April 19, 2002: Niney part 2

Winston Holness, aka George Boswell, aka Niney the Observer, got his nickname from the missing digit on his hand. He started off his music career working with producer Bunny Lee. At the same time, he was moonlighting at Joe Gibbs' studio. When Lee Perry, who was working for Gibbs at the time, got fed up and quit the employ of Joe Gibbs, it was Niney that stepped into the role of engineer and producer in the studio. (These were the days before Errol Thompson stoked the fires of Gibbs studio.)

Niney has an interesting place in the reggae sound scape, with his early involvement in the Bunny Lee sound, to his role in the Gibbs output and to his connections socially and aurally to Lee Perry. Perry and Niney worked together at times and the the effect can be heard in both of their output.

On this show, I worked through a variety of Niney material for the first time. We start off with the blazing rocker from I Roy, "Roots Man." Then into a quick mix on the "Smiling Face" riddim, before getting into the King of Babylon tune that had Junior Byles on the vocal cut. Rasta No Pickpocket came next, followed by some Gregory - I Roy connects.

Other than the first tune in the mix, there are many other personal Niney including the Delroy cut of "My Baby Is Gone" with its simmering trombone line, two nice tunes from the obscure Sang Hugh, the anthemic horns cut "Zimbabwe" along with the beautiful "Wipe Away" and its ethereal dub v

1Roots ManI RoyMicrophone AttackRoots Man: I RoyNiney
2Is Dread in a BabylonBig YouthNatty Universal DreadOnly A Smile: Paragons
3I Pray the ContinuallyBig YouthNatty Universal DreadOnly A Smile: Paragons
4Smile DubNineyPresent Dub
5King of BabylonJunior BylesBeat Down BabylonKing Of Babylon: Junior BylesLee Perry
6NebuchadnezzarUpsettersWords of My Mouth Chapter 2
7NebuchannezarUpsettersJava Java Dub
8NebuchadnezzeDillingerHead ShotKing of Babylon: Junior BylesNiney
9Travelling Man DubNineyPresents Dub
10Rasta No PickpocketJunior BylesGive Me PowerRasta No Pickpocket: Junior BylesLee Perry
11Rasta No PickpocketNineyVintage Reggae ClassicsAlvin Ranglin
12Clean Heart RastaThe ObserversHead ShotRasta No Pickpocket: NineyNiney
13SlavemasterGregory Isaac's All StarsMr. Isaacs
14Point Blank Observer StyleI RoyMicrophone AttackGet In The Groove: HeptonesNiney
15Take A DipGregory Isaac's All StarsMr. Isaacs
16Camp Road SkankingI RoyMicrophone AttackGet In The Groove: HeptonesNiney
17Nice and EasyHorace AndyPrime of Horace AndyBless You: Horace Andy
18Nice & Easy DubNineyPresents DubNice And Easy: Horace AndyNiney
19My Baby Is GoneDelroy WilsonBlood and FireMy Baby Is Gone: Delroy WilsonNiney
20Weeping DubNineyPresents DubWeeping: Junior BylesNiney
21Last Call Fe BlackmanSang HughBy the LakesideLast Call Fe Blackman: Sang HughNiney
22Last Call VersionThe ObserversHead Shot
23Rasta No Born YahSang HughReggae Classics
24Rasta LocksKing TubbyKing Tubbys SpecialRasta No Born Yah: Sang HughBunny 'Striker' Lee
25No Portion A GalSang HughReggae Classics
26ZimbabweSoul SyndicateHead ShotZimbabwe: Soul SyndicateNiney
27Rascal ManDelroy WilsonBlood and FireKeep On Pushing: ImpressionsNiney
28Here I Come DubNineyPresents Dub
29Jah Come HereI RoyMicrophone AttackHere I Come: Dennis BrownNiney
30Head ShotBobby Ellis & The ObserversHead ShotHere I Come: Dennis BrownNiney
31Mr. D. Brown SkankKing TubbyKing Tubbys Special
32Cant Enter Zion With Your Big CheckbookNiney & the ObserversHead Shot
33Bring The Couchie ComeReggae CrusadersTrojan Box Set: NineyBring The Couchie Come: Jah EarlNiney
34Kutchi DubNineyPresents DubBring The Couchie Come: Jah EarlNiney
35DorethBobby Ellis & Scully & The Soul SyndicateHead ShotWipe Away: NineyNiney
36Wipe AwayNiney & The Soul SyndicateItal Observer StyleTribulation: Dennis Brown / We Want To Go: Leroy SmartNiney
37Harp SoundObserversItal Observer StyleJah Fire: Niney HolnessNiney
38Clap the BarberMichael RoseTrojan Box Set: NineyNothing Is Impossible: The Interns / Mission Is Impossible: Viceroys / Give Up The Baddness: Johnny Clarke / Truth & Rights: DillingerWinston Riley
39Dinner DubNineyPresents Dub
40Jah FireGeorge BoswellTrojan Box Set: NineyNothing Is Impossible: The Interns / Mission Is Impossible: Viceroys / Give Up The Baddness: Johnny Clarke / Truth & Rights: DillingerWinston Riley
41New Name DubNineyPresents DubPsalm 68: Horace AndyNiney
42Silver WordsKen BootheReggae ClassicsSilver Words: Ken BootheNiney
43Silver WordsDennis BrownThe Works of JahSilver Words: Ken BootheNiney
44Silver BulletKing TubbyKing Tubbys SpecialSilver Words: Ken BootheBunny 'Striker' Lee
45Hiding By The RiversideNiney & the ObserversBlood and FireMessage Of The Ungodly: Niney & the ObserversNiney
46Love DubNineyPresents Dub
47Steam PipeThe ObserversHead ShotNiney
48Prophesy DubNineyPresents DubProphecy Call: Glasford ManningNiney
49Turntable DubKing TubbyKing Tubbys SpecialHalfway Up The Stairs: Delroy WilsonBunny 'Striker' Lee
50Run DubNineyPresents DubRun Run: Delroy WilsonNiney