May 4, 2001: Roots Harmony

1See Them A ComeCultureTwo Sevens ClashHeavy Rock: Sound Dimension / See Them A Come: CultureJoe Gibbs
2VersionJoseph HillStalk of Shots Vol. 1
3InformerJoseph HillStalk of Shots Vol. 1Informer: Joseph HillJoe Gibbs
4Natty Pass Him GCEShorty The PresidentMighty Two
5Jah Jah See ThemJohnny ClarkeAuthorized RockersHeavy Rock: Sound Dimension / See Them A Come: CultureBunny 'Striker' Lee
6Careful DubCulture15 Dub ShotsThe Shepherd: CultureSonia Pottinger
7The ShepardCultureInternational Herb
8Black Starliner Must ComeCultureTwo Sevens ClashBlack Starliner Must Come: CultureJoe Gibbs
9BeholdCultureHarder Than the RestBehold: CultureSonia Pottinger
10The Land We BelongCultureInternational HerbThe Land We Belong: CultureSonia Pottinger
11Im Not AshamedCultureTwo Sevens ClashIm Not Ashamed: CultureJoe Gibbs
12Jah RastafariCultureInternational HerbJah Rastafari: CultureSonia Pottinger
13Free AgainCultureHarder Than the RestFree Again: CultureSonia Pottinger
14Freedom JamCulture15 Dub ShotsFree Again: CultureSonia Pottinger
15Zion RockJoe GibbsPapa Daves Killer 12 inch singles Vol. 1
16Zion Gate/Forty Leg DreadCulture & Prince MohammedPapa Daves Killer 12 inch singles Vol. 1
17Im Alone In The WildernessCultureTwo Sevens Clash
18I TriedCultureInternational HerbI Tried: CultureSonia Pottinger
19Calling RastafariCultureTwo Sevens ClashCalling Rastafari: CultureJoe Gibbs
20Disobedient ChildrenCulturePapa Daves Killer 12 inch singles Vol. 1Disobedient Children: Culture
21Pirate DaysCultureTwo Sevens ClashPirate Days: CultureJoe Gibbs
23Copper BulletInner CircleHeavyweight & Killer Dub
24We Want ItHeptonesStalk of Shots Vol. 2We Want It: Heptones
25In Cold BloodRevolutionariesStalk of Shots Vol. 2We Want It: Heptones
26Practice What Jah TeachIsrael VibrationUnconquered People
27Practice Jah DubIsrael VibrationIsrael DubPractice What Jah Teach: Israel Vibration
28Unconquerored PeopleIsrael VibrationUnconquered People
29Unconquered DubIsrael VibrationIsrael DubWe A De Rasta: Israel Vibration
30PossibilityIsrael VibrationUnconquered PeoplePossibility: Israel VibrationTommy Cowan
31Possibility in DubIsrael VibrationIsrael DubPossibility: Israel Vibration
32Jah Love MeIsrael VibrationStrength of my LifeJah Love Me: Israel Vibration
33Jah Love DubIsrael VibrationDub Vibration
34Short Man DubAugustus PabloMeets King Tubby inna Fire HouseShort Man: Hugh MundellAugustus Pablo
35Dont Stay AwayHugh MundellBlackmans FoundationDon't Stay Away Too Long: Hugh MundellAugustus Pablo
36Simeon TraditionAugustus PabloMeets King Tubby inna Fire HouseHumble Yourself: Asher & TrimbleAugustus Pablo
37Time and PlaceHugh MundellBlackmans FoundationTime And Place: Hugh MundellHugh Mundell
38Rockers Meets KT Inna FirehouseAugustus PabloMeets King Tubby inna Fire House
39Waterhouse StepRockers All StarsStalk of Shots Vol. 1Speak The Truth: Little Jr. Reid
40Speak the TruthLittle Jr ReidStalk of Shots Vol. 1
41Stick A BushGladiatorsDreadlocks the Time is NowTony Robinson
42StruggleGladiatorsNaturalityStruggle: GladiatorsTony Robinson
43NaturalityGladiatorsDreadlocks the Time is NowNaturality: GladiatorsTony Robinson
44Dry Your Weeping EyesGladiatorsNaturalityDry Your Weeping Eyes: GladiatorsTony Robinson
45Sweet So TilGladiatorsDreadlocks the Time is Now
46ExodusGladiatorsNaturalityExodus: Bob MarleyTony Robinson
47Africa For AfricansU RoyOriginal DJ