April 2, 2004: Version Excursion part 1

1Zion HighAugustus PabloRockers Nu CrockersRiding On A High And Windy Day: Paragons / Ruddy Thomas / Blackmans Heart: Junior DelgadoHorace Swaby
2Rasta BusinessMighty ThreesZion LandIm Your Man: Heptones / Trying To Wreck Up My Life: Leroy Smart / Children of Israel: Dennis Brown / Ive Got the Right: Johnny Clarke
3Heavy DubIjahman LeviBlood A Go RunJah Heavy Load: Ijahman Levi
4I Know DubObserversBlood A Go RunI Soon Know: NineyNiney
5Solomon DubAugustus PabloBlack ForceAway With Your Fussing and Fighting: Junior DelgadoAugustus Pablo
6Hotter The Battle VersionConscious MindsRoots Renaissance Vol. 5Hotter The Battle: Conscious Minds / Peace And Love In The Ghetto: Jah Woosh
7Mighty and Dread DubDean StoneRockers Nu CrockersBurial: Peter Tosh
8Walk With Jah DubHugh MundellBrutalityAin?t Gonna Turn Back: Barry Brown / Walk With Jah: Hugh Mundell
9Stop Them Jah DubJohnny ClarkeStop Them JahFalse Rasta: Johnny Clarke / Stop Them Jah: Johnny ClarkeBunny 'Striker' Lee
10Slavery DubEek A MouseStop Them JahSlavery: Eek A Mouse
11Sidney Crooks - SkankebooSidney CrooksBag O WireSidney Crooks
12Judgement Time DubDave RobinsonSatta IJudgement Time: Dave Robinson
13The Look of Love VersionDennis BrownRoots Renaissance Vol. 4The Look of Love: Dennis Brown
14Better Days DubCarlton & The ShoesZion LandBetter Days: Carlton & His Shoes
15Jah Fire DubHugh MundellStill AliveJah Fire Will Be Burning: Hugh Mundell
16Kunte Kinte Black Roots VersionRay IKingston SoundsChanging Times: Roman and DaveDerrick Harriott
17Righteous Man VersionLittle RoyRoots Renaissance Vol. 5Righteous Man: Little Roy
18SolitudeThe SensationsBrutality
19Run Come Come DubTony TuffStop Them JahSitting and Watching: Dennis Brown
20Take TimeWackies All StarsRelease The ChainsRevolution: Heptones
21Idi Amin DubDean Fraser & NamboSatta IIdi Amin: Dean Fraser & Nambo
22Created By The Father DubDennis BrownBlood A Go RunCreated By The Father: Errol Dunkley / Dennis Brown
23Must Be A DreamBim ShermanZion LandEveryday Life: Heptones
24Revolution Time VersionBlackstonesSongs For A ReasonRevolution Time: Blackstones
25Warning DubDesi RootsStop Them JahWarning: Desmond Young / Desi RootsDennis Brown
26In a Disa Time VersionItalsSongs For A ReasonIn a Disa Time: Itals
27Hard Fighter VersionLittle RoyRoots Renaissance Vol. 5Hard Fighter: Little Roy
28Shine Eye Gal VersionJah WooshRoots Renaissance Vol. 4Miss Wire Waist: Carlos Malcolm
29Bad Days Are Going DubJohnny ClarkeStill AliveBad Days: Johnny ClarkeBunny 'Striker' Lee
30Fox Hole VersionDelroy WilliamsSongs For A ReasonFox Hole: Delroy Williams
31King of Israel DubHugh MundellStill AliveMinstrel And Queen: Impressions / Queen of the Minstrels: Cornell Campbell
32Satta I DubLizzardSatta ISatta I: Clive Hunt (Lizzard)
33Sufferation VersionTyrone TaylorRoots Renaissance Vol. 5Sufferation: Tyrone Taylor
34SolitudeAbu BakaBrutalitySolitude: The Session Men
35Sidney Crooks - Rock FortSidney CrooksBag O WireSidney Crooks
36Ive Been HurtFreddie & the HidrenBrutality
37Emmanuel Road DubBarry BrownBrutalityEmmanuel Road: Barry Brown
38Songs for a Reason VersionEarl 16Songs For A Reason
39Warrika HillSidney CrooksBag O WireSidney Crooks
40Unfinished Melody DubAugustus PabloStop Them JahUnfinished Melody: Augustus PabloHorace Swaby
41Rasta Pon Top DubTwinkle BrosSatta IRasta Pon Top: Twinkle Bros
42Monkey Still Want Wife VersionMajor WillisRoots Renaissance Vol. 4Monkey Still Want Wife: Major Willis
43Passing Through VersionManchie & The CoolersRoots Renaissance Vol. 4Passing Through: Manchie & The Coolers
44Lambs Bread CollieLight of SabaKingston Sounds