April 1, 2005: Roots Horns

Horns have always been an important part of reggae music and are one of my favorite elements of the riddim. This show intends to showcase the presence of the horn in a variety of heavy roots tunes.

For this show, I start off with one of my favorite intro tunes from Tommy McCook & the Aggrovators, and move on to feature more horns versions of roots tunes from a variety of artists and producers. Throughout the show, Tommy McCook, Vin Gordon, Bobby Ellis, Carl Bryan and others get their chance to shine.

2King Tubby DubTommy McCook & The AggrovatorsKing Tubby Meets the Aggrovators at Dub Station
3Inspiring DubTommy McCook & The AggrovatorsKing Tubby Meets the Aggrovators at Dub StationLong Long Dreadlocks: Linval Thompson
4Magnum ForceVin GordonKing Tubbys In Fine Style: The Dub InventorNone Shall Escape The Judgement: Earl Zero / Johnny Clarke / Joshua's Words: Dillinger
5EthiopiaCedric Im Brooks & The InvadersMoney MakerJava: Augustus PabloCoxsone Dodd
6JaroImpact AllstarsHeavyweight 3: A Blood And Fire Sampler
7Dirty HarryTommy Mccook & Richard HallCheck the WinnerDirty Harry: Richard HallGlen Brown
8Fisherman SpecialTommy Mccook & Don Drummond JrJesus Dread
9RevengeTommy McCookJesus DreadJah Vengence: Vivian Jackson and the Sons of JahYabby U
10Rockfort RockCedric Brooks & the Mystical Revelation of RastafariOne TruthRockfort Rock: Sound Dimension
11RockportYabby You & TrinitySounds of the 70s
12Plague of HornsTommy McCookJesus DreadKing Pharaohs Plague: The ProphetsYabby U
13An Aggrovating DubTommy McCook & The AggrovatorsKing Tubby Meets the Aggrovators at Dub Station
14Hornsman ChantTommy McCookJesus DreadChant Down Babylon Kingdom: The ProphetsYabby U
15Creator Of DubTommy McCook & The AggrovatorsKing Tubby Meets the Aggrovators at Dub Station
16Tribal War DubYabby YouDub It To The Top 1976-1979Gang War: Wayne WadeYabby U
17DunishaVin GordonLiberation StrugglePromised Land / Lately Girl: Dennis Brown
18Rock On DubKing TubbyAttack Observer Gold Vol. 1Rock On: Gregory IsaacsNiney
19African World WideTommy McCook & The AggrovatorsKing Tubbys In Fine Style: The Dub InventorRoots Natty Congo: Johnny Clarke / African Worldwide: Dillinger / Real Born African: Jah Stitch
20Experience DubTappa ZukieEscape From HellHurting Me: Alton EllisTappa Zukie
21LeftistThe PurpleitesOriginal Well ChargedFreedom Blues: Roy Richards / MPLAJoseph Hoo Kim
22Caretaker DubTommy McCook & The AggrovatorsKing Tubby Meets the Aggrovators at Dub Station
23DorethBobby Ellis & Tommy Mccook & Richard HallHead Shot: Reggae Instrumental
24One Train Load Of CollieTommy Mccook QuintetHead Shot: Reggae Instrumental
25ZorroTommy Mccook QuintetHead Shot: Reggae InstrumentalTruth and Rights: Dennis BrownNiney
26Midnight DrifterMBV & The Rhythm RulersDrifterDrifter: Dennis WalksHarry Mudie
27Vampire (Horns)UpsettersBlack ArkivesVampire: Devon IronsLee Perry
28River StoneUpsettersVoodooismRiver: Zap PowLee Perry
29Ring Of FireUpsettersGive Me PowerBeat Down Babylon: Junior BylesLee Perry
30Tina MayVin GordonFe Me TimeJimmy Radway
