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Greetings music lovers... These are the setlists of my radio show, which can be heard on WHPK, 88.5 FM Chicago. The show is broadcast every other week on Friday afternoons.

The show has developed and gotten more focused over the years. In the early shows, I really hadn't found my groove yet, and the mixes were more scattered than they have been lately. As I developed my collection over the years, I started doing more focus shows and began to enjoy that style. At times that leads to playing tracks that have easy catagorization at the expense of some of the unique finds that are off the beaten track, but the focus shows are a good place to hear a unique take on and good introduction to the artists that are featured.

If you want to hear some of the show highlights, check out the algoriddim podcast.


December 12, 2003

Joe Gibbs part 1
This show was inspired by the sounds of the man Joe Gibbs, alongside Mr. Errol T, who was his partner-in-crime. I basically was riding some of the riddims that Joe Gibbs, and his band known as the Professionals, created and recreated.

November 28, 2003

November 14, 2003

Harry Mudie
Producer Harry Mudie... Crafter of such legendary riddims as Drifter, Heart Don't Leap, Let Me Tell You Boy and Love Without Feeling. For this session I ride some of these powerful riddims for your listening pleasure...

October 31, 2003

Alton Ellis
Alton Ellis. Man, he was one of those singers that came in the vein of soul and R&B and could croon with the best of them. In his early days, he was the Alton of Alton & Eddie, along with Eddie Perkins. He got his start with producers like Duke Reid and Coxsone Dodd, and produced a wealth of hit tunes in the rocksteady era.

For this show I start the ride with one of his top tunes, "I'm still In Love With You," done originally at Studio One and relicked for Joe Gibbs by Marcia Griffiths. (Sean Paul recently brought this riddim to prominence again.) Moving on, I focus on a lot of his Studio One tracks and remakes, like Horace Andy's remake of the "Hurting Me" riddim for Tappa Zukie called "Natty Dread a Weh She Want." There's also a massive tune for Keith Hudson, "All We Need Is Love." Alton also worked for other producers like Harry Mudie, but we don't stray too far from the core body of his work on this show.

October 17, 2003

African Brothers
The African Brothers was a group comprised of Sugar Minott, Tony Tuff and Derrick Howard. This show features the sounds of the group, along with solo efforts from Minott and Tuff.

October 3, 2003


September 19, 2003

Prince Far I part 1
Prince far I started out in the sound systems on the mic for Sir Mike the Musical Dragon. He got his first run in the studio at Studio One after King Stitt missed a session.

This show, recorded in 2003, runs many of my favorite tracks from Prince Far I such as some of the tunes from his crucial dub album Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter One. There's a run on the Joe Gibbs produced "Su Su Pon Rasta" featuring Naggo Morris on vocals and a mix on Enos McLeod's "Bad Times." There's also a run of Gregory Isaacs and Prince Far I combinations and the Drum Song riddim.

Enjoy the mix...

September 5, 2003

Leroy Smart
Sounds from the singer Leroy Smart... Leroy Smart was one of those vocalists that got their start off back in the day with tunes for producers like Jimmy Radway. He also did a lot of tunes at Channel One and worked with some other big producers like Bunny Lee. In any case, here's Leroy Smart, showcase style...

August 22, 2003


August 8, 2003

Cornell Campbell
Cornell Campbell is one of those sweet sounding roots singers that got his start as a child in the early days. In the late 50s, he worked for Coxsone's sound as a printer. He really got going in music when he formed the Sensations with Jimmy Riley and Buster Riley. Buster's brother Winston Riley was a singer with the Techniques and producer along the way.

Along the way, Cornell worked with a wide range of producers, Winston Riley, Coxsone Dodd, Bunny Lee, Dennis Bovell, Linval Thomspon, Ossie Hibbert, Joe Gibbs, Junjo Lawes, Tappa Zukie, Roy Cousins and others.
On this show, I start off with one of the big big riddims Cornell voiced at Studio One called "Stars." After that we get into a remake of an Impressions tune titled "Queen of the Minstrel." Throughout the rest of the show I'm playing a mix of works he did at Studio One, as well as tracks put together for producer Bunny Lee and others. Sit back and enjoy the sounds of Cornell Campbell...

July 25, 2003


July 11, 2003

John Holt
Sounds from the man John Holt, former leader of the group The Paragons. John Holt was one of those vocalists whose work spanned the 60s through 80s and beyond. On this show you'll hear hits and bits from his early days at Treasure Isle with Duke Reid, sounds from his time at Studio One, songs for producer Harry Mudie and other tracks like those done at Channel One with the Hookim brothers.

June 27, 2003

Barry Brown
Vocalist Barry Brown was the focus of the day... Barry Brown was one of those singers I hadn't heard about until I had been listening to reggae for some time. Eventually I started hearing about some of the work he did with producer Bunny Lee and heard some of the heavy tracks he did on tracks that had originally been voiced by Horace Andy.

For this show, I start off with his classic Studio One cut, "Far East" moving through the versions including the scorcher from Channel One. Throughout the show, I run riddims from Bunny Lee, Jah Thomas, Sugar Minott and others. Check it out...

May 30, 2003

Tappa Zukie part 1
Tappa Zukie is a talented toaster and producer in the work of reggae music. Born David Sinclair in 1955, he began his music career working for sounds systems, including the Maccabees Sound System where he caught the eye of producer Bunny Lee. After a diversion in the UK where he put his first tunes to wax (resulting in the album "Man A Warrior"), he returned to Jamaica and recorded a few DJ tracks for producers such as Yabby U. Soon afterward, he began putting together his first album with tracks made available to him by Bunny Lee, Ossie Hibbert and Joseph Hookim. These tracks resulted in his album "MPLA." He also set up his own label, titled "Stars" and began producing artists such as Errol Dunkley and Ronnie Davis. After heading to the UK again, he set up a distribution deal for his label and first self produced album.

Over the course of the next few years Tappa put out a number of albums and produced work by such artists as Horace Andy, Alton Ellis, Cornell Campbell, Knowledge, Mighty Diamonds, Dennis Brown and others.

May 16, 2003

May 2, 2003

April 18, 2003

April 4, 2003

Yabby U part 1
Vivian Jackson, the man known as Yabby U, is the focus for the show. This was my first take on his works, covering what was some of the most obvious (to me) tracks, and getting to know his music.

For this mix, I start off with a Bob Marley classic that has sound connections to a Yabby U track, a little something called Crazy Baldhead. After the Wailers version, I hit the Johnny Clarke remake, then into the dub. Chant Down babylon Kingdom is the next from Yabby. Next riddim, the anthemic Conquering Lion, voiced by Vivian Jackon and the Ralph Brothers. After a few versions we move to a Heptones riddim, Heptones Gonna Fight. After the original, we hear Michael Prophets retake and the Yabby U produced dub. After that, the pre-Black Uhuru Michael Rose piece Born Free and the rolling dub. Then to Wayne Wade's Gang War along with the dub and DJ versions. Up next a track I've been looking for a better copy of, Warrior No Tarrier by Tony Tuff and of course the dubs (with a train wreck mix in, but hey it was live!)

Moving on, Yabby hits you again with Go to School Jah Jah Children (Africa). Nice dub ensures, with Leroy Smart waging his opinion of Gamblin. After that, some more from Yabby U, some the tracks he produced for Michael Prophet, and a few other riddim runs to wrap out the show.

March 7, 2003

Joe Gibbs part 2
This was actually my first mix featuring the sounds of Joe Gibbs & Errol Thompson. Gibbs was known fort touching riddims originally recorded by other producers, and this show showcases that material.

February 21, 2003

Roy Francis and Phase One
Roy Francis was another one of those producers that I overlooked as I began learning about reggae. Eventually Blood & Fire and Motion Records put out compilations of his productions for the label Phase One. Despite these two strong recommendations to explore his work, I shied away from buying the disc seeing that it was coming from a reggae group called the Chantells. After hearing a tune from the selections of Papa Dave from Reggae Explosion, called "Waiting In The Park", I was hungry to hear more.

These tunes are mostly put together by the Revolutionaries with Ernest Hookim at Channel One. If you're enjoying these sounds, seek out the two albums linked to above.

February 7, 2003

Focus Show: Pan Drumming

January 24, 2003

Studio One

January 10, 2003

Derrick Harriot
Derrick Harriot started off as a vocalist in the group Jiving Juniors, before going on to sing as a solo artist and produce other artists. His productions range from rocksteady to early roots. This show focuses on the variety of tunes that Harriot produced in the usual algoriddim style...

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