March 5, 2004: Gladiators

The Gladiators was comprised of Albert Griffiths, Clinton Fearon, and Gallimore Sutherland for most their run as a group. As a band they also recorded riddims for producers like Lee Perry, Yabby U and Coxsone Dodd. On this show, I run through a number of their early works with Coxsone Dodd and also showcase their work with Prince Tony, along with dropping in a few other tunes along the way.

I first encountered their work with Prince Tony and was taken aback by their beautiful but tough vocal harmonies. I hope you come to enjoy their work as much as I have.

1Mix UpGladiatorsTrenchtown Mix UpTony Robinson
2Bongo RedGladiatorsBongo RedMix Up: Gladiators / Swell Headed: Burning SpearCoxsone Dodd
3Bongo VersionGladiators BandPresenting (Extended)Mix Up: Gladiators / Swell Headed: Burning SpearCoxsone Dodd
4Dreadlocks The Time Is NowGladiatorsProverbial ReggaeDreadlocks The Time Is Now: GladiatorsTony Robinson
5Roots NattyThe GladiatorsThe Best of Studio One, Vol. 01Dreadlocks The Time Is Now: Gladiators / Roots Natty Roots: Devon Russell & The Yoruba SingersCoxsone Dodd
6Roots NattyGladiatorsBongo RedDreadlocks The Time Is Now: Gladiators / Roots Natty Roots: Devon Russell & The Yoruba SingersCoxsone Dodd
7Ya Ho (Extended Mix)ViceroysYa HoYa Ho: ViceroysCoxsone Dodd
8Jah O Jah OGladiatorsPapa Daves inch singles Vol. 01Ya Ho: Viceroys
9Economic CrisisTrinityPapa Daves inch singles Vol. 01Ya Ho: Viceroys
10Pocket MoneyGladiatorsDreadlocks the Time is NowPocket Money: Gladiators
11Money Version Disco MixThe GladiatorsMr Big Dub
12Get ReadyGladiatorsDreadlocks the Time is NowGet Ready: GladiatorsTony Robinson
13HearsayGladiatorsTrenchtown Mix UpHearsay: GladiatorsTony Robinson
14Stick A BushGladiatorsDreadlocks the Time is NowTony Robinson
15Chatty Chatty MouthGladiatorsTrenchtown Mix UpChatty Chatty Mouth: GladiatorsTony Robinson
16Looks is DeceivingGladiatorsDreadlocks the Time is NowTalawah: GladiatorsTony Robinson
17BellyfullGladiatorsTrenchtown Mix UpTony Robinson
18The RaceGladiatorsRandys 17 North ParadeThe Race: The GladiatorsClive Chin
19SoniaGladiatorsPresenting (Extended)Sonia: GladiatorsCoxsone Dodd
20SolasGladiators BandPresenting (Extended)Sonia: GladiatorsCoxsone Dodd
21Baby WhyCablesBest Of Studio OneBaby Why: CablesVarious
22Theme From SteveDub SpecialistBionic DubBaby Why: Cables, D Alcap, Jazzbo, etc.Coxsone Dodd
23Baby Why VersionDennis AlcaponeForever VersionBaby Why: CablesCoxsone Dodd
24Re-ArrangeGladiatorsPresenting (Extended)Baby Why: CablesCoxsone Dodd
25Loving DubKing TubbyRoots of DubJah Will Provide: Prince Far I / Mansion of InventionLinval Thompson
26Have MercyMighty DiamondsRight TimeHave Mercy: Mighty DiamondsKarl Pitterson & Joseph Hoo Kim
27Can?t Stop RighteousnessThe GladiatorsWhen The Dances Were Changing (Hitbound Selection)
28Up Town Rebel (Down Town Rebel)GladiatorsPresenting (Extended)niceCoxsone Dodd
29Happy ManGladiatorsStudio One Discomixes Vol. 01Happy Man: GladiatorsCoxsone Dodd
30The People SkankingNew EstablishmentStudio One Scorchers~Groove It To MeCoxsone Dodd
31On The Other SideGladiatorsPresenting (Extended)On the Other Side: GladiatorsCoxsone Dodd
32On The Other Side VersionYoung SoulsPresenting (Extended)On the Other Side: GladiatorsCoxsone Dodd
33A Prayer To TheeGladiatorsStudio One Archive Vol. 05A Prayer To Thee: GladiatorsCoxsone Dodd
34Version of PrayerGladiators BandStudio One Archive Vol. 05A Prayer To Thee: GladiatorsCoxsone Dodd
35Jah AlmightyGladiatorsPresenting (Extended)Coxsone Dodd
36PretendingGladiatorsStudio One Discomixes Vol. 13Pretending: GladiatorsCoxsone Dodd
37Eli EliGladiatorsDreadlocks the Time is NowEli Eli: GladiatorsTony Robinson
38Black SundayTony All StarsPapa Daves Killer inch singles Vol. 06Eli Eli: Gladiators
39Jah WorksGladiatorsDreadlocks the Time is NowJah Works: GladiatorsTony Robinson
40Let Jah Be PraisedGladiatorsSweet So Till (1979)Let Jah Be Praised: GladiatorsGladiators
41Well Find The BlessingGladiatorsProverbial Reggae (1978)
42Press AlongGladiatorsSweet So Till (1979)Gladiators
43The Best Things In LifeGladiatorsProverbial Reggae (1978)Best Things In Life: GladiatorsTony Robinson
44Backyard MeditationGladiatorsSweet So Till (1979)~Nice Little CutGladiators
45Soul RebelGladiatorsTrenchtown Mix Up (1976)Soul Rebel: WailersTony Robinson
46Soul RebelWailersRock to the RockSoul Rebel: WailersBob Marley
47Soul Rebel VersionWailersRecord Shop 1
48Run For CoverWailersMore AxeSoul Rebel: Wailers
49Soul RebelBob Marley & The WailersChances Are