September 22, 2000:

1People Get ReadyBurning SpearMan in the HillsGet Ready: Burning SpearJack Ruby
2Youth ManCongosCongo Ashanti
3Navel StringDennis WalksMighty TwoNavel String: Dennis WalksJoe Gibbs
4It Is GoodBurning SpearMan in the Hills
5Eli EliGladiatorsDreadlocks the Time is NowEli Eli: GladiatorsTony Robinson
6False RulerEarth & StoneKool Roots
7Dub RulerEarth & StoneKool Roots
8Burn BabylonSylford WalkerMighty TwoBurn Babylon: Sylford WalkerJoe Gibbs
9Freedom JamCulture15 Dub ShotsFree Again: CultureSonia Pottinger
10ChildrenBurning SpearMan in the HillsChildren: Burning SpearJack Ruby
11Things Not So NiceRonald & KarlMighty TwoThings Not So Nice: Ronald & KarlJoe Gibbs
12Never Get BurnTwinkle BrothersNatty Rebel RootsNever Get Burn: Twinkle Brothers
13Heart and SoulJunior BylesMighty TwoHeart And Soul: Junior BylesJoe Gibbs
14Praise JahTwinkle BrothersNatty Rebel RootsPraise Jah: Twinkle BrothersNorman Grant
15A Win ThemLeo GrahamMighty TwoA Win Them: Leo GrahamJoe Gibbs
16MotherBurning SpearMan in the HillsMother: Burning SpearJack Ruby
17Ghetto LivingMighty DiamondsMighty TwoGhetto Living: Mighty DiamondsJoe Gibbs
18AfricaMighty DiamondsGo Seek Your RightsAfrica: Mighty DiamondsKarl Pitterson & Joseph Hoo Kim
19Free AfricaTwinkle BrothersNatty Rebel Roots
20Shame and PrideMighty DiamondsGo Seek Your RightsBreaking Up Is Hard To Do: Alton Ellis / Shame and Pride: Leroy Smart / Mighty DiamondsKarl Pitterson & Joseph Hoo Kim
21Slavery Let I GoDr Pablo & the Cry Tuff All StarsNatty Rebel RootsPraise Jah: Twinkle Brothers
22Dont Let Them Fool YouEarth & StoneKool Roots
23Jester NotEarth & StoneKool Roots
24Glory DawnRas Michael & Jazzboe AbubakaRastafari
25Since I Threw the Comb AwayTwinkle BrothersNatty Rebel RootsSince I Threw The Comb Away: Twinkle Brothers
26Gnashing of TeethMighty DiamondsGo Seek Your RightsGnashing Of Teeth: Mighty DiamondsKarl Pitterson & Joseph Hoo Kim
27Tune InGregory Isaac's All StarsNatty Rebel RootsJah Kingdom Come: Twinkle Brothers
28Hit the Road JackBig YouthHit the Road JackHit The Road Jack: Big Youth
29Hit the Road Jack VersionBig YouthHit the Road JackI Love The Way You Love: Little Beaver
30Read A ChapterPrince Far IJamaican HeroesRead A Chapter: Prince Far IPrince Far I
31Low GravityPrince Far ICry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter Three
32When the King Comes on EarthPrince Far IHealth & StrengthJah Will Provide: Prince Far I / Mansion of InventionPrince Far I
33Mansion Of InventionPrince Far ICry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter Three
34Jah Will ProvidePrince Far IJamaican HeroesJah Will Provide: Prince Far I / Mansion of InventionPrince Far I
35Famine In AfricaPrince Far ICry Freedom Dub
36Survival (version)Prince Far IUmkhonto We Sizwe
37Ethnic CleansingPrince Far ICry Freedom Dub
38Ask Ask (version)Prince Far IUmkhonto We Sizwe
39Free Jah Jah ChildrenPrince Far ICry Freedom Dub
40Special Request (version)Prince Far IUmkhonto We Sizwe
41Dub Inside OutHarry Mudie & King TubbyDub Conference Vol. 2Heart Don't Leap: Dennis WalksHarry Mudie
42Simeon TraditionAugustus PabloMeets King Tubby inna Fire HouseHumble Yourself: Asher & TrimbleAugustus Pablo
43Dont Stay AwayHugh MundellBlackmans FoundationDon't Stay Away Too Long: Hugh MundellAugustus Pablo
44Dread EyeAugustus PabloThis Is?~Clive Chin
45At the End of DubAugustus PabloRoots VibesA House Is Not A Home: Soul Vendors
46Arabian RockAugustus PabloThis Is?
47Best Dub InventorAugustus PabloRoots Vibes
48Skateland RockAugustus PabloThis Is?Clive Chin
49Roots Vibe DubAugustus PabloRoots Vibes
50Lovers MoodAugustus PabloThis Is?Problems: Horace AndyClive Chin
51Last of the JesteringImpact All StarsForward the BassNo Jestering: Carl MalcolmClive Chin
52Rock Steady DubAugustus PabloRoots Vibes
53Oh Jah DubImpact All StarsForward the BassOh Jah Come: Ta TeashaClive Chin
54Supercharge DubAugustus PabloRoots Vibes
55Verdict in DubImpact All StarsForward the BassJudgement Come: Carl MalcolmClive Chin
56Roots Vibe DubAugustus PabloRoots Vibes
57Sky RideMorwell EsquireDub Me
58Melody in DubHarry Mudie & King TubbyDub Conference Vol. 2Harry Mudie
59Bald HeadMorwell EsquireDub Me
60Jungle Walk DubHarry Mudie & King TubbyDub Conference Vol. 2Short Fat Fanny: Dennis WalksHarry Mudie
61Morwells StarMorwell EsquireDub Me
62Maka Back DubHarry Mudie & King TubbyDub Conference Vol. 2