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Greetings music lovers... These are the setlists of my radio show, which can be heard on WHPK, 88.5 FM Chicago. The show is broadcast every other week on Friday afternoons.

The show has developed and gotten more focused over the years. In the early shows, I really hadn't found my groove yet, and the mixes were more scattered than they have been lately. As I developed my collection over the years, I started doing more focus shows and began to enjoy that style. At times that leads to playing tracks that have easy catagorization at the expense of some of the unique finds that are off the beaten track, but the focus shows are a good place to hear a unique take on and good introduction to the artists that are featured.

If you want to hear some of the show highlights, check out the algoriddim podcast.


December 10, 2004

Reggae-Soul Vol. 2
Part three of the four part series. More nice tunes featuring the connection between soul and reggae music. What more can I say..

November 19, 2004

November 13, 2004

Reggae-Soul Vol. 1
The fourth part of a four part series (but the first I'm posting) featuring the connections between American soul (and R&B and Funk and...) and Jamaican reggae (and rocksteady and ska and...)

I'll let the music speak for itsel

October 29, 2004

October 1, 2004

Barrington Levy
This show focuses on the sounds of Barrington Levy. The mix developed out of a earlier scattered set featuring the sounds of Scientist.

Scientist has really been the underlying theme and inspiration for these last five podcasts. Many of the dubs in the Linval Thompson set, several of the Viceroys cuts and most of the dubs in this Levy show were featuring the work of this mixing master.

For this show I start off with a Jah Thomas produced stormer call Tribute to Moa Ambessa. Then into a Gibbs delicacy, before opening up into a mix featuring dubs with Scientist and Jammy at the controls.

The era of dub featured on this show was one of my first introductions to dub. It features the Roots Radics band including drummer Santa Davis and bassie Flabba Holt. I had always wondered who was singing the original vocals and eventually I came across more of these Barrington Levy takes on these riddims.

September 17, 2004


September 3, 2004

Clancy Eccles
Clancy Eccles started off his musical career as a teen, working the north coast hotel scene. He got his break after performing in a talent show put on by Coxsone Dodd in 1959. He went on to record a variety of tunes with Dodd and eventually started a talent show of his own in 1962. He went on recording for a number of years, before taking a two year break from music on 1965. When he returned to music in 1967 he started producing and called his studio band the Dynamites, who were the same group o f musicians referred to as the Crystalites when working with producer Derrick Harriot. Clancy went on to help Lee Perry get his start in 1968 when Perry broke off from Dodd, and also assisted Niney produce his first hit in 1971.

For this show, I make a run through a variety of his tunes, focusing more on the tracks he produced.

August 13, 2004

Africa: Sahel

August 6, 2004

Bertram Brown
For this episode we focus on the sounds of producer Bertram Brown and the Soul Syndicate. Bertram Brown ran a label called Freedom Sounds and put together quite a few nice albums featuring sounds from artists like Phillip Fraser, Rod Taylor, Prince Alla, Earl Zero, Sylvan White and others...

July 23, 2004

His Imperial Majesty

July 9, 2004

Guest DJ: Stranjah

June 25, 2004

DJs: I Roy, Prince Jazzbo, etc.

May 28, 2004

Version Excursion part 2

May 14, 2004

Coxsone Dodd and Studio One
This show was a tribute to the man Coxsone Dodd. He was at the helm of the empire they called Studio One, and though he wasn't usually the one in the studio all the time, his leadership of Studio One had a huge impact on reggae music. For this set, I focus on my favorite tunes coming out of Studio One. They aren't always the classic tunes associated with Studio One, but these are some of the ones I love the most. Starting it off, a tribute to Dodd, Joe Higgs' "There's A Reward" After that we get things running with Michigan & Smiley's "Compliment To Studio One" where they talk about going down to check Papa Dodd.

April 30, 2004

Guest DJ: Papa G

April 16, 2004

Freddie McKay
Freddie McKay. I didn't know much about his music, but I heard a lot of good things about him, so I put a show together focusing on what he did and discovered what the fuss is all about in the meantime.

Freddie got his first big hit, "Love is a Treasure", with Duke Reid at Treasure Isle, while his first album, named after another hit of his "Picture On the Wall", was released by Studio One.

On this show, I start off with a remake of Burning Spear's Creation Rebel produced by Ossie Hibbert (proceeded by the original of course.) Then into his two early hits mentioned above (playing the Coxsone version of "Love is a Treasure", not the Duke Reid version.) Throughout the rest of the show, you hear tracks produced by such diverse figures as Glen Darby, Eddie Wong, Warrick Lyn, Leonard Chin and others. I hope you enjoy this introduction to Freddie McKay.

(Listening back, I realized that "Jah Help the People" is Freddie McGregor, not Freddie McKay... damn.)

April 2, 2004

Version Excursion part 1

March 5, 2004

The Gladiators was comprised of Albert Griffiths, Clinton Fearon, and Gallimore Sutherland for most their run as a group. As a band they also recorded riddims for producers like Lee Perry, Yabby U and Coxsone Dodd. On this show, I run through a number of their early works with Coxsone Dodd and also showcase their work with Prince Tony, along with dropping in a few other tunes along the way.

I first encountered their work with Prince Tony and was taken aback by their beautiful but tough vocal harmonies. I hope you come to enjoy their work as much as I have.

February 20, 2004

Jacob Miller & Tommy Cowan

February 6, 2004

Out and About

January 23, 2004


January 9, 2004


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