December 3, 1999:

1Feel AlrightWailersSelassie is the Chapel
2Time Will TellBob Marley & The WailersKayaTime Will Tell: Bob MarleyBob Marley
3Time Will Tell (alt)Bob Marley & The WailersCountrymanTime Will Tell: Bob Marley
4Time Will Tell (reh)Bob Marley & The Wailers78 KayaTime Will Tell: Bob Marley
5Time Will TellJohnny ClarkeDreader DreadTime Will Tell: Bob MarleyBunny Lee
6Drums of AfricaKing TubbyDub Gone 2 CrazyTime Will Tell: Bob Marley
7We an Dem (acoustic)Bob Marley
8We an DemBob Marley & The WailersUprising
9Put It OnWailersSongs of FreedomPut It On: WailersCoxsone Dodd
10Put It On (alt)WailersRock to the RockPut It On: Wailers
11Dub It OnWailersSoul RevolutionPut It On: Wailers
12Souls AlmightyWailersNice TimeSoul Almighty: Wailers
13Souls Almighty DubWailersRecord Shop 1Soul Almighty: Wailers
14Shocks Almighty (Pt. 2)WailersRoots of a LegendSoul Almighty: Wailers
15Hey Happy PeopleWailersNice TimeSoul Almighty: Wailers
16RhythmWailersSelassie is the ChapelRhythm: Wailers
17SkylarkingHorace AndyPrime of Horace AndySkylarking: Horace AndyCoxsone Dodd
18A Better VersionKing TubbyKing Tubbys SpecialSkylarking: Horace Andy
19Rude WalkingLee Perry & The UpsettersNews FlashThe Night Doctor: Lee Perry & The UpsettersLee Perry
20Mr. BasieHorace AndyMr. BasieMr Bassie: Horace Andy
21Mr. BasieAugustus PabloKing Davids MelodyMr Bassie: Horace Andy
22Pablo Meets Mr. BasieAugustus PabloOriginal Rockers Vol. 2Mr Bassie: Horace AndyAugustus Pablo
23Problems DubHorace AndyIn the Light DubProblems: Horace AndyEverton Da Silva & Horace Hinds
24HearsayGladiatorsDreadlocks the Time is NowHearsay: GladiatorsTony Robinson
25Sodom and GomorrowCongosHeart of the CongosSodom And Gomorrow: CongosLee Perry
26Return of the Super ApeUpsettersReturn of Super ApeReturn of the Super Ape: UpsettersLee Perry
27Cross Over DubUpsettersBuild the Ark
28Earth A Go WheelFlowers & AlvinReturn of Super ApeEarth A Go Wheel: Flying SensationLee Perry
29Belly FullGladiatorsDreadlocks the Time is Now
30Jungle FeverBob Marley & The WailersAlmost in the 21st CenturyGirl I've Got A Date: Alton EllisJoe Gibbs
31Natty Never Get Weary (live)CultureNatty Never Get Weary: Culture
32Knotty DubCulture15 Dub ShotsNatty Never Get Weary: CultureSonia Pottinger
33Mix Up (live)GladiatorsGladiators Live
34Mix UpGladiatorsDreadlocks the Time is NowTony Robinson
35Jah LightAugustus PabloRod of CorrectionJah Light: Augustus PabloAugustus Pablo
36Give Love DubRas Michael & Jazzboe AbubakaRastafari Dub
37Give LoveRas Michael & Jazzboe AbubakaRastafari
38SufferationRas Michael & Jazzboe AbubakaRastafari
39Sufferation DubRas Michael & Jazzboe AbubakaRastafari Dub
40Jah Jah DubAugustus Pablo
41Jah Will ProvideHugh MundellAfrica Must Be Free by 1983Jah Will Provide: Hugh MundellAugustus Pablo
42Bam BamToots & The MaytalsCountryman
43La La Bam-BamCongosHeart of the Congos
44Song of the EastAugustus PabloRed SeaSong Of The East: Augustus Pablo
45Jah RockHerman Chin LoyAquarius DubHerman Chin-Loy
46Light Of FirePrince Far IFree From SinLight Of Fire: Prince Far I
47Give LovePrince Far IDub To Africa
48Feast of the PassoverCongosArkologyFeast Of The Passover: CongosLee Perry
49Beam SoundDub Specialist17 Dub Shots from Studio OneIm Still In Love With You: Alton Ellis / Uptown Top Ranking: Althea & Donna
50Uptown Top RankingAlthea & DonnaNatty Rebel RootsIm Still In Love With You: Alton Ellis / Uptown Top Ranking: Althea & DonnaJoe Gibbs
51Calico SuitMighty Two45s Hidden in the BushesIm Still In Love With You: Alton Ellis / Uptown Top Ranking: Althea & DonnaJoe Gibbs
52JavaAugustus PabloEarth?s Rightful RulerJava: Augustus PabloAugustus Pablo
53JaroImpact All StarsForward the BassJava: Augustus PabloClive Chin
54Hospital TrolleyI RoyDont Check Me With No Lightweight StuffJava: Augustus Pablo
55MaroImpact All StarsForward the BassJava: Augustus PabloClive Chin
56DreamsSizzlaJava: Augustus Pablo
57Badda CardPrince Far IBlackmans LandJava: Augustus PabloPrince Far I