November 13, 2004: Reggae-Soul Vol. 1

The fourth part of a four part series (but the first I'm posting) featuring the connections between American soul (and R&B and Funk and...) and Jamaican reggae (and rocksteady and ska and...)

I'll let the music speak for itsel

2The World Is A GhettoWally BrownBlaxploitation
3Streets In AfricaBig YouthNatty Universal DreadThe World Is A Ghetto: War
4Woman Of The GhettoMark Stewart & MaffiaBlaxploitation
5Woman Of The GhettoPhyllis Dillon100% DynamiteWoman Of The Ghetto: Marlena Shaw / Phyllis DillonDuke Reid
6Sidewalk DoctorTommy McCookMessage From the CongoWoman Of The Ghetto: Marlena Shaw / Phyllis DillonDuke Reid
7Sidewalk KillerI RoyDont Check Me With No Lightweight StuffWoman Of The Ghetto: Marlena Shaw / Phyllis DillonDuke Reid
8Woman Of The GhettoHortense EllisReggae, Funk & Soul From ImpactWoman Of The Ghetto: Marlena Shaw / Phyllis Dillon
9More CreationLennie HibbertStudio One RootsWoman Of The Ghetto: Marlena Shaw / Phyllis DillonCoxsone Dodd
10Rock SteadyMarvels100% DynamiteRock Steady: Aretha Franklin
11Rock SteadyArena30 Greatest Hits
12Crying In The ChapelOriginalsThe Doo Wop Box
13Selassie is the ChapelWailersSelassie is the ChapelSelassie Is The Chapel: Wailers
14Give Me Your LoveJunior MurvinDarker Than BlueGive Me You Love (Aka Super Love): Junior Murvin
15SuperflyI RoyDont Check Me With No Lightweight StuffGive Me You Love (Aka Super Love): Junior Murvin
16SuperflyCultured FewBlaxploitation
17Theme From ShaftIrving BrownBlaxploitation
18Son Of ShaftThe Baba Brooks BandBlaxploitation
19ShaftThe Carltons (Aka Carlton & & The Shoes)A Place Called JamaicaTheme From Shaft: Isaac HayesDerrick Harriott
20ShaftPrince Buster All StarsChi Chi RunTheme From Shaft: Isaac HayesPrince Buster
21Do Your ThingIrving BrownBlaxploitation
22Do Your Thing / Tougher Than ToughChosen Few & I RoyStep Softly: Derrick HarriotDo Your Thing: Isaac HayesDerrick Harriott
23Tougher Than ToughI RoyRiding the Roots Chariot: Derrick HarriotDerrick Harriott
24Tougher Than Tough (Version)CrystalitesRiding the Roots Chariot: Derrick Harriot
25Do Your ThingRitchie McdonaldBoat To ProgressDo Your Thing: Isaac HayesGlen Brown
26Slippin Into DarknessWally BrownGrooves & Messages
27Slipping Into DarknessCarl BradneyDarker Than BlueSlippin' Into Darkness: War
29Love And HappinessAl FearonCompact Command Performances:
30Love And HappinessBig YouthReggae PhenomenonLove And Happiness: Al Green
31Freak Out SkankUpsettersUpsetter CollectionLove And Happiness: Al GreenLee Perry
32Jungle LionLee Perry300% DynamiteLove And Happiness: Al GreenLee Perry
33Ill Be AroundThe SpanishtoniansThe R&B Box
34Ill Be AroundOtis GayleStudio One SoulI'll Be Around: Spinners / Otis GayleCoxsone Dodd
35We Need LoveJohnny Osbourne100% DynamiteI'll Be Around: Spinners / Otis GayleCoxsone Dodd
36I Love The Way You LoveLittle AudreyMiami Sound
37I Love the Way You LoveBig YouthHit the Road JackI Love The Way You Love: Little Beaver
38Its A Mans Mans Mans WorldJames BrownThe Best Of James Brown
39Its Mans Mans, Mans, WorldSeke Molenga & Kalo KawongoloSinikan
40Childrens WorldMabrakBlaxploitation
41Aint No SunshineBill GentlesBill Withers Greatest Hits
42Aint No SunshineHorace AndyFeel Good All Over
43Thunder ClapAugustus PabloClassic RockersAin't No Sunshine: Bill WithersAugustus Pablo
44Aint No SunshineKen BootheDarker Than Blue
45For What It?s WorthBuckers
46Watch This Sound (For WhaSlim Smith & The UniquesThe Best of the Uniques (1967-1969)For What It's Worth: Staple Singers / Watch This Sound: Slim Smith & The Uniques
47Wake Up EverybodyHarold McNairBlaxploitation
48Wake Up EverybodyBig YouthHit the Road JackWake Up Everybody: Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
49Jah Jah Love Them [Extended]Big YouthNatty Universal DreadWake Up Everybody: Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
50Bird In HandThe UniquesArkology Reel 3 Dub Adventurer
51(Indian Song)&
52Life in the GhettoJah StitchBushyard TelegraphGod Bless The Child: Billie Holiday / Life In The Ghetto: Jah StitchRoy Cousins
53Love Rasta& Prince Far I ( & & THE Arabs)Cry Freedom Dub
54God Bless the ChildBill GentlesThe Legacy Box (1933 ? 1958) Disc 3
55?Dj Dawn & The Ranking Queens?