31Sidewalk DoctorTommy McCookMessage From The CongoWoman Of The Ghetto: Marlena Shaw / Phyllis DillonDuke Reid
32Movie SwingVin GordonMarios Singles V2Movie Star: Errol Dunkley / Consider Me: Jennifer Lara
33Horns to WasteVin GordonNo Time To WasteNo Time To Waste: Righteous Flames
34SuctionVin GordonNight CurfewNever Will I Hurt My Baby: John HoltKeith Hudson
35Everyday SaxTommy McCookTenor In RootsEverybody Bawling: MelodiansYabby You
36Mr. EllisBobby EllisFe Me TimeMother Liza: Leroy SmartJimmy Radway
37Zion YouthVin GordonFe Me TimeJimmy Radway
38Harvest In The EastTommy McCookImpact: Reggae, Funk & Soul from Impact!Cheater: Dennis BrownClive Chin
39Va Va VoomCarl MastersBlow Mr. Hornsman : Intsrumental Reggae 1968-75
40ET SpecialTommy Mccook & Bobby EllisJava Java DubEt Special: Tommy Mccook & Bobby EllisClive Chin
41The Right TrackTommy McCookPresenting the Right TracksAugustus Clarke
42Step SoftlyBobby Ellis & CrystalitesStep Softly
43Broken ContractZap PowBlow Mr. Hornsman : Intsrumental Reggae 1968-75
44The Magnificent 7Winston WrightPure Gold~Nice Horn workoutRupie Edwards
45Go Inna ItZap PowUptown Singles
46Jamaican BoleroTommy McCookStudio One Discomixes Vol. 17Jamaican Bolero: Tommy MccookCoxsone Dodd
47Red BloodVin GordonStudio One ScorchersRed Blood: Vin GordonCoxsone Dodd
48Black UpKarl Bryan & Count OssieStudio One ScorchersCoxsone Dodd
49Money GeneratorKarl Bryan & The AfrokatsStudio One Scorchers~Niiiice Horns PieceCoxsone Dodd
50Congo RockSound DimensionStudio One Roots~nice hornsCoxsone Dodd
51Father ForgiveCedric BrooksIm Flash ForwardDeclaration Of Rights: Abyssinians / Judgement Time: Junior Ross And The SpearsCoxsone Dodd
52SataCedric Im Brooks & David MaddenStudio One Archives Vol. 05Satta Massagana: AbyssiniansCoxsone Dodd
53Mun Dun GoCedric BrooksStudio One ScorchersCoxsone Dodd
54Love JahIm & DavidStudio One FunkCoxsone Dodd
55Bongo ITommy McCookStudio One Archives Vol. 34Mix Up: Gladiators / Swell Headed: Burning SpearCoxsone Dodd
56SmileyCedric BrooksIm Flash ForwardCollege Rock / School: Prince JazzboCoxsone Dodd
57HeavenlessDon DrummondStudio One ScorchersHeavenless: Don DrummondCoxsone Dodd
58Afrikaan BeatLester SterlingStudio One ScorchersAfrican Beat: Don DrummondCoxsone Dodd
59CleopatraDon Drummond & The SkatalitesStudio One Archives Vol. 04Shocker RockCoxsone Dodd
60Candid EyeCedric Im Brooks & Count OssieMoney Maker
61IdlebergCedric Brooks & the Mystical Revelation of RastafariStudio One Funk
62Joh Soy DubTommy McCook & The AggrovatorsKing Tubby Meets the Aggrovators at Dub Station
63Soul ScorcherCarl Bryan & The Jay BoysReturn Of The Liquidator
64Whats Going On DubBarrington LevyRoger Steffens V.02
65Stag Lack No. 17Bobby Ellis & Tommy MccookGreen MangoStalagWinston Riley
66ThunderstormCarl Bryan & The Jay BoysBlow Mr. Hornsman : Intsrumental Reggae 1968-75
67Midnight In EthiopiaRico RodriguezRoots to the Bone
68Ragnampiza VersionRevolutionariesMaxfield Avenue Breakdown
69Man From WareikaRico RodriguezMan From Wareika
70Rema Skank 12 inchRevolutionariesMaxfield Avenue BreakdownDrifter: Dennis WalksJoseph Hoo Kim