February 3, 2006: Peter Tosh

Peter Tosh, born as Winston Hubert McIntosh, was most well known for his role in the Wailers, but also had a long successful solo career. Tosh had an edge to him that the other Wailers did not, and a blunt honesty that chased out the spirits of babylon.

Tosh was a wordsmith, and loved to play with the "word sound" of language, transforming words to emphasize or align with their true meanings. This intelligence came out in his tough and direct lyrics.

This set was a chance to give a proper salute to this soldier and mystic. Included are some of my favorite Tosh tracks across the years.

2CreationPeter ToshBush Doctor
3Instrumental IntroPeter ToshLive & Dangerous (Sanders Theater: Cambridge, MA 11/26/76)
4Herb As Healing Of The NationPeter ToshI Am That I Am
5Herb SmokingPeter ToshI Am That I Am
6Legalize ItPeter ToshI Am That I AmPeter Tosh
7Legalize ItPeter ToshLegalize ItPeter Tosh
8Legalize ItJohnny ClarkeAuthorised RockersLegalize It: Peter ToshBunny 'Striker' Lee
9Leggo DubKing TubbyShining DubLegalize It: Peter ToshFat Man
10Why Do You Do ThatGene RondoThird World Disco Vol. 2Legalize It: Peter Tosh
11Legalise The DubSly & & Robbie Meet Bunny LeeSly & Robbie Meet Bunny Lee At Dub Station
12Rise And WorkJimmy RileyMajority RuleLegalize It: Peter Tosh
13Bush Doctor (Long Version)Peter ToshBush Doctor
14Mystic Man (Long Version)Peter ToshMystic Man
15Don't Wanna Get BustedPeter ToshI Am That I Am
16Here Comes the JudgePeter ToshThriller In ManilaSatta Massagana: AbyssiniansJoe Gibbs
17Earth's Rightful RulerPeter Tosh & U RoyThe ToughestEarth's Rightful Ruler: Peter Tosh & U Roy
18Rasta Shook Them UpPeter ToshThe ToughestRasta Shook Them Up: Peter Tosh
19Rastafari IsPeter ToshComplete Captured Live
20His PhilosophyPeter ToshI Am That I Am
21Black In ChicagoPeter ToshI Am That I Am
22Igziabeher (Let Jah Be Praised)Peter ToshLegalize ItPeter Tosh
23Fools DiePeter ToshI Am That I Am
24WisdomWailersComplete Wailers Pt1 D2: Selassie is the Chapel (1967-1972)Wisdom: Wailers
25Stiff Necked FoolsBob Marley & The WailersConfrontationWisdom: WailersBob Marley
26Fools DiePeter ToshWanted Dread & Alive
27Post One Love Concert BeatingPeter ToshI Am That I Am
28I Am That I AmPeter ToshI Am That I Am
29I Am That I AmPeter ToshEqual Rights
30Jah GuidePeter ToshI Am That I Am
31Jah GuidePeter ToshEqual Rights
32Stand FirmPeter ToshBush Doctor
33Pick Myself UpPeter ToshI Am That I Am
34Pick Myself UpPeter ToshBush Doctor
35Arise BlackmanPeter ToshTrojan Roots Box SetArise Blackman: Peter ToshJoe Gibbs
36Black ProgressPeter ToshBush Doctor II
37AfricanPeter ToshComplete Captured LiveAfrican: Peter Tosh
38Stepping RazorPeter ToshBush Doctor III
39Steppin' RazorPeter ToshLive & Dangerous (Sanders Theater: Cambridge, MA 11/26/76)
40Sinner ManPeter ToshThe ToughestSinner Man: Peter Tosh
41DownpressorPeter ToshThe ToughestSinner Man: Peter Tosh
42Downpressor (version)WailersComplete Wailers Pt2 D2: More Axe (1967 to 1972 Pt. 2)Sinner Man: Peter Tosh
43Equal Rights/Downpressor ManPeter ToshComplete Captured Live
44Dem A Fi Get A BeatingPeter Tosh & WailersAre You Ready RocksteadyDem A Fi Get A Beatin': Peter Tosh
45Them A Fe Get A BeatenPeter ToshLove Of The Common PeopleDem A Fi Get A Beatin': Peter ToshJoe Gibbs
46Maga DogPeter ToshThe ToughestMaga Dog: Peter ToshPeter Tosh
47Maga Dog (Version Two)Peter ToshMighty TwoMaga Dog: Peter ToshJoe Gibbs
48Maingy DogBunny FlipUptown Top Ranking 1970-78Maga Dog: Peter ToshJoe Gibbs
49Fat DogJoe Gibbs & The Love GenerationUptown Top Ranking 1970-78Maga Dog: Peter ToshJoe Gibbs
50Skanky DogWinston ScotlandTrojan Tribute To Bob Marley Box SetMaga Dog: Peter Tosh
51Maga DogInvadersStudio One Archives Vol. 33Maga Dog: Peter ToshCoxsone Dodd
52Fat DogRoy & The InvadersStudio One Archives Vol. 33Maga Dog: Peter ToshCoxsone Dodd
53The ToughestPeter ToshThe ToughestI Am the Toughest: Peter Tosh
54Top Ranking (I'm TheToughest)Johnny ClarkeDreader Than Dread 1976-1978
55Higher RankingKing Tubby & Prince JammyDub Gone 2 Crazy : In Fine StyleI Am the Toughest: Peter ToshBunny 'Striker' Lee
56I'm The Toughest (Long VersionPeter ToshBush Doctor
57Dubbing Buk-In-HammPeter ToshMystic Man