April 28, 2006: DJs

2Dj ChoiceDennis AlcaponeHigh Explosion
3Fire CornerKing StittKeep Coming Through The DoorClancy Eccles
4Salvation TrainScottyHigh ExplosionSave The People / Love & Happiness? (Freak Out Skank)Derrick Harriott
5HeadquartersDillingerKeep Coming Through The DoorBlack Boy In A Ring / Black Girl In My Bed: Shenley Duffus
6Africa StandDennis AlcaponeHigh ExplosionA Place Called Africa: Junior BylesLee Perry
7The Higher The MoutainU RoyKeep Coming Through The Door
8President Mash Up The ResidentShorty The PresidentHigh ExplosionPresident Mash Up The Resident: Shorty The President
9Glitter Not GoldBig JoeHigh ExplosionLloyd Daley
10Ten CommandmentsPrince HeronKeep Coming Through The Door
11Wear You To The BallU RoyHigh ExplosionWear You To The Ball: ParagonsWinston Riley
12Wake The NationU RoyClassic Reggae - The Deejays
13Daughter Whole Lotta Sugar Down Deh!Jah BerryHigh Explosion
14Children ChildrenScottyHigh ExplosionTonight: Keith and TexDerrick Harriott
15Draw Your BrakesScottyHigh ExplosionStop That Train: Keith And TexDerrick Harriott
16Jungle Of Time Aka Big Bad Boy VersionDennis AlcaponeClassic Reggae - The DeejaysBig Bad Boy: Alton Ellis
17345 Skank VersionPrince Far ICry Tuff 45sCommandment of Drugs: Prince Far I
18Jack Of My TradeSir Lord ComicHigh ExplosionYoull Want Me Back: Impressions / You Don't Care: TechniquesJoe Gibbs
19The Great Wuga WugaSir Lord ComicClassic Reggae - The Deejays
20Good MemoriesPrince JazzboIf Deejay Was Your Trade : The Dreads At King Tubby's 1974-1977Memories By The Score: John Holt / Johnny Clarke
21Solomon A GundayBig YouthHigh ExplosionAnywhere But Nowhere: KC WhiteAugustus Clarke
22The Hudson AffairU RoyClassic Reggae - The DeejaysRiot: Soul Syndicate / Keith Hudson AffairKeith Hudson
23Shuffle And DealPrince Far IIf Deejay Was Your Trade : The Dreads At King Tubby's 1974-1977Dread On The Go: Linval Thompson / Shuffle And Deal: Prince Far I
24Mr Harry SkankPrince JazzboHigh Explosion
25Mickey Mouse (Crab Louse)DillingerDJ SpotsMr Smart: Leroy Smart
26Rightful ReggaeU RoyRight Time RockersJail House Set Me Free: Earth and StoneJoseph Hoo Kim
27Compliment To Studio OneMichigan & SmileyRub A Dub StylePretty Looks: HeptonesCoxsone Dodd
28Rub-A-Dub StyleMichigan & SmileyRub A Dub StyleI'm Just A Guy: Alton EllisCoxsone Dodd
29Nice Up The DanceMichigan & SmileyRub A Dub StyleReal Rock: Sound DimensionPapa Michigan & General Smiley
30SchoolPrince JazzboChoice of VersionCollege Rock / School: Prince JazzboCoxsone Dodd
31Step Forward YouthPrince JazzboMr FunnyStep Forward Youth: Prince Jazzbo
32Natty Pass Through RomePrince JazzboItal Corner
33AutomaticLone RangerBadda Dan DemTake A Ride: Al Campbell / Truth & Rights: Johnny OsbourneCoxsone Dodd
34S 90 SkankBig YouthTell It BlackAll We Need Is Love: Alton EllisKeith Hudson
35Black Mans TimeI RoyPresenting I Roy Hell And Sorrow
36Opportunity RockBig YouthTell It BlackNever Too Young To Learn: Roman StewartGlen Brown
37Pride And Joy RockBig YouthTell It BlackBreaking Up Is Hard To Do: Alton Ellis / Shame And Pride: Leroy Smart / Mighty DiamondsAugustus Clarke
38Screw FaceI RoyPresenting I Roy Hell And SorrowAugustus Clarke
39Weeping In The NightBig YouthTell It BlackLove And Happiness: Al Green
40RagnampizaDillingerBionic DreadUnchained: Bob Andy / Easy Take It Easy: Dennis BrownJoseph Hoo Kim
41Cow Town SkankI RoyPresenting I Roy Hell And SorrowCow Town Skank: I RoyAugustus Clarke
42Foreman Versus FrazierBig YouthTell It BlackHe Prayed / Joe Frazier: Burning SpearJoe Gibbs
43The Right WayPrince Far ICry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter 1Leave Babylon: Prince Far I / The Right Way
44Blackman Land VersionPrince Far ICry Tuff 45sDrum Song
45Long LifePrince Far ICry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter 1
46War Is OverCry Tuff all starsCry Tuff 45s