March 28, 2008: Ethiopians

The Ethiopians were comprised of Leonard Dillon, Stephen Taylor and Aston Morris. Leonard Dillon was really the core of the group and later was known as "The Ethiopian". He got into music when Peter Tosh took him to Second Street in Trenchtown to meet Bob and Bunny, who eventually took him to Studio One in 1964 where he started recording as Jack Sparrow. After that he met Taylor and Morris and they recorded three songs at Studio One before Aston left the group. Around this time he was rehearsing at The Ethiopian Reorganization Centre in Trenchtown and renamed the group The Ethiopians. After some more tunes for Coxsone, they recorded with Prince Buster, Duke Reid and Lloyd Daley before settling in with Karl "Sir JJ" Johnson when Melvin "Mello" Reid joined the group. Around this time Stephen was killed and the group came to a halt until 1978 when Dillon linked up with Niney and a niyabinghi band to record "Slave Call" which was released on Count Shelly's Third World label. Following that, Coxsone Dodd released an album called "Everything Crash" in 1982 that collected a number of earlier tracks and current vocals. After all this, he connected with Nighthawk records in the states and did the "Dread Prophesy" album with the Gladiators?

For this show, I start things off with one of the Ethiopians' biggest tunes, "Train to Skaville" and the variations on that theme. Then we get into the Sir JJ produced "The Selah" and "Drop Him" with Coxsone's "I Am Going To Take Over" in between. Up next is the Duke Reid produced "Mother's Tender Care" followed by "No Baptism" with takes for Coxsone and Derrick Harriot. After that there's a run of Coxsone produced tracks and some things from producers Le e Perry and Rupie Edwards.

2Train To SkavilleEthiopiansSka Spectacular Vol. 1Train To Skaville: EthiopiansLee Perry
3Train To SkavilleEthiopiansSka Spectacular Vol. 2Train To Skaville: EthiopiansLee Perry
4Train To Skaville VersionEthiopiansEngine 54Train To Skaville: Ethiopians
5Train To SkavilleJackie Mittoo & The Soul BrothersStudio One SelectorTrain To Skaville: EthiopiansLeonard Dillon
6Engine 54EthiopiansTrain To SkavilleEngine 54: The Ethiopians
7Open the GateThe EnforcersBest of Studio One Vol 2: Full Up: More Hits From Studio One
8SherryKen BootheMore of Ken BootheSherry: Ken Boothe / Open The Gate: EthiopianCoxsone Dodd
9The SelahEthiopiansTrain To SkavilleThe Selah: EthiopiansJj Johnson
10Selah VersionJj All StarsSolid Gold From The Vaults Vol. 4The Selah: Ethiopians
11Rocking To EthiopiaDennis AlcaponeA Place Called AfricaThe Selah: Ethiopians
12I Am Gonna Take OverEthiopiansStudio One Archives Vol. 04I Am Gonna Take Over: EthiopiansCoxsone Dodd
13Take OverPrince JazzboChoice of VersionI Am Gonna Take Over: Ethiopians / Freddie McGregorCoxsone Dodd
14Drop HimEthiopiansTrain To SkavilleDrop Him: EthiopiansJj Johnson
15Drop Him VersionJj All StarsSolid Gold From The Vaults Vol. 4Drop Him: EthiopiansJj Johnson
16Mother's Tender Care (Take 2)EthiopiansDuke Reid's Treasure ChestMothers Tender Care: EthiopiansDuke Reid
17Love I TenderU RoyVersion GaloreMothers Tender Care: Ethiopians
18Everything CrashEthiopiansTrain To SkavilleEverything Crash: Ethiopians
19No BaptismEthiopianEverything CrashNo Baptism: EthiopiansCoxsone Dodd
20No BaptismEthiopiansRiding The Musical ChariotNo Baptism: EthiopiansDerrick Harriott
21Blacula VersionCrystalitesKing Tubby's In Fine Style: The Dub InventorNo Baptism: EthiopiansDerrick Harriott
22Good CoupleRay IRasta RevivalNo Baptism: EthiopiansDerrick Harriott
23Young BudEthiopiansStudio One Archives Vol. 47Young Bud: Ethiopians
24The WhipThe EnforcersTrojan Mod Reggae Box Set Vol.2
25When Will Be The EndEthiopianEverything CrashThe Girl I Left Behind: Ken BootheCoxsone Dodd
26The Girl I Left BehindKen BootheStudio One Archives Vol. 36The Girl I Left Behind: Ken BootheCoxsone Dodd
27The Girl I Left BehindTravellersBlack Black MindsThe Girl I Left Behind: Ken Boothe
28Heavy RockRevolutionariesEarthquake DubThe Girl I Left Behind: Ken BootheOssie Hibbert
29Band Yu BellyEthiopianMighty TwoBand Yu Belly: EthiopianJoe Gibbs
30Owner Fe De YardEthiopiansOwner Fe De YardOwner Fe De Yard: Ethiopians
31Things A Get Bad To WorseEthiopiansTrain To SkavilleThings A Get Bad To Worse: EthiopiansJj Johnson
32Let Me Blow My SmokeEthiopiansOwner Fe De YardLet Me Blow My Smoke: Ethiopians
33I'll Never Get BurntEthiopiansTrain To SkavilleI'll Never Get Burnt: Ethiopians
34Ethiopian National AnthemEthiopiansSlave CallEthiopian National Anthem: Ethiopians
35Ethiopian RockLeonard Dillon & The UpsettersTruth And WizdomEthiopian Rock: Leonard Dillon & The UpsettersLee Perry
36IncessantlyEthiopiansOwner Fe De YardIncessantly: Ethiopians
37Incessantly VersionEthiopian & Sound DimensionEverything CrashIncessantly: EthiopianCoxsone Dodd
38LocustEthiopianStudio One KingsLocust: EthiopianCoxsone Dodd
39Locust VersionSound DimensionStudio One Archives Vol. 04Locust: EthiopianCoxsone Dodd
40She Is My GirlEthiopiansOwner Fe De YardCall On You: Burning Spear
41Everyday SkankCedric Im Brooks & Brentford Rhythm BandStudio One Archives Vol. 05Call On You: Burning SpearCoxsone Dodd
42Call On YouBurning SpearCreation Rebel: The Original Classic Recordings From Studio OneCall On You: Burning SpearCoxsone Dodd
43Scatter RockBrentford Disco SetStudio One Archives Vol. 05Call On You: Burning SpearCoxsone Dodd
44The SunBurning SpearDry and HeavyCall On You: Burning SpearWinston Rodney
45Rim Bam BamEthiopiansWorld Goes SkaRim Bam Bam: Ethiopians
46Build A BridgeEthiopiansReggae Hit The TownBuild A Bridge: Ethiopians
47Jamaica SerenadeMarquesPure GoldBuild A Bridge: EthiopiansRupie Edwards
48Hail Brother Rasta HailEthiopiansTrojan Roots Box SetHail Brother Rasta Hail: Ethiopians
49Fire A Muss Muss TailEthiopiansTrain To SkavilleFire A Muss Muss Tail: EthiopiansH Robinson
50Reggae MusicEthiopianStudio One Discomixes Vol. 13Reggae Music: EthiopianCoxsone Dodd
51Reggae Music VersionSound DimensionStudio One Discomixes Vol. 13Reggae Music: EthiopianCoxsone Dodd
52PirateEthiopiansTrain To SkavillePirate: EthiopiansDuke Reid
53PirateEthiopiansRob's 12 Inch Singles Vol 02Pirate: EthiopiansDuke Reid