May 14, 2004: Coxsone Dodd and Studio One

This show was a tribute to the man Coxsone Dodd. He was at the helm of the empire they called Studio One, and though he wasn't usually the one in the studio all the time, his leadership of Studio One had a huge impact on reggae music. For this set, I focus on my favorite tunes coming out of Studio One. They aren't always the classic tunes associated with Studio One, but these are some of the ones I love the most. Starting it off, a tribute to Dodd, Joe Higgs' "There's A Reward" After that we get things running with Michigan & Smiley's "Compliment To Studio One" where they talk about going down to check Papa Dodd.

2Theres A RewardHiggs & WilsonStudio One Archives Vol. 25
3Compliment To Studio OneMichigan & SmileyRub A Dub StylePretty Looks: HeptonesCoxsone Dodd
4Pretty Looks Isnt AllHeptonesOn TopPretty Looks: HeptonesCoxsone Dodd
5Easy Take It EasyDennis BrownStudio One Archives Vol. 17Unchained: Bob Andy / Easy Take It Easy: Dennis BrownCoxsone Dodd
6You Dont CareLarry MarshallPresenting Larry MarshallUnchained: Bob Andy / Easy Take It Easy: Dennis BrownCoxsone Dodd
7UnchainedBob AndySongbookUnchained: Bob Andy / Easy Take It Easy: Dennis BrownCoxsone Dodd
8Get In The GrooveHeptonesSea of LoveGet In The Groove: HeptonesVarious
9Up Park CampWinston JarrettFire Down BelowGet In The Groove: HeptonesCoxsone Dodd
10I Dont Know WhyDonovan SmithStudio One Discomixes Vol. 14Movie Star: Errol Dunkley / Consider Me: Jennifer LaraCoxsone Dodd
11Ranglin DoodlinErnest RanglinSound & PowerMovie Star: Errol Dunkley / Consider Me: Jennifer LaraCoxsone Dodd
12Consider MeJennifer LaraFeel Like Jumping: Best of Studio One WomenMovie Star: Errol Dunkley / Consider Me: Jennifer LaraCoxsone Dodd
13IwhazzesseziIroncicclesStudio One Archives Vol. 06Izzesse I: Joseph CottonCoxsone Dodd
14Compared To WhatJerry JonesFeel Like Jumping: Best of Studio One WomenCompared To What: Jerry JonesCoxsone Dodd
15Hurting MeAlton EllisSunday ComingHurting Me: Alton EllisCoxsone Dodd
16Skank CornerKing StittStudio One Archives Vol. 31Hurting Me: Alton EllisCoxsone Dodd
17Ethiopian Peace SongAl Tascith JoeStudio One Archives Vol. 19Ethiopian Peace Song: Al Tascith JoeCoxsone Dodd
18African SkankPrince FrancisFire Down BelowEthiopian Peace Song [groovy jump track]Coxsone Dodd
19A FoolAlton EllisStudio One Archives Vol. 01A Fool: Alton EllisCoxsone Dodd
20Heptones Gonna FightHeptonesOn TopFight It To The Top: HeptonesCoxsone Dodd
21Give LoveBarry BrownStudio One Discomixes Vol. 08Fight It To The Top: HeptonesCoxsone Dodd
22African DescendantsAlton EllisStudio One Archives Vol. 06African Descendants: Alton EllisCoxsone Dodd
23Rootsman Hi-FiScorcherTuffestMean Girl: Larry Marshall / I Need A Roof: Mighty DiamondsCoxsone Dodd
24Far EastBarry BrownStudio One Archives Vol. 06Far East: Barry BrownCoxsone Dodd
25My SatisfactionParagonsStudio One Discomixes Vol. 15My Satisfaction: Paragons / John Holt / Zion Gate: CultureCoxsone Dodd
26SchoolPrince JazzboStudio One Archives Vol. 04College Rock / School: Prince JazzboCoxsone Dodd
27Grill Up The LoveWailing SoulsSquare DealJava: Augustus PabloCoxsone Dodd
28EthiopiaCedric BrooksStudio One RockersJava: Augustus PabloCoxsone Dodd
29Mr. Fire Coal ManClassicsStudio One Archives Vol. 21Mr. Fire Coal Man: Wailing SoulsCoxsone Dodd
30Red RobeLittle JoeStudio One Archives Vol. 19Rainbow: Wentworth VernalCoxsone Dodd
31True ExperiencePrince Jazzbo & The Selected FewStudio One Archives Vol. 18True Experience: Prince LincolnCoxsone Dodd
32AnywhereJohn HoltStudio One Archives Vol. 22Anywhere: John HoltCoxsone Dodd
33HooliganJohn HoltStudio One Discomixes Vol. 01Hooligan: John HoltCoxsone Dodd
34Strange ThingsJohn HoltRespect To Studio OneStrange Things: John HoltCoxsone Dodd
35Afrikaan BeatLester SterlingStudio One ScorchersAfrican Beat: Don DrummondCoxsone Dodd
36Henry The GreatJackie MittooKeyboard King At Studio OneHenry The Great: Jackie MittooCoxsone Dodd
37Money GeneratorKarl Bryan & The AfrokatsStudio One Scorchers~Niiiice Horns PieceCoxsone Dodd
38Give Rasta GloryCedric BrooksIm Flash Forward~Groovy Organ BinghiCoxsone Dodd
39Red BloodVin GordonStudio One ScorchersRed Blood: Vin GordonCoxsone Dodd
40Armagedeon TimeWillie WilliamsStudio One Archives Vol. 18Real Rock: Sound DimensionCoxsone Dodd
41Nice Up the DanceMichigan & SmileyRespect To Studio OneReal Rock: Sound DimensionPapa Michigan & General Smiley
42MurdererJohnny OsbourneStudio One Singles Vol. 1Heavenless: Don DrummondCoxsone Dodd
43HeavenlessDon DrummondStudio One ScorchersHeavenless: Don DrummondCoxsone Dodd
44VanitySugar MinottRespect To Studio OneI'm Just A Guy: Alton EllisCoxsone Dodd
45Rub A Dub StyleMichigan & SmileyBest of Studio One Vol. 1I'm Just A Guy: Alton EllisCoxsone Dodd
46StarsEternalsStudio One Archives Vol. 03Stars: Cornell Campbell & The EternalsCoxsone Dodd
47Equal RightsHeptonesOn TopEqual Rights: HeptonesCoxsone Dodd
48Queen Of The MinstrelsCornell CampbellNice Up the DanceMinstrel And Queen: Impressions / Queen Of The Minstrels: Cornell CampbellCoxsone Dodd
49Ten To OneCornell CampbellStudio One Discomixes Vol. 16Ten To One: Mad Lads / Cornell Campbell / Conscience A Go Beat Them: Clint EastwoodCoxsone Dodd
50Swell HeadedBurning SpearRocking TimeSwell Headed: Burning SpearCoxsone Dodd
51Push PullPablove BlackMr. Music OriginallySwell Headed: Burning SpearCoxsone Dodd
52Bongo ITommy McCookStudio One Archives Vol. 34Mix Up: Gladiators / Swell Headed: Burning SpearCoxsone Dodd
53Bongo RedGladiatorsBongo RedMix Up: Gladiators / Swell Headed: Burning SpearCoxsone Dodd
54Roots NattyGladiatorsBest of Studio One Vol. 1Dreadlocks The Time Is Now: Gladiators / Roots Natty Roots: Devon Russell & The Yoruba SingersCoxsone Dodd
55CreationBurning SpearBurning SpearCreation Rebel: Burning Spear / Johnny Clarke / U Roy / Ital Pot: Tappa ZukieCoxsone Dodd
56Tripe GirlHeptonesFattie FattieTripe Girl: Heptones / Mighty Ruler: Bim Sherman
57YahoViceroysRespect To Studio One
58Truth And RightsJohnny OsbourneStudio One RockersTake A Ride: Al Campbell / Truth & Rights: Johnny OsbourneCoxsone Dodd
59Take A RideAl CampbellStudio One Archives Vol. 29Take A Ride: Al Campbell / Truth & Rights: Johnny OsbourneCoxsone Dodd
60Cool ItTony TuffStudio One Archives Vol. 03Satta Massagana: AbyssiniansCoxsone Dodd
61SmileSilvertonesStudio One Archives Vol. 26Smile: SilvertonesCoxsone Dodd