July 23, 2004: His Imperial Majesty

2His Imperial MajestyRod TaylorEthiopian Kings (1975-1980)His Imperial Majesty: Rod TaylorMikey Dread
3Rastafaris CallHugh MundellBlackmans FoundationRastafari's Call: Hugh MundellAugustus Pablo
4I Love Jah RastafariRicky GrantI Love Jah RastafariI'll Never Let Go: Ricky GrantAugustus Pablo
5Calling RastafariCultureTwo Sevens ClashCalling Rastafari: CultureJoe Gibbs
6I Love Jah RastafariLeroy Smart & The AggrovatorsEP Showcase
7I Bust it In the Name of JahPrince JazzboBunny Lee meets KT & AggJah Jah We Are Waiting: Johnny Clarke / I Bust It In the Name of Jah: Prince Jazzbo / In Jah Jah Name: Prince Jazzbo / Ride Dem Natty: Prince JazzboBunny 'Striker' Lee
8I Bust it In the Name of Jah VersionKing Tubby & The AggrovatorsBunny Lee meets KT & Agg
9Jah BotoBurning SpearLiving Dub Vol. 1Jah No Dead: Burning SpearWinston Rodney
10I Love Sweet Jah Jah DubBarry Brown & Unknown DJI Love Sweet Jah Jah
11Jah Dont Love ThatHalf PintRoots Renaissance Vol 5Jah Dont Love That: Half Pint
12In Your Walking Remember Jah JahPrince Far ILong Life (1978)Martin Mandingo Williams
13Give Praise To JahDelroy WashingtonDread A Dread
14Give Jah PraiseRighteous GenerationPapa Daves inch singles Vol. 01Give Jah Praise: Righteous Generation
15King Selassie IBlack UhuruCrowning Of Prince JammyI Love King Selassie: Black UhuruPrince Jammy
16Selassie On His White HorseJohn SteeleWhen We Were YoungWhen We Were Young: Willie Ferguson
17Give Jah PraisesLeroy SmartDread Hot In AfricaLeroy Smart
18Chant To JahDr AlimantadoBorn For a PurposeBlessed Are The Meek: Slim Smith / The Beatitudes / Chant To Jah: Dr. AlimantadoW Thompson
19Jah DreadAugustus PabloOriginal RockersStop Them Jah: Hugh MundellAugustus Pablo
20Jah ChildrenScientistRepatriation DubNever Run Away: Don CarlosRoy Cousins
21So Jah Jah SayJunior Ross & the SpearI Can Hear the Children SingingSo Jah Jah Say: Junior Ross & The SpearTappa Zukie