December 29, 2000:

1Greedy GBrentford All Stars Band100% Dynamite
2Jack of SpadesBongoman ByfieldGhetto Music
3007 (Shanty Town)Desmond Baker & The ClarendoniansTougher Than Tough007 (Shanty Town): Desmond Dekker & The Aces
454-46 was my NumberToots & The Maytals400% Dynamite54-46 That's My Number: Toots & The Maytals
554-46 That?s My NumberToots & The MaytalsMonkey Man54-46 That's My Number: Toots & The MaytalsLeslie Kong
6Broadway JungleToots & The Maytals300% Dynamite
7Bam BamToots & The MaytalsVery Best of Toots & the Maytals
8Sounds and PressureHopeton Lewis200% DynamiteSounds And Pressure: Hopeton Lewis
9Pressure DropToots & The MaytalsVery Best of Toots & the MaytalsLeslie Kong
10Mr. JoeDub Specialist17 Dub Shots from Studio One
11BombshellCrystalitesWild BunchJohn Jones: Rudy Mills / Bom
12Reggae Got SoulToots & The MaytalsVery Best of Toots & the Maytals
13We Need LoveJohnny Osbourne100% DynamiteI'll Be Around: Spinners / Otis GayleCoxsone Dodd
14Here I Am BabyAl Brown300% DynamiteHere I Am Baby: Al Brown
15Correction TrainCarey JohnsonCollectors EditionBrimstone & Fire: Clifton Gibbs & The Selected FewCoxsone Dodd
16Undying LoveErnest WilsonStudio One Showcase Vol. 1Undying Love: Ernest WilsonCoxsone Dodd
17Black OrganJackie MittooTribute to Jackie MittooIs It Because Im Black: Syl Johnson / Ken BootheCoxsone Dodd
18Together DubDub Specialist17 Dub Shots from Studio One
19Fireball RockJackie MittooTribute to Jackie MittooThere's A Fire: Freedom SingersCoxsone Dodd
20PhantomDynamitesWild BunchPhantom: DynamitesClancy Eccles
21Johnny ManDub Specialist17 Dub Shots from Studio OneMr Jolly Man: Horace AndyCoxsone Dodd
22Ghetto OrganJackie MittooTribute to Jackie MittooYou Don't Love Me: Dawn PennCoxsone Dodd
23Got My BungalooJackie MittooTribute to Jackie Mittoo
24Cheerio BabyEric DonaldsonTougher Than ToughCherry Oh Baby: Eric Donalds
25CheerioUpsettersWild BunchThese Eyes: Guess WhoLee Perry
26Gold StreakJackie MittooTribute to Jackie MittooBorn To Be Loved: FlamesCoxsone Dodd
27Ill Give It to YouTonettesStudio One Showcase Vol. 1
28Old Man DubDub Specialist17 Dub Shots from Studio One
29It May Sound SillyGladstone AndersonWild BunchIt May Sound Silly: John Holt
30It May Sound SillyJohn HoltHarry Mudie & FreindsIt May Sound Silly: John HoltHarry Mudie
31Well BredPeter ToshScientific
32Stereo FreezeJackie Mittoo100% DynamiteCoxsone Dodd
33Jackies ThemeJackie Mittoo300% Dynamite
34Hi LifeGranville Williams Orchestra400% Dynamite
35We Are in the MoodRoyalsTreasure ChestWe Are In The Mood: RoyalsDuke Reid
36Those GuysSenor PabloTreasure Chest
37Come on Little GirlMelodiansTreasure ChestCome On Little Girl: MelodiansDuke Reid & Sonia Pottinger
38Come On Little GirlU RoyOriginal DJ
39You Have Caught MeMelodiansTreasure ChestYou Have Caught Me: The MelodiansDuke Reid & Sonia Pottinger
40You Have Caught MePam HallDancehall Queens
41Rock SteadyPhyllis DillonTreasure ChestRock Steady: Phyllis DillonDuke Reid
42How I Wish It Would RainTechniquesTreasure ChestI Wish It Would Rain: Temptations / TechniquesDuke Reid
43Soul StyleDuke Reid GroupTreasure ChestDuke Reid
44Love is a TreasureFreddie MckayTreasure ChestLove Is A Treasure: Freddie MckayDuke Reid
45Dub It EasyDub Specialist17 Dub Shots from Studio One
46Ranglin on Bond StreetErnest & The Sound DimensionTreasure Chest
47Cant Stand ItA RobinsonTreasure Chest
48You Done Me WrongTyrone & BruceTreasure ChestYou Done Me Wrong: Tyrone Evans & The SlickersDuke Reid
49I Love YouHeptonesStudio One Showcase Vol. 1I Love You: HeptonesCoxsone Dodd
50Traveling ManTechniquesTreasure ChestTravelling Man: TechniquesDuke Reid
51Right TrackOwen Gray & The Sound CraftmanTreasure ChestRight Track: Phyllis Dillon & Hopeton LewisDuke Reid
52Hey LeroyHoney Boy MartinTreasure ChestDuke Reid
53Coconut WomanLloyd Price300% Dynamite
54Cant Find DubDub Specialist17 Dub Shots from Studio OneJust Can't Find Love: Cornell CampbellCoxsone Dodd
55Soul FoodSound DimensionWild Bunch
56Love Of A DubDub Specialist17 Dub Shots from Studio OneLove Of A Woman: Horace AndyCoxsone Dodd
57The SniperAggrovatorsWild BunchLet Me Tell You Boy: Ebony S
58FreedomDub Specialist17 Dub Shots from Studio OneFreedom Blues: Roy Richards / MPLACoxsone Dodd