February 22, 2002: Wailers part 2

Most of the time, I avoid playing the Wailers. Their work is so well known that many of their popular tunes feel overplayed. For these shows, I've tried to collect the unique and special tunes that have grabbed me over the years. I hope you en

1Natural Mystic (Live)Bob Marley & The WailersWegberg, Germany 80
2Concrete JungleBob Marley & The WailersBabylon By BusConcrete Jungle: WailersBob Marley
3Concrete JungleWailersLive in London?Concrete Jungle: WailersBob Marley & Peter Tosh & Bunny Livingston
4Trenchtown RockBob Marley & The WailersConquering LionTrenchtown Rock: WailersBob Marley
5Trenchtown RockBob Marley & The WailersLive at LyceumTrenchtown Rock: WailersBob Marley
6Trenchtown RockWailersSongs of FreedomTrenchtown Rock: Wailers
7Grooving KingstonWailersSatisfy My Soul Jah Jah
8Kingston 12 ShuffleU RoySatisfy My Soul Jah Jah
9TrenchtownBob Marley & The WailersConfrontation
10Trenchtown DubWailersRare Wailers
11Want MoreBob Marley & The Wailers78 Kaya RehearsalsWant More: Bob Marley & The Wailers
12Want MoreBob Marley & The WailersRastaman VibrationWant More: Bob Marley & The Wailers
13Rat RaceBob Marley & The WailersCountrymanRat Race: Bob Marley & The WailersRita Marley
14Rat RaceBob Marley & The WailersBabylon By BusRat Race: Bob Marley & The WailersRita Marley
15No More TroubleWailersLive in LondonNo More Trouble: WailersBob Marley & Peter Tosh & Bunny Livingston
16So Much Trouble in the World DubBob Marley & The WailersDreams of Freedom
17So Much Trouble In the World DubBob Marley & The Wailers?
18So Much Trouble In the WorldBob Marley & The WailersSurvivalSo Much Trouble In The World: Bob Marley & The WailersBob Marley
19Trouble DubWailersSatisfy My Soul Jah JahTrouble On The Road Again: Wailers
20Trouble on the Road AgainWailersSelassie is the ChapelTrouble On The Road Again: Wailers
21WisdomWailersSelassie is the ChapelWisdom: Wailers
22Stiff Necked FoolsBob Marley & The WailersConfrontationWisdom: WailersBob Marley
23Fools DiePeter ToshWanted Dread & Alive
24Who the Cap FitsBob Marley & The Wailers78 Kaya Rehearsals
25African Herbsman (version)WailersSoul Revolution Pt. 2African Herbsman: Wailers
26African HerbsmanWailersSoul Revolution Pt. 2African Herbsman: WailersLee Perry
27Pass It OnWailersCountrymanPass It On: WailersJean Watt
28Misty MorningBob Marley & The WailersKayaMisty Morning: Bob Marley & The WailersBob Marley
29Mellow Mood (alt)WailersRock to the Rock
30Mellow MoodWailersNice TimeMellow Mood: WailersBob Marley
31Mellow Mood (version)WailersNice TimeMellow Mood: Wailers
32Rebels HopWailersSoul Rebels
33Rebels Hop (version)WailersSoul Rebels
34RhythmWailersSelassie is the ChapelRhythm: Wailers
35Feel AlrightWailersSelassie is the Chapel
36Dub FeelingWailersSatisfy My Soul Jah Jah
37Rainbow CountryWailersRoots of a LegendRainbow Country: Wailers
38Rainbow Country DubWailersRecord Shop 2
39Satisfy My Soul Jah Jah VersionWailersSatisfy My Soul Jah Jah
40Satisfy My Soul Jah JahWailersSatisfy My Soul Jah Jah
41Satisfy My Soul BabeWailersKeep on SkankingSatisfy My Soul: Wailers
42Satisfy My Soul Babe VersionUpsettersKeep on Skanking
43Soul Shake UpWailersRare Wailers
44Soul Shakedown PartyWailersSongs of FreedomSoul Shake Down Party: WailersBob Marley
45Soul Shakedown (version)WailersBest of the Wailers
46Soul CaptivesWailersBest of the WailersSoul Captives: Wailers
47Soul AlmightyWailersSoul RebelsSoul Almighty: Wailers
48Soul Almighty (version)WailersSoul RebelsSoul Almighty: Wailers
49Shocks of MightyWailersMore Axe
50Bad CardBob Marley & The WailersUprisingBad Card: Bob Marley & The WailersBob Marley
51Rub A Dub StyleWailersRare Wailers
52Heathen DubWailersDreams of Freedom
53Selassie is the ChapelWailersSelassie is the ChapelSelassie Is The Chapel: Wailers
54Lion of JudahBob Marley & The WailersConquering LionLion Of Judah: Bob Marley & The Wailers
55Rastaman ChantWailersCountrymanRastaman Chant: WailersTraditional & Arr. Wailers
56Rastaman Chant& Bob Marley, Busta Rhymes & Flipmode SquadChant Down BabylonRastaman Chant: WailersBob Marley
57CrisisBob Marley & The WailersKayaCrisis: Bob Marley & The WailersBob Marley
58Crisis DubWailersRare Wailers
59Give Thanks and PraisesWailersRare Wailers
60Give Thanks and PraisesBob Marley & The WailersConfrontation
61Forever Loving JahBob Marley & The WailersForever Loving Jah: Bob Marley & The WailersBob Marley
62Forever Loving JahBob Marley & The WailersUprisingForever Loving Jah: Bob Marley & The WailersBob Marley
63Top RankinBob Marley & The WailersSurvival
64Adam and EveWailersSelassie is the ChapelAdam And Eve: Wailers
65ReactionWailersSoul RebelsReaction: Wailers
66Reaction (version)WailersSoul RebelsReaction: Wailers
67Rocking Steady (alt)WailersRock to the Rock
68Dont Let the Sun Catch You Crying DubWailers
69Marley RiffBob Marley