June 2, 2000:

1400 YearsCount Ossie & The Mystical Revelation of RastafariGrounation400 Years: Wailers Peter Tosh
2400 YearsWailersThe Toughest400 Years: Wailers Peter ToshPeter Tosh
3My SympathyWailersSoul Rebels400 Years: Wailers Peter Tosh
4400 YearsWailersCatch A Fire400 Years: Wailers Peter ToshPeter Tosh
5Equal RightsPeter ToshEqual RightsEqual Rights: Peter Tosh
6Treat Me GoodPeter ToshThe Toughest
7Stepping RazorPeter ToshEqual Rights
8Pick Myself Up (Acoustic)Peter ToshAlmost in the 21st Century
9Pick Myself UpPeter ToshBush Doctor
10I Am that I AmPeter ToshEqual Rights
11Wanted Dread & AlivePeter ToshWanted Dread & Alive
12Let Freedom ReignCount Ossie & The Mystical Revelation of RastafariTales of MozambiqueCount Ossie
13Cant You SeeWailersOne LoveCan't You See: Wailers
14Cant You See (alt)WailersBest of the WailersCan't You See: Wailers
15Dont Look BackPeter ToshThe Toughest
16Dont Look BackPeter ToshBush Doctor
17Johnny B. GoodePeter ToshMama AfricaChuck Berry
18Cold BloodPeter ToshWanted Dread & Alive
19Feel No WayPeter ToshMama AfricaPeter Tosh
20Bush DoctorPeter ToshBush Doctor
21Ketchy ShubyPeter ToshLegalize ItPeter Tosh
22Shuby DubPeter Tosh?
23This DayRicoMan from Wareika
24Buck In Ham PalacePeter ToshMystic Man
25Reggaes On BroadwayBob Marley & The WailersChances Are
26Dance Do the ReggaeWailersSatisfy My Soul Jah JahDance Do The Reggae: Wailers
27I KnowBob Marley & The WailersConfrontationI Know: Bob Marley & The WailersBob Marley
28Oh Lord, Got to Get ThereWailersSatisfy My Soul Jah JahOh Lord, Got To Get There: Wailers
29AcousticBob Marley & The WailersSongs of Freedom
30Comma CommaWailersRare WailersComma Comma: Wailers
31Comma CommaWailersKeep on SkankingComma Comma: Wailers
32Bend Down LowWailersOne LoveBend Down Low: WailersBob Marley
33Bend Down Low (alt)WailersRock to the RockBend Down Low: Wailers
34Bend Down LowWailersTalkin BluesBend Down Low: WailersBob Marley
35There She GoesWailersOne LoveThere She Goes: Wailers
36There She GoesWailersRock to the RockThere She Goes: Wailers
37Sugar SugarWailersBest of the WailersSugar Sugar: Wailers
38Talk Too MuchBob Marley & The WailersRare Wailers
39LumumbaRicoMan from Wareika
40Bus Dem ShutWailersSongs of FreedomBus Dem Shut : Wailers
41Jumbie JamboreePeter ToshThe Toughest
42My GirlBlues BustersBust It
43Shame and ScandalPeter ToshThe ToughestShame And Scandal: Peter Tosh
44Shame and ScandalBlues BustersBust ItShame And Scandal: Peter Tosh
45Hoot Nanny HootPeter ToshThe ToughestHoot Nanny Hoot: Peter Tosh
46Arte BellaKen Boothe & Stranger ColeSka OneArte Bella: Ken Boothe & Stranger ColeCoxsone Dodd
47Man in the StreetDon DrummondSka TwoMan In The Street: Don DrummondCoxsone Dodd
48Nimble Foot SkaSkatalitesSka One
49ThunderballTommy Mccook & His BandSka Two
50Black SundaySkatalitesSka One
51CountrytownBaba Brooks BandSka Two
52Old Fowl SkaRoland AlphonsoSka OneCoxsone Dodd
53Pressure DropToots & The MaytalsMonkey ManLeslie Kong
54Oceans 11Cecil Lloyd & Roland AlphonsoSka One
5554-46 Thats My NumberToots & The MaytalsMonkey Man
56Don CosmicDon Drummond & His GroupSka OneCoxsone Dodd
57Rain From the SkiesDelroy WilsonGreatest HitsRain From the Skies: Slim Smith / Delroy Wilson / John Holt / Dennis BrownCoxsone Dodd
58Mad WorldBaba Brooks BandSka One
59Cool OperatorDelroy WilsonGreatest HitsBunny 'Striker' Lee
60Storm WarningLyn Taitt & The Baba Brooks BandSka One
61I Dont KnowBlues BustersBust It
62Watermelon ManBaba Brooks BandEngine 54
63ChubbyBunny & ScullyBust It
64Cheerio BabyEric DonaldsonOpen the Gate
65Cheerio VersionUpsettersOpen the Gate
66Run For CoverLee Perry & The UpsettersNews Flash
67Run For Cover VersionLee Perry & The UpsettersNews Flash
68Set Them FreeLee Perry & The UpsettersNews Flash
69Set Me FreeDave BarkerNews FlashSet Me Free: Dave BarkerLee Perry
70Shocks of MightyDave BarkerSome of the BestSet Me Free: Dave BarkerLee Perry
71You FunnyLee Perry & The UpsettersNews Flash
72You FunnyLee Perry & The UpsettersNews Flash
73Something You GotLee Perry & The UpsettersNews Flash
74Something You Got VersionLee Perry & The UpsettersNews Flash
75The Night DoctorLee Perry & The UpsettersNews FlashThe Night Doctor: Lee Perry & The UpsettersLee Perry
76Dig Your GraveLee Perry & The UpsettersGive Me Power
77Live InjectionUpsettersSome of the BestBadam Bam: RaversLee Perry
78Iron ClawLee Perry & The UpsettersNews FlashIron Claw: UpsettersLee Perry
79Cold SweatUpsettersUpsetters CollectionCold Sweat: UpsettersLee Perry