May 5, 2000:

1Hallelejah TimeWailersBurnin
2Roots Rock ReggaeBob Marley & The WailersRastaman Vibration
3Smile Out A StyleMax RomeoWar Inna BabylonSmile Out A Style: Max RomeoLee Perry
4Dread Inna JamdownJah LionColumbia Colly
5Down Here in BabylonBrent DoweBlack ArkivesDown Here In Babylon: Brent DoweLee Perry
6If the Cap FitsUpsettersUpsetter in DubDown Here In Babylon: Brent DoweLee Perry
7Ive Never Had it So GoodBunny Rugs ScottLarks from the ArkI've Never Had It So Good: Bunny Rugs ScottLee Perry
8I Dont Want to Be LatePrince AllaOnly Love Can Conquer
9Go Seek Your RightsMighty DiamondsGo Seek Your RightsGo Seek Your Rights: Mighty DiamondsKarl Pitterson & Joseph Hoo Kim
10Sudden AttackRevolutionariesRevolutionariesSudden Attack: RevolutionariesJoseph Hoo Kim
11?RevolutionariesVital Dub Strictly Rockers
12Right In a ItRevolutionariesRevolutionaries
13?RevolutionariesVital Dub Strictly Rockers
14Watch What is Going OnU BrownBunny Lee meets KT & AggFor What It's Worth: Staple Singers / Watch This Sound: Slim Smith & The UniquesBunny 'Striker' Lee
15Super StarKing TubbyKing of Dub
16Tangle LocksGroove MasterDub ExplosionCurly Locks: Junior Byles
17Ghetto VersionKing TubbyKing Tubbys Controls
18Wood & StonePrince JazzboBunny Lee meets KT & AggBunny 'Striker' Lee
19Graceful DubKing TubbyKing of Dub
20Dont Get WearyI RoyDont Check Me With No Lightweight Stuff
21Fancy Up A DubKing TubbyKing of Dub
22Right Road to DublandJahlightsDub ExplosionRight Road To Zion: Jahlights
23DRude DubberKing TubbyKing Tubbys Controls
24Dub You Can FeelKing TubbyRoots of DubA Love I Can Feel: John Holt / If You Should Lose Me: Johnny Clarke / Temptations?Bunny 'Striker' Lee
25Version of ClassKing TubbyDub Gone 2 Crazy
26Satta LandfordU BrownBunny Lee meets KT & Agg
27African DubSilvertonesDub ExplosionRejoice In Jah Jah Children: Silvertones
28Mr. Benwood DickI RoyBunny Lee meets KT & AggGirl I Love You: Johnny ClarkeBunny 'Striker' Lee
29Immortal DubKing TubbyRoots of Dub
30Marias Head DubKing TubbyKing Tubbys Controls
31Peace and Love in the DubKing TubbyDub Gone CrazyPeace And Love In The Ghetto: Johnny Clarke / Clean Up The Arena: Jackie Mittoo / ~Drum Song
32Breaking Up DubwiseKing TubbyDub Gone 2 Crazy
33Hold This DubKing TubbyRockers Almighty Dub
34Bless I DubKing TubbyKing Tubbys Controls
35Pain VersionKing TubbyCreation Dub
36Channel Is A JokerKing TubbyDub Gone 2 Crazy
37Dreadlocks DubKing TubbyRoots of Dub
38Behold VersionKing TubbyCreation DubBehold: Blues BustersBunny 'Striker' Lee
39Youthman In The GhettoPrince AllaOnly Love Can Conquer
40Yo YoCongosCongo Ashanti
41Shooters DubKing Tubby & Santic All StarsBlood and Fire 2
42The VampireUpsettersUpsetters CollectionThe Vampire: UpsettersLee Perry
43Something You GotLee Perry & The UpsettersNews Flash
44Something You Got VersionLee Perry & The UpsettersNews Flash
45French ConnectionUpsettersUpsetters CollectionFrench Connection: UpsettersLee Perry
46GeeAl & the VibratorsUpsetters Shop 2Gee: Al & The VibratorsLee Perry
47Tender LoveInspirationsUpsetters Shop 2Gee: Al & The VibratorsLee Perry
48Some SympathyDave BarkerUpsetters Shop 2Gee: Al & The VibratorsLee Perry
49Dub OrganizerAugustus PabloThis Is?Cloak and Dagger: UpsettersClive Chin
50Scratch the Dub OrganizerUpsettersScratch Attack
51Too LateAugustus PabloThis Is?Too Late To Turn Back Now: Eddie Cornelius / Alton EllisClive Chin
52My MindHugh MundellAfrica Must Be Free by 1983My Mind: Hugh MundellAugustus Pablo
53My Mind DubAugustus PabloAfrica Must Be Free by 1983My Mind: Hugh MundellAugustus Pablo
54Book of LifeHugh MundellAfrica Must Be Free by 1983Book Of Life: Hugh MundellAugustus Pablo
55Book of LifeAugustus PabloAfrica Must Be Free by 1983
56Jah DreadAugustus PabloOriginal Rockers Vol. 1Stop Them Jah: Hugh MundellAugustus Pablo
57Jah RockAugustus PabloThis Is?Clive Chin
58Ordinary Version Chapter ThreeImpact All StarsForward the BassOrdinary Man: Lloyd ParksClive Chin
59Assignment No. 1Augustus PabloThis Is?Ordinary Man: Lloyd ParksClive Chin
60Extraordinary VersionImpact All StarsForward the BassOrdinary Man: Lloyd ParksClive Chin
61Guiding RedAugustus PabloThis Is?My Guiding Star: HeptonesClive Chin
62Dubwise StationImpact All StarsForward the Bass
63Pretty BabyAugustus PabloThis Is?Clive Chin
64African RockAugustus PabloRed SeaHerman Chin Loy