daniel Bernard and Bunny Gayle, who was later replaced by Neville Ingram. The Viceroys make a good follow up to the recent Linval Thompson podcasts, since some of their later work was produced by Linval Thompson. Since I prefer their earlier work, you'll hear a focus on those sounds.

September 30, 2005


September 2, 2005

Jimmy Radway, Harry Mudie & Roy Sinclair

August 19, 2005

Ken Boothe
Ken Boothe is yet another of the great foundation singers of Jamaica. He got his start as many other did in the ska and rocksteady days creating a sound modeled on some of the great soul singers from the US. In his early days he worked together with Stranger Cole as Ken & Stranger. As with many others, he earned his chops with the legendary Studio One, working with Coxsone's crew until 1970. Along the way he also recorded a few singles for Sonia Pottinger, before moving to Leslie Kong and other producers such as Bunny Lee, B.B. Seaton, Keith Hudson, the Chin brothers, Phil Pratt, Niney and Lloyd Charmers.

For this show, I start off with the incredible song "Peace Time" recorded for Jack Ruby. After that, its into another classic, "Artibella" that he did originally with Stranger Cole, before rerecording it with Phil Pratt. We continue on with more from the Coxsone days, with tracks like "Feel Good", "Set Me Free" and others.

So enjoy what this man is putting on, the sounds of Mr. Ken Boothe...

June 24, 2005

Guest DJ: Isaac Krab

May 27, 2005


April 29, 2005


April 15, 2005

Junior Delgado
Junior Delgado, aka Juks, started off with a group called Time Unlimited recording for Lee Perry, Rupie Edwards, Tommy Cowan and ending up with Bunny Lee. Delgado split from the group and went on to record with Niney, Joe Gibbs, Prince Jammy and Augustus Pablo.

This show runs through a range of Delgado cuts, starting with strong compositions for Pablo and Perry. Prince Jammy makes himself known as well with some of the work with Juks for Dennis Brown's DEB imprint.

This show is the opening shot in a series underway featuring the sounds of Augustus Pablo. This set is more peripheral to that theme, but the Pablo cuts featured in this set should give you a ears towards what's coming...

April 1, 2005

Roots Horns
Horns have always been an important part of reggae music and are one of my favorite elements of the riddim. This show intends to showcase the presence of the horn in a variety of heavy roots tunes.

For this show, I start off with one of my favorite intro tunes from Tommy McCook & the Aggrovators, and move on to feature more horns versions of roots tunes from a variety of artists and producers. Throughout the show, Tommy McCook, Vin Gordon, Bobby Ellis, Carl Bryan and others get their chance to shine.

March 18, 2005

Jack Ruby
Jack Ruby was one of those producers that I wish had produced much more music. I, as with many, discovered him through the sounds of Burning Spear's crucial album Marcus Garvey. Over time I came across more tunes from him and eventually Heartbeat put out a two piece set featuring his productions.

This show features a variety of his productions including popular artists like Ken Boothe, the Heptones, and the Gaylads as well as obscure groups like the incredible Skulls.

This show was mixed soon after Justin Hinds of the Dominoes passed away. He also did some work with Ruby over the years and is featured in the second half of the show.

March 4, 2005

Keith Hudson
Keith Hudson has got to be one of my favorite producers. Like Lee Perry, he didn't always hit the spot, but when he did, he hit it hard. Keith Hudson, the man known as the Ghetto Dentist, rumored to have installed Big Youth's red, green and gold fronts. His sound is unique, sounding like the man is a bit haunted at times, especially on tunes like "Darkest Night On A Wet Looking Road."

I start off the show with some of his earlier scorchers, floating on through to the darker sounds that he created half way through the show. Have a listen to these crucial sounds, sounds of the man known as Keith Hudson...

February 18, 2005

Alvin Ranglin part 2
Alvin Ranglin productions part 2. The nickname GG apparently came from the combination of Alvin's sister's name and his ex-girlfriend, both named Gloria. It was also the name he gave his sounds system back in 1965, that later went on to be known as GG's Discotech.

My first introduction to GG probably came with the tracks he produced for Gregory Isaacs. He also did some good work with other artists such as Maytones, Ethiopians, Starlights, Freddie McKay, I Roy, and Lone Ranger.

On these two shows, you get to hear a variety of the early cuts GG put together, along with some of the later works he recorded at Channel One and GG's Studio.

February 4, 2005

Wailers part 1
There's not much more that I can add to the story of the Wailers. They've become an iconic force in the sound of the modern world. Enjoy this journey through this crucial music.

January 21, 2005

Alvin Ranglin part 1
Alvin Ranglin productions part 1. Alvin Ranglin, also known as "GG", got into the music business through an electronics repair shop. Some of his early productions were credited to "Flowers & Alvin", Flowers being vocalist Emmanuel Folwers along with Ranglin himself. He first had a hit with the GG All Stars with a cut called "Man From Carolina."

January 7, 2005

Bunny Lee

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