June 9, 2006: Ken Boothe, John Holt & Alton Ellis

2ArtibellaKen BootheCrying Over YouArtibella: Ken BoothePhil Pratt
3Silver WordsKen BootheCrying Over YouSilver Words: Ken BootheNiney
4My Heart Is GoneKen BootheMr Rock SteadyMy Heart Is Gone: Ken Boothe / John HoltCoxsone Dodd
5Your Feeling And MineKen BootheCrying Over YouYour Feeling And Mine: Ken Boothe / Black Talk: I Roy
6Keep Me Hanging OnKen BootheMr Rock SteadyKeep Me Hanging On: Supremes / Wilson Pickett / Ken BootheCoxsone Dodd
7Moving AwayKen BootheA Man And His HitsMoving Away: Ken BootheCoxsone Dodd
8Say YouKen BootheCrying Over YouSay You: Ken Boothe / Temptations?Sonia Pottinger
9Oh Babe (Aka Sick And Tired)Ken Boothe & Delroy WilsonA Man And His HitsOh Babe: Ken Boothe & Delroy WilsonCoxsone Dodd
10Richard CoryKen BootheMore of Ken BootheCoxsone Dodd
11Scientist In Fine StyleRoots RadicsTrojan Dub Rarities Box Set
12Ali BabaJohn HoltJohn Holt Like A BoltAli Baba: John HoltDuke Reid?
13Memories By The ScoreJohn HoltMemories By The ScoreMemories By The Score: John Holt / Johnny Clarke
14Thief In The NightJohn HoltJohn Holt Like A BoltStealing Stealing: John HoltDuke Reid?
15Anywhere You Want To GoJohn HoltGreatest Hits [John Holt]Anywhere: John HoltCoxsone Dodd
16Only A SmileParagonsTide Is HighOnly A Smile: ParagonsDuke Reid
17Strange ThingsJohn HoltGreatest Hits [John Holt]Strange Things: John HoltCoxsone Dodd
18Wear You To The BallParagonsTide Is HighWear You To The Ball: ParagonsDuke Reid
19Time Is The MasterJohn HoltTime Is the MasterTime Is the Master: John HoltHarry Mudie
20Got To Get AwayParagonsTide Is High
21Riding For A FallJohn HoltTime Is the MasterRiding For A Fall: Delroy WilsonHarry Mudie
22My SatisfactionParagonsTide Is HighMy Satisfaction: Paragons / John Holt / Zion Gate: CultureCoxsone Dodd
23There Is No LoveJohn HoltStill In Chains / Holt...PlusThere Is No Love: John HoltBunny 'Striker' Lee
24Never Hurt My BabyJohn HoltTide Is HighNever Will I Hurt My Baby: John Holt
25Left With A Broken HeartJohn HoltStill In Chains / Holt...PlusLeft With A Broken Heart: John HoltBunny 'Striker' Lee
26A Love I Can FeelJohn HoltTide Is HighA Love I Can Feel: John Holt / If You Should Lose Me: Johnny Clarke / Temptations?Coxsone Dodd
27Up Park CampJohn HoltTide Is HighGet In The Groove: HeptonesJoseph Hoo Kim
28Police In HelicopterJohn HoltPolice In HelicoptersPolice In Helicopter: John Holt
29Find A DubJohn Holt3000 Volts Of HoltYou'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine: John Holt
30Hurting MeAlton EllisSunday ComingHurting Me: Alton EllisCoxsone Dodd
31Can I Change My MindAlton EllisThe Best Of Alton EllisCan I Change My Mind: Alton EllisCoxsone Dodd
32Sunday ComingAlton EllisSunday ComingSunday Coming: Alton EllisCoxsone Dodd
33Remember That SundayAlton EllisThe Best Of Alton EllisRemember That Sunday: Alton EllisDuke Reid
34Girl I've Got A DateAlton EllisBe True To Yourself [Anthology]
35Sitting In The ParkAlton EllisThe Best Of Alton EllisSitting In The Park: Slim Smith / Alton EllisCoxsone Dodd
36Cry ToughAlton EllisBe True To Yourself [Anthology]Cry Tough: Alton EllisDuke Reid
37African DescendantAlton EllisArise BlackmanAfrican Descendants: Alton Ellis
38Mad, Mad, MadAlton EllisGet Ready For Rock Steady ReggaeMad Mad: Alton EllisCoxsone Dodd
39Sun Of ManAlton EllisArise BlackmanSon Of Man: Alton Ellis
40If I Could Rule The WorldAlton EllisBe True To Yourself [Anthology]
41I'm Just A GuyAlton EllisGet Ready For Rock Steady Reggae
42My Time Is The Right TimeAlton EllisBe True To Yourself [Anthology]My Time Is The Right Time: Alton Ellis
43RhodesiaAlton EllisArise BlackmanRhodesia: Alton Ellis / I'm Not Satisfied: Keith HudsonKeith Hudson
44Rub A Dub A Weh Them WantTapper Zukie & BrethrenTrojan Dub Rarities Box SetHurting Me: Alton Ellis
45Lambs Bread HerbTommy McCookTrojan Dub Rarities Box SetBig Big Girl: Linval Thompson