June 16, 2000:

1Blackboard Jungle DubUpsettersScratch AttackBlackboard Jungle: UpsettersLee Perry
2Bucky SkankLee PerryUpsetters CollectionBlackboard Jungle: UpsettersLee Perry
3Blackboard Jungle Dub (ver. 2)UpsettersScratch AttackBlackboard Jungle: UpsettersLee Perry
4CongomanCongosArkologyCongoman: CongosLee Perry
5Congoman ChantCongosHeart of the CongosCongoman: CongosLee Perry
6VampireDevon IronsOpen the GateVampire: Devon IronsLee Perry
7Vampire (Horns)UpsettersBlack ArkivesVampire: Devon IronsLee Perry
8VampireDr Pablo & the Cry Tuff All StarsOpen the GateVampire: Devon Irons
9VampireDevon IronsArkologyVampire: Devon IronsLee Perry
10Ketch A DubUpsettersUpsetter in DubVampire: Devon Irons
11Da Ba DeyUpsettersWords of my MouthDa Ba Day: Upsetters
12Kiss Me NeckUpsettersSome of the BestDa Ba Day: UpsettersLee Perry
13Freak Out SkankUpsettersUpsetters CollectionLove And Happiness: Al GreenLee Perry
14Tighten UpInspirationsUpsetters Shop 2Tighten Up: InspirationsLee Perry
15Cane River RockDillingerBlack ArkivesTighten Up: InspirationsLee Perry
16Tighten UpInspirationsScratch AttackTighten Up: InspirationsLee Perry
17Rejoice in Jah ChildrenSilvertonesWords of my MouthRejoice In Jah Jah Children: Silvertones
18Columbia CollyJah LionColumbia CollyRejoice In Jah Jah Children: Silvertones
19Rejoice In SkankUpsettersUpsetter in DubRejoice In Jah Jah Children: SilvertonesLee Perry
20Better DaysCarlos Malcolm & His Afro-Jamaican RhythmsUpsetters CollectionBetter Days: Carlton & His ShoesLee Perry
21Mideast RockDillingerGive Me Power
22Rootically DubUpsettersUpsetter in Dub
23Roots TrainDillinger & Winston RileyArkology
24Version TrainUpsettersUpsetter in Dub
25Rasta No PickpocketJunior BylesGive Me PowerRasta No Pickpocket: Junior BylesLee Perry
26Rasta TrainRaphael Green & Dr AlimantadoArkology
27Ive Got a FeelingJunior BylesBeat Down Babylon
28Uptown Babies Dont CryMax RomeoWar Inna Babylon
29Serious TimeHeptonesParty TimeSufferer's Time: HeptonesLee Perry
30Flames of the DragonLee Perry & The UpsettersKung Fu Meets the Dragon
31UndergroundLee Perry & The UpsettersSuper Ape
32Scorching IronLee Perry & The UpsettersKung Fu Meets the Dragon
33Curly DubLee Perry & The UpsettersSuper Ape
34Black Belt JonesLee Perry & The UpsettersKung Fu Meets the Dragon
35Soul FireLee Perry & The UpsettersArkologySoul Fire: Lee PerryLee Perry
36Rastaman PrayerMeditationsMessage from the MeditationsRastaman Prayer: MeditationsDobby Dobson
37FreedomEarl SixteenLarks from the ArkFreedom: Earl SixteenLee Perry
38Freedom DubUpsettersMegawatt DubFreedom: Earl SixteenLee Perry
39Conscious ManJolly BrothersLarks from the ArkConscious Man: Jolly BrothersLee Perry
40I Shall Be ReleasedHeptonesParty TimeI Shall Be Released: Heptones / UniquesLee Perry
41Many Are CalledUnforgettablesWords of my MouthMany A Call: UnforgettablesLee Perry
42Brotherly LoveJolly BrothersLarks from the ArkBrotherly Love: Jolly BrothersLee Perry
43Brotherly DubLee Perry & The UpsettersGlory DubBrotherly Love: Jolly Brothers
44First Class DubKing TubbyKing of Dub
45TediousJunior MurvinArkologyTedious: Junior MurvinLee Perry
46Tedious DubUpsettersUpsetter in DubTedious: Junior MurvinLee Perry
47Curly LocksJunior BylesWords of my MouthCurly Locks: Junior BylesLee Perry
48Curley DubUpsettersScratch AttackCurly Locks: Junior BylesLee Perry
49Dreader LocksLee & JimmyWords of my MouthCurly Locks: Junior BylesLee Perry
50House of DreadlocksBig YouthDreadlocks DreadCurly Locks: Junior Byles
51Tangle LocksGroove MasterDub ExplosionCurly Locks: Junior Byles
52Bushweed CorntrashRicky & BunnyScratch AttackBushweed Corntrash: Bunny & Ricky
53Callying ButtUpsettersWords of my MouthBushweed Corntrash: Bunny & RickyLee Perry
54Rockstone DubLee Perry & The UpsettersKung Fu Meets the Dragon23rd Psalm: Juks Dread & Big YouthLee Perry
5523rd PsalmBig Youth & Augustus PabloRastafari Liveth Itinually23rd Psalm: Juks Dread & Big Youth
56Kung Fu ManLee Perry & The UpsettersKung Fu Meets the DragonKung Fu Man: Linval ThompsonLee Perry
57Fu Man VersionUpsettersSome of the BestKung Fu Man: Linval Thompson
58Water PumpLeo GrahamNews FlashWater Pump: Lee PerryLee Perry
59Setta Iration DubUpsettersScratch AttackWater Pump: Lee PerryLee Perry
60Water Pump VersionLee Perry & The UpsettersNews FlashWater Pump: Lee PerryLee Perry
61BagmanUpsettersUpsetter in DubDa Da: Junior BylesLee Perry
62Da DaJunior BylesSome of the BestDa Da: Junior BylesLee Perry
63A Matter of TimeJunior BylesBeat Down BabylonFun And Games: Junior BylesLee Perry
64Fun & GamesUpsettersUpsetter in DubFun And Games: Junior BylesLee Perry
65Shining DubUpsettersRastafari Liveth ItinuallyRise & Shine: Watty & TonyLee Perry
66Warning WarningMax RomeoOpen the Iron Gate
67Woman is Like a ShadowMeditationsMessage from the MeditationsWoman Is Like A Shadow: MeditationsJoseph Hoo Kim
68Lorna SkankUpsettersUpsetter in Dub