August 11, 2000: Lee "Scratch" Perry & the Upsetters

1Ark of the CovenantCongosHeart of the CongosArk Of The Covenant: CongosLee Perry
2Noah Sugar PanUpsettersUpsetter in Dub
3Weeping & WailingPrince JazzboItal Corner~Garden of LifeLee Perry
4Garden of LifeUpsettersOpen the Gate
5FeverJunior BylesBeat Down BabylonFever: Junior BylesLee Perry
6Fever Grass DubUpsettersScratch AttackFever: Junior BylesLee Perry
7In This IwaLee Perry & The UpsettersSounds from the Hotline
8Hay FeverJah LionColumbia Colly
9Party Time (Pt. 2)Lee Perry & The UpsettersArkology
10Party TimeHeptonesParty TimeParty Time: HeptonesPhil Pratt
11Theme from Hong KongLee Perry & The UpsettersKung Fu Meets the Dragon
12Ethiopia LandPeter & Paul LewisBuild the Ark
13Dub LandUpsettersRastafari Liveth ItinuallyEthiopian Land: Peter & Paul LewisLee Perry
14No PeaceMeditationsArkologyNo Peace: MeditationsLee Perry
15No Peace DubLee Perry & The UpsettersArkology
16Dread Ina JamdongJah LionColumbia Colly
17PeaceChenley DuffusWords of My Mouth Chapter 2
18Peace VersionUpsettersWords of My Mouth Chapter 2Peace: Chenley Duffus & The Soul AvengersLee Perry
19No PeaceMax RomeoOpen the Iron Gate
20The Wrong Thing (alt)CongosBlood and Fire 2
21Heart of the DragonLee Perry & The UpsettersKung Fu Meets the Dragon
22King of BabylonJunior BylesBeat Down BabylonKing Of Babylon: Junior BylesLee Perry
23NebuchadnezzarUpsettersWords of My Mouth Chapter 2
24Stand UpEric DonaldsonBlack ArkivesStand Up: Eric DonaldsonLee Perry
25Pharaoh HidingJunior BylesBeat Down BabylonPharaoh Hiding: Junior BylesLee Perry
26Hail to PowerUpsettersBeat Down BabylonPharaoh Hiding: Junior BylesLee Perry
27Sodom and GomorrowCongosHeart of the CongosSodom And Gomorrow: CongosLee Perry
28Black LionJah LionColumbia Colly
29African StyleBlack NotesVoodooismAfrican Style: Black NotesLee Perry
30African Style VersionUpsettersVoodooismAfrican Style: Black NotesLee Perry
31Weak Heart A Go Feel ItUpsettersReturn of Super ApeWeak Heart A Go Feel It: Shaumark & RobinsonLee Perry
32Iron FistLee Perry & The UpsettersKung Fu Meets the DragonIron Fist: UpsettersLee Perry
33NicodemusCongosHeart of the CongosNicodemus: CongosLee Perry
34AfricaHombresVoodooismAfrica: HombresLee Perry
35Foundation DubUpsettersVoodooismAfrica: HombresLee Perry
36Nuh Fe Run It DownLee PerryLarks from the Ark
37Children CryingCongosHeart of the CongosChildren Crying: CongosLee Perry
38Wolf Out DehLloyd & DevonVoodooismWolf Out Deh: Lloyd & DevonLee Perry
39Shepherd RodUpsettersVoodooismWolf Out Deh: Lloyd & DevonLee Perry
40African FreedomBrother HoodLarks from the ArkIndian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian): The RaidersLee Perry
41Psalms 20James BoomsVoodooismPsalms 20: James BoomsLee Perry
42Proverbs of DubUpsettersVoodooismPsalms 20: James BoomsLee Perry
43The LionUpsettersReturn of Super ApeThe Lion: UpsettersLee Perry
44VoodooismLeo GrahamVoodooismVoodooism: Leo GrahamLee Perry
45DubismUpsettersVoodooismVoodooism: Leo GrahamLee Perry
46Django Shoots FirstUpsettersUpsetters CollectionDjango Shoots FirstLee Perry
47Hold Them Kung FuLee Perry & The UpsettersKung Fu Meets the Dragon
48Noah DubUpsettersBuild the Ark
49Public Enemy Number OneMax RomeoGive Me PowerPublic Enemy Number One: Max RomeoLee Perry
50Caught You Red HandedEric Donaldson & The KeystonesUpsetters Shop 2
51Crying Over YouHeptonesParty TimeI Am Lonely: HeptonesLee Perry
52Nyambie DubUpsettersBuild the Ark
53SkangoLee Perry & The UpsettersKung Fu Meets the Dragon