September 7, 2001: Armageddon

1Demo DubMikey DreadDub Catalogue Vol. 1None Shall Escape The Judgement: Earl Zero / Johnny Clarke / Joshua's Words: DillingerMikey Dread
2None Shall Escape the JudgementEarl ZeroVision of Love
3This Ah the BestKing TubbyKing Tubbys Controls
4Horning VersionKing TubbyKing Tubbys Controls
5Judgement on the LandVivian Jackson & The ProphetsJesus DreadJudgement On The Land: Vivian Jackson And The ProphetsYabby U
6Repatriation RockKing TubbyJesus DreadJudgement On The Land: Vivian Jackson And The ProphetsYabby U
7JudgementJah StitchOriginal RaggamuffinJudgement On The Land: Vivian Jackson And The ProphetsYabby U & Bunny Lee
8Judgement TimeYabby YouOne Love, One HeartDeliver Me From My Enemies: Vivian Jackson And The ProphetsYabby U
9Day of JudgementHugh MundellAfrica Must Be Free by 1983Day Of Judgement: Hugh MundellAugustus Pablo
10Judgement DubAugustus PabloAfrica Must Be Free by 1983Day Of Judgement: Hugh MundellAugustus Pablo
11Well Judged DubUpsettersRastafari Liveth ItinuallyJudgement Day: Clive HyltonLee Perry
12ArmagiddeonRas Michael & The Sons Of NegusMovements
13Armageddon DubBunny WailerDubdsco
14ArmagideonBunny WailerBlackheart Man
15Armageddon TimeWillie Williams100% Dynamite
16Armagideon TimeWillie WilliamsRespect to Studio OneReal Rock: Sound DimensionCoxsone Dodd
17Nice Up the DanceMichigan & SmileyRespect to Studio OneReal Rock: Sound DimensionPapa Michigan & General Smiley
18Armagideon TimeWillie WilliamsTougher Than ToughReal Rock: Sound DimensionCoxsone Dodd
19Rocking DubAugustus PabloPresents DJsReal Rock: Sound DimensionAugustus Pablo
20El RockerJah TPresents DJsReal Rock: Sound DimensionAugustus Pablo
21Round 6Scientist & Prince JammyShowdown at King Tubbys
22AyatollaMilitant BarryMilitant Style
23Scratch the Dub OrganizerUpsettersScratch Attack
24Bad Luck NattyJah LionColumbia Colly
25Cloak and Dagger (Ver. 3)UpsettersScratch AttackCloak and Dagger: UpsettersLee Perry
26Dub OrganizerAugustus PabloThis Is?Cloak and Dagger: UpsettersClive Chin
27SchoolPrince JazzboReggae ClassicsCollege Rock / School: Prince JazzboCoxsone Dodd
28Freak OutJackie MittooTribute to Jackie MittooCollege Rock / School: Prince JazzboCoxsone Dodd
29Cuss CussLloyd Robinson400% DynamiteCuss Cuss: Lloyd RobinsonCoxsone Dodd
30Cuss CussLloyd RobinsonPassing From Yard To Yard Vol. 2Moving Out Of Babylon: Rod TaylorCoxsone Dodd
31Cuss CussLloyd Robinson100% DynamiteCuss Cuss: Lloyd RobinsonCoxsone Dodd
32Everybody BawlingU RoyTreasure ChestEverybody Bawling: MelodiansWinston Riley
33Rema DubJoe GibbsAfrican Dub Almighty Ch. 3 & 4
34Everybody BallinI RoyMusical Shark Attack
35Swing And DineMelodiansSwing & DineLittle Nut Tree: The MelodiansDuke Reid & Sonia Pottinger
36Swing and DubMorwell EsquireDub MeSwing and Dine: MelodiansBingy Bunny & Blacka Morwell
37Fire, FireLloyd RobinsonReggae Classics
38Baby WhyThe BossBest of Studio One
39Music Like DirtThe LyricsCollectors Edition
40My Last LoveThe TartansBest of Studio One
41Love In Our NationDudley Sibley & The Soul AgentsCollectors EditionCoxsone Dodd
42Rastafari Tell YouJudah Tafari EskenderBest of Studio One
43Soul PeopleThe Baba Brooks BandCollectors Edition
44First Cut Is The DeepestNorma FrazierBest of Studio OneFirst Cut Is The Deepest: Cat Stevens / Pp Arnold / Norma FrazierCoxsone Dodd
45Mojo GirlNora DeanCollectors EditionCoxsone Dodd
46Love BumpLone RangerBest of Studio OneRougher Yet: Slim SmithCoxsone Dodd
47Show Me The WayGlen & DaveCollectors EditionCoxsone Dodd
48Open The GateThe EnforcersBest of Studio One
49Brimstone And FireClifton Gibbs & The Selected FewCollectors Edition
50Big MistakeBassiesBest of Studio OneBig Mistake: BassiesCoxsone Dodd
51I Dont MindBassiesStudio One Showcase Vol. 1
52Correction TrainCarey JohnsonCollectors EditionBrimstone & Fire: Clifton Gibbs & The Selected FewCoxsone Dodd
53What Kind of WorldThe BossRespect to Studio OneWhat Kind Of World: CablesCoxsone Dodd
54No Cup, No BrookTha PsalmsCollectors EditionSelection Train: Selected FewCoxsone Dodd
55SlipperyCrystalitesTrojan Rare Groove Box Set
56Love UprisingJamaicansTrojan Rare Groove Box Set
57Bigger BossSir HarryTrojan Rare Groove Box Set
58Genuine LoveKen ParkerTrojan Rare Groove Box Set
59Belittle MeCarlton AlphonsoTrojan Rare Groove Box Set
60Bongo ManThe KnowledgeTrojan Rare Groove Box Set
61I Like Your SmileRoy ShirleyTrojan Rare Groove Box SetI Like Your Smile: Roy Shirley
62Medicine ManLove GenerationTrojan Rare Groove Box Set
63Do It MadlyChuck JnrTrojan Rare Groove Box Set
64TipatoneKing SmileyTrojan Rare Groove Box Set
65Why, Why, WhyBetty SinclaireTrojan Rare Groove Box Set
66Pity the ChildrenEternalsTrojan Rare Groove Box SetPity The Children: Cornel Campbell & The Eternals
67JenniferSoul DirectionsTrojan Rare Groove Box SetJennifer: Junior Soul
68Pie in the SkyEugene PaulTrojan Singles Boxset
69Our Love Will LastThe In Crowd & Jah StitchTrojan Singles Boxset