October 1, 2004: Barrington Levy

This show focuses on the sounds of Barrington Levy. The mix developed out of a earlier scattered set featuring the sounds of Scientist.

Scientist has really been the underlying theme and inspiration for these last five podcasts. Many of the dubs in the Linval Thompson set, several of the Viceroys cuts and most of the dubs in this Levy show were featuring the work of this mixing master.

For this show I start off with a Jah Thomas produced stormer call Tribute to Moa Ambessa. Then into a Gibbs delicacy, before opening up into a mix featuring dubs with Scientist and Jammy at the controls.

The era of dub featured on this show was one of my first introductions to dub. It features the Roots Radics band including drummer Santa Davis and bassie Flabba Holt. I had always wondered who was singing the original vocals and eventually I came across more of these Barrington Levy takes on these riddims.

2Penitentry / Tribute to Moa AmbassaKojak All StarsFools Gold Vol. 1
3Tribute to Moa AmbessaBarrington Levy & Jah ThomasMore SpiritualTribute to Moa Ambessa: Barrington Levy & Jah Thomas
4My WomanBarrington LevyIyanon SinglesMy Woman: Barrington LevyJoe Gibbs
5African DubJoe Gibbs & the ProfessionalsAfrican Dub Almighty Ch. 1My Woman: Barrington LevyJoe Gibbs
6Black Heart ManBarrington LevyEnglishmanBlack Heart Man: Barrington LevyHenry Junjo Lawes
7Round 8 [Blackheart Man]Prince JammyBig Showdown
8Call You On The PhoneBarrington LevyBounty HunterBlack Heart Man: Barrington LevyBarrington Levy
9Look Youth ManBarrington LevyEnglishmanLook Youth Man: Barrington LevyHenry Junjo Lawes
10Round 2 [Look Youthman]Prince JammyBig Showdown
11Full Understanding DubBarrington LevyRun Come YahFull Understanding: Barrington LevyScientist & Barrington Levy
13Mine Yu MouthBarrington LevyPapa Daves Killer 7 in Vol. 1Bobby Babylon: Freddie McGregorJoe Gibbs
14Labba MouthBarrington LevyPapa Daves Killer 7 in Vol. 1Bobby Babylon: Freddie McGregorJoe Gibbs
15Bounty HunterBarrington LevyBounty HunterBounty Hunter: Barrington Levy
16Round 7 [Bounty Hunter]ScientistBig Showdown
17Walk 2,000 Miles (Extended VerBarrington LevyBounty HunterBounty Hunter: Barrington Levy
18Gonna Tell Your Girl FriendBarrington LevyRobin HoodGonna Tell Your Girl Friend: Barrington LevyHenry Junjo Lawes
19Kidney Punch [Gonna Tell Your Girlfriend]ScientistHeavyweight Dub Champion
20Mary Long TongueBarrington Levy21 Girls SaluteMary Long Tongue: Barrington LevyHenry Junjo Lawes & Delroy Wright
21Mary Long Tongue (DJ ver)Barrington LevyGreensleeves 12 inch singles Vol. 06Mary Long Tongue : Barrington Levy
22Shine Eye GirlBarrington LevyJah The CreatorGet In The Groove: Heptones
23Gal VersionJah ThomasJ B Music Jah GuidanceGet In The Groove: Heptones
24SkylarkingBarrington LevyBounty HunterSkylarking: Horace Andy
25Round 4 [Skylarking]Prince JammyBig Showdown
26Begging You A Ten Cent SirBarrington LevyOpen BookSkylarking: Horace Andy
27No Broke No Fight Over No WomanBarrington LevyRobin HoodNo Broke No Fight Over No Woman: Barrington LevyHenry Junjo Lawes
28Saved By The Bell [No Broke No Fight Over No Woman]ScientistHeavyweight Dub Champion
2921 Girls SaluteBarrington Levy21 Girls Salute21 Girls Salute: Barrington LevyHenry Junjo Lawes & Delroy Wright
30Robin HoodBarrington LevyRobin HoodRobin Hood: Barrington LevyHenry Junjo Lawes
31Upper Cut [Robin Hood]ScientistHeavyweight Dub Champion
32The WinnerBarrington LevyWin And LoseThe Winner: Barrington Levy
33The Winner DubBarrington LevyWin And LoseThe Winner: Barrington Levy
34Knock OutScientist & Prince JammyHeavyweight Dub ChampionHenry Junjo Lawes
35I Need A GirlBarrington Levy & TrinityJah The CreatorI Need A Girl: Barrington LevyAlvin Ranglin
36Jah Give Us StrengthBarrington LevyReverend 12 inch Singles Vol. 01Jah Give Us Strength: Barrington Levy
37Dont Take LifeGeneral SaintReverend 12 inch Singles Vol. 01
38Many Changes In LifeBarrington LevyRobin HoodMany Changes In Life: Barrington LevyHenry Junjo Lawes
39Seconds Away [Many Changes In Life]ScientistHeavyweight Dub Champion
40Dont Fuss Nor FightBarrington LevyBounty Hunter
41Round 5 [Dont Fuss Nor Fight]ScientistBig Showdown
42Doe Rae MeBarrington LevyBounty HunterFar East: Barry Brown / Don't Fuss Nor Fight: Barrington Levy
43How Much Love DubBarrington LevyReverend 12 inch Singles Vol. 01How Much Love: Barrington Levy
44Jah Help Me DubBarrington LevyWin And LoseJah Help Me: Barrington Levy
45Send A MosesBarrington LevyEnglishmanSend A Moses: Barrington LevyHenry Junjo Lawes
46Round 1 [Send A Moses]ScientistBig Showdown
47ButterflyBarrington LevyBounty HunterSend A Moses: Barrington LevyBarrington Levy
48Rock And Come InBarrington LevyRobin HoodRock And Come In: Barrington LevyHenry Junjo Lawes
49Jab [Rock and Come In]ScientistHeavyweight Dub Champion
50Love Sister CarolBarrington LevyRobin HoodLove Sister Carol: Barrington LevyHenry Junjo Lawes
51Below The Belt [Love Sister Carol]ScientistHeavyweight Dub Champion
52Shaolin TempleBarrington LevyBounty HunterShaolin Temple: Barrington LevyHenry Junjo Lawes
53This Place Too DarkBarrington LevyBounty HunterShaolin Temple: Barrington Levy
54Shaolin Temple DubBarrington LevyHunter ManShaolin Temple: Barrington LevyHenry Junjo Lawes