January 28, 2000:

52Get Up Stand UpBob Marley & The WailersLive at Lyceum
53Get Up Stand UpPeter ToshEqual Rights
54Satan?s SideKeith HudsonStudio Kinda Cloudy
55Stand FirmPeter ToshBush Doctor
56SurviveIsrael VibrationUnconquered PeopleSurvive: Israel VibrationTommy Cowan
57Survival DubIsrael VibrationIsrael DubSurvive: Israel VibrationTommy Cowan
58Trod OnJah ThomasProduction Something
1Old Marcus Garvey (Live)Burning Spear
2The GhostBurning Spear100th AnniversaryMarcus Garvey: Burning SpearJack Ruby
3Marcus GarveyBurning SpearReggae GreatsMarcus Garvey: Burning SpearJack Ruby
4Marcus Garvey DreadBig YouthDreadlocks DreadMarcus Garvey: Burning SpearTony Robinson
5Marcus GarveyAugustus PabloThrillerMarcus Garvey: Burning SpearEnos Mccleod
6Garvey (ext.)CultureProduction Something
7Follow Marcus GarveyBurning SpearHail H.I.M.Follow Marcus Garvey : Burning SpearAston Barrett & Winston Rodney
8Marcus DubBurning SpearLiving Dub Volume TwoFollow Marcus Garvey : Burning SpearWinston Rodney
9Them Never Love Poor MarcusMighty DiamondsGo Seek Your RightsThem Never Love Poor Marcus: Mighty DiamondsKarl Pitterson & Joseph Hoo Kim
10MusiyaBurning SpearLiving Dub Volume OneMister Garvey: Burning SpearWinston Rodney
11Mister GarveyBurning SpearSocial LivingMister Garvey: Burning SpearWinston Rodney & Karl Pitterson
12Sams IntroCount Ossie & The Mystical Revelation of RastafariTales of Mozambique
13RastamanBunny WailerBlackheart ManBunny O'Riley
14Rasta DubBunny WailerDubdsco
15Reincarted SoulsBunny WailerBlackheart Man
16Reason TimeAbyssiniansSatta AmassaganaReason Time: AbyssiniansThe Abyssinians & Clive Hunt
17Reasonable DubAbyssiniansDeclaration of DubReason Time: Abyssinians
18GrounationCedric Brooks & the Mystical Revelation of RastafariOne TruthGrounation: Cedric Brooks & the Mystical Revelation of Rastafari
19Bide UpBunny WailerBlackheart ManBunny O'Riley
20Hail H.I.M.Burning SpearHail H.I.M.Hail HIM: Burning SpearAston Barrett & Winston Rodney
21Majestic DubBurning SpearLiving Dub Volume TwoHail HIM: Burning SpearWinston Rodney
22Dub and PraiseUpsettersBuild the Ark
23Stop The TrainWailersBest of the WailersStop That Train: Wailers
24Stop That TrainWailersCatch A FireStop That Train: WailersPeter Tosh
25Stop That TrainPeter ToshMama AfricaStop That Train: WailersPeter Tosh
26This Train (acoustic)WailersSongs of Freedom
27This TrainWailersOne Love
28This TrainWailersSelassie is the Chapel
29This TrainBunny WailerBlackheart ManBunny O'Riley
30Rockfort RockCedric Brooks & the Mystical Revelation of RastafariOne TruthRockfort Rock: Sound Dimension
31Mr. BrownRas Michael & Jazzboe AbubakaRastafari
32LionBurning SpearReggae GreatsLion: Burning SpearJack Ruby
33Who Feels It Knows ItWailersOne LoveWho Feels It Knows It: Wailers
34The SunBurning SpearHarder Than the BestCall On You: Burning SpearWinston Rodney
35Reggae On The River LiveIsrael Vibration
36Dubbin on the RioIsrael VibrationDub Vibration
37Looks is DeceivingGladiatorsDreadlocks the Time is NowTalawah: GladiatorsTony Robinson
38Dog A Nyam DogCultureProduction Something
39Maga DogPeter ToshThe ToughestMaga Dog: Peter ToshPeter Tosh
40Skanky DogWinston ScotlandRoots of a LegendMaga Dog: Peter Tosh
41Maga DogPeter ToshMighty TwoMaga Dog: Peter ToshPeter Tosh
42Boney DogNow GenerationRoots of a LegendMaga Dog: Peter Tosh
43Maga DogPeter ToshMaga Dog: Peter ToshPeter Tosh
44Pyaka (alt.)CultureProduction Something
45Wicked BabylonCount Ossie & The Mystical Revelation of RastafariTales of MozambiqueCount Ossie
46Get A Beaten1st 2nd and 3rd Generation UpsettersRoots of a LegendDem A Fi Get A Beatin': Peter Tosh
47Dem Ha Fe Get A BeatenPeter ToshBush DoctorDem A Fi Get A Beatin': Peter Tosh
48Sinner ManWailersThe ToughestSinner Man: Wailers
49Downpressor (version)WailersMore AxeSinner Man: Peter Tosh
50DownpressorPeter ToshThe ToughestSinner Man: Peter Tosh
51Downpressor ManPeter ToshEqual RightsSinner Man: Peter Tosh