August 22, 2003: Love

1LoveWailersRock to the RockLove: Wailers
2Send Me That LoveWailersKeep on SkankingSend Me That Love: Wailers
3Satisfy My SoulBob Marley & The WailersKayaDon't Rock My Boat: WailersBob Marley
4Dont Rock My BoatWailersSelassie is the Chapel
5All Day, All NightWailersRare Wailers
6Love LightWailersMore Axe
7Satisfy My Soul BabeWailersKeep on SkankingSatisfy My Soul: Wailers
8I Know A PlaceWailersRare WailersI Know A Place: Bob MarleyLee Perry
9Is This LoveBob Marley & The WailersBabylon By BusIs This Love: Bob Marley & The WailersBob Marley
10Im Still In Love With YouAlton EllisStudio One StoryIm Still In Love With You: Alton Ellis / Uptown Top Ranking: Althea & DonnaCoxsone Dodd
11Your Love Is AmazingDelroy WilsonGood All OverYour Love Is Amazing: Delroy WilsonCoxsone Dodd
12Get Close To YouKen BootheCrying Over You: Anthology 1963-1978Leslie Kong
13Aint No SunshineKen BootheCrying Over You: Anthology 1963-1978
14Give To MeKen BootheCrying Over You: Anthology 1963-1978Give To Me: Ken BoothePhil Pratt
15Silver WordsKen BootheCrying Over You: Anthology 1963-1978Silver Words: Ken BootheNiney
16Just A Little Bit Of Your LoveKen BootheMore of Ken BootheJust A Little Bit Of Your Love: Ken BootheCoxsone Dodd
17My SatisfactionThe ParagonsTide Is High: Anthology 1962-1979My Satisfaction: Paragons / John Holt / Zion Gate: Culture
18You Make Me So Very HappyAlton EllisCry ToughYou Make Me So Very Happy: Alton EllisCoxsone Dodd
19I Wanna Be With YouParagonsMy Best Girl Wears My CrownDuke Reid
20One WomanBob AndyFire BurningOne Woman: Bob Andy
21The Tide is HighParagonsMy Best Girl Wears My CrownTide Is High: ParagonsDuke Reid
22You Have Caught MeMelodiansSwing & DineYou Have Caught Me: The MelodiansDuke Reid & Sonia Pottinger
23My World Is Empty Without YouHeptonesMeaning Of Life: Best Of 1966-1976My World Is Empty Without You: Heptones
24Baby I Need Your LovinHeptonesNight Food
25I Do Love YouHeptonesMeaning Of Life: Best Of 1966-1976I Do Love You: Billy Stewart / Jackie Edwards / HeptonesLee Perry
26Ill Never Let You GoSlim SmithRespect to Studio One
27Love Me ForeverCarlton & The ShoesThe Best of Studio One, Vol. 02Love Me Forever: Carlton & The ShoesCoxsone Dodd
28Born To LoveSlim SmithBest of Studio OneBorn To Love You: Temptations / Sensations / Slim Smith / Kc WhiteCoxsone Dodd
29Born to Be LovedFlamesStudio One Discomixes Vol. 02Born To Be Loved: FlamesCoxsone Dodd
30Love Is What The World Wants (Extended Mix)Barry BrownCant Stop Us Now: Linval Thompson Productions 1979-1982Love Is What The World Wants: Barry BrownLinval Thompson
31Baby I Love You SoJacob MillerClassic RockersBaby I Love You So: Jacob Miller / Black Force: Norris ReidAugustus Pablo
32Love Dont Come EasyLeroy SibblesClassic Rockers
33This LoveLeroy SmartEP ShowcaseThis Love: Leroy Smart
34I Need To Belong To Someone Like YouCornell CampbellStalowattI Need To Belong To Someone Like You: Cornell CampbellBunny 'Striker' Lee
35You Are My AngelHorace AndyFeel Good All OverYou Are My Angel: Horace Andy / Power Of Love: Ronnie Davis / King Tubby's In Fine Style (Dub Gone 2 Crazy)Bunny 'Striker' Lee
36The Love Of A WomanHorace AndyFeel Good All OverBless You: Horace AndyBunny 'Striker' Lee
37Nice And EasyHorace AndyFeel Good All OverNice And Easy: Horace Andy
38If You Should Lose MeJohnny ClarkeSings In Fine StyleA Love I Can Feel: John Holt / If You Should Lose Me: Johnny Clarke / Temptations?Bunny 'Striker' Lee
39Since I Fell For YouJohnny ClarkeSings In Fine StyleSince I Fell For You: Alton EllisBunny 'Striker' Lee
40Sugar You?re my GirlJohnny ClarkeDont Stay Out LateBunny 'Striker' Lee
41My DesireJohnny ClarkeSings In Fine StyleMy Desire: Cliques / John Holt / Johnny ClarkeBunny 'Striker' Lee
42I Love You SoBarry BrownBarry Brown 12 inch Singles Vol. 1Darker Shade Of Black / Promises / I Love You So: Barry Brown / Stand Up To Your Judgement: Mighty Diamonds / Pass The Ku Shung PengBarry Brown
43trk 19 / B_013&
44My Heart Is GoneJohn HoltRaw Roots Vol 2My Heart Is Gone: Ken Boothe / John HoltPhil Pratt
45Let Love InDennis BrownLoves Gotta Hold On MeLet Love In: Dennis BrownPhil Pratt
46Let Love InDennis BrownBest of Sun ShotLet Love In: Dennis BrownPhil Pratt
47Soulful LovePat KellyBest of Sun ShotSoulful Lover: Pat KellyPhil Pratt
48Lets Start AgainCornell CampbellHarry Mudie & Freinds
49FeverJoyce BondCurly Locks: Best Of 1970-1976
50Love In My HeartLeroy SmartMario?s Singles Selection Vol. 02Love In My Heart: Leroy SmartLeroy Smart
51This LoveLeroy SmartEP ShowcaseThis Love: Leroy Smart
52Set Your Heart FreeDennis Brown & U BrownTafari / Aries History
53Number OneGregory IsaacsTougher Than ToughMy Number One: Gregory IsaacsAlvin Ranglin
54Soon ForwardGregory IsaacsSly & Robbie Present Gregory IsaacsSoon Forward: Gregory Isaacs
55Tune InGregory Isaac's All StarsNatty Rebel RootsJah Kingdom Come: Twinkle Brothers
56Give Love A TryDelroy WilsonStudio One Discomixes Vol. 13Give Love A Try: Delroy WilsonCoxsone Dodd
57This LoveDelroy WilliamsPapa Daves Killer inch singles Vol. 03This Love: Delroy WilliamsAugustus Pablo
58This Love DubRockers All StarsPapa Daves Killer inch singles Vol. 03This Love: Delroy Williams
59A Love I Can FeelJohn HoltTide Is High: Anthology 1962-1979A Love I Can Feel: John Holt / If You Should Lose Me: Johnny Clarke / Temptations?Coxsone Dodd
60You I Love And Not AnotherPrince Far IUnder Heavy MannersEmmanuel Road (Goosie Gander): Prince Far IJoe Gibbs & Errol Thompson
61Making LovePeter ToshThe ToughestMaking Love: Peter Tosh
62Stop That TrainKeith & TexRiding The Musical ChariotStop That Train: Keith And TexDerrick Harriott
63HistoryCarlton JacksonOpen The Gate (1974-76)History: Carlton JacksonLee Perry