September 10, 1999:

1Two Sevens ClashCultureTwo Sevens ClashHeavy Rock: Sound Dimension / See Them A Come: CultureJoe Gibbs
277 VersionsMighty Two45s Hidden in the BushesHeavy Rock: Sound Dimension / See Them A Come: CultureJoe Gibbs
3Bird In HandLee Perry & The UpsettersArkologyLee Perry
4The Dragon EntersLee Perry & The UpsettersKung Fu Meets the DragonDread Lion / The Dragon EntersLee Perry
5Natty Past Through RomePrince JazzboItal CornerDread Lion / The Dragon EntersLee Perry
6Dread LionLee Perry & The UpsettersSuper ApeDread Lion / The Dragon EntersLee Perry
7Kentucky SkankUpsettersWords of my MouthBlackboard Jungle: UpsettersLee Perry
8Blackboard Jungle DubUpsettersScratch AttackBlackboard Jungle: UpsettersLee Perry
9Bucky SkankLee PerryUpsetters CollectionBlackboard Jungle: UpsettersLee Perry
10Blackboard Jungle Dub (ver. 2)UpsettersScratch AttackBlackboard Jungle: UpsettersLee Perry
11Lorna SkankUpsettersUpsetter in DubLee Perry
12Run Come RallyYabby UJesus Dread
13Hungering DubKing TubbyProphesy of Dub
14Rally Dub (Upsetter mix)King TubbyJesus Dread
15One Step ForwardMax RomeoWar Inna BabylonOne Step Forward: Max RomeoLee Perry
16Ital CornerPrince JazzboItal CornerOne Step Forward: Max RomeoLee Perry
17One Step DubLee Perry & The UpsettersArkologyLee Perry
18Red SeaAugustus PabloRed SeaHerman Chin-Loy
19Rumbo MaltHerman Chin LoyAquarius DubCloak and Dagger: UpsettersHerman Chin-Loy
20Well Find the BlessingGladiatorsNatty Rebel Roots
21Fire Inna KingstonVivian Jackson & The ProphetsJesus DreadFire In A Kingston: Vivian Jackson And The ProphetsYabby U
22FiremanKing TubbyHouse of Vocal and DubFire In A Kingston: Vivian Jackson And The ProphetsYabby U
23Fire DubKing TubbyJesus DreadFire In A Kingston: Vivian Jackson And The ProphetsYabby U
24Satta AmassaganaAbyssiniansSatta AmassaganaSatta Massagana: Abyssinians
25ThunderstormAbyssiniansDeclaration of DubSatta Massagana: Abyssinians
26MabrakAbyssiniansAriseSatta Massagana: AbyssiniansClive Hunt
27Satta AmassagannaJohnny ClarkeAuthorized VersionSatta Massagana: Abyssinians
28Special DubLee PerryDub Chill OutSatta Massagana: Abyssinians
29In the GhettoLittle JoeIf DJ Was Your TradeSatta Massagana: Abyssinians
30Satta DubKing TubbyShining DubSatta Massagana: AbyssiniansFat Man
31Addis AbabaithiopiaDillingerMarijuana in my BrainSatta Massagana: Abyssinians
32Sata Mass GanaTappa ZukieDeep RootsSatta Massagana: Abyssinians
33Pablo SattaAugustus PabloOriginal Rockers Vol. 2Satta Massagana: AbyssiniansLee Perry
34Frozen DubAugustus PabloKing Tubby meets Rockers UptownSatta Massagana: AbyssiniansLee Perry
35Prophet LivePrince JazzboItal CornerSatta Massagana: AbyssiniansLee Perry
36SatiaKeith HudsonPicka DubSatta Massagana: AbyssiniansKeith Hudson
37Here Comes The JudgePeter ToshAlmost in the 21st CenturySatta Massagana: AbyssiniansJoe Gibbs
38ArmageddeonPrince Far IBlackmans LandSatta Massagana: Abyssinians
39Jordan RiverPrince Far IHouse of Vocal and DubSatta Massagana: Abyssinians
40Homeward BoundPrince Far ICry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter ThreeSatta Massagana: Abyssinians
41Deck of LifePrince Far IJamaican HeroesSatta Massagana: AbyssiniansPrince Far I
42Deck Of CardsPrince Far IUnder Heavy MannersSatta Massagana: AbyssiniansJoe Gibbs & Errol Thompson
43Shuffle And DealPrince Far IIf DJ Was Your TradeDread On The Go: Linval Thompson / Shuffle And Deal: Prince Far I
44The Big FightPrince Far IUnder Heavy MannersJohnny Reggae: Prince Far IJoe Gibbs & Errol Thompson
45Natty ChampionPrince Far IJamaican HeroesNatty Champion: Prince Far I / ~Big FightPrince Far I
46The ConquestPrince Far ICry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter Three
47Big Fight DubPrince Far IDub To Africa
48Reggae MusicPrince Far IFree From SinSweet Reggae Music: Errol Holt
49I Chase the DevilMax RomeoArkologyChase The Devil: Max RomeoLee Perry
50Croaking LizardPrince JazzboSuper Ape
51OilyHerman Chin LoyAquarius DubHerman Chin-Loy
52Pick Myself Up (Acoustic)Peter ToshAlmost in the 21st Century
53All Day All NightWailersRare WailersAll Day All Night: WailersBob Marley
54Closer TogetherKeith RoweArkology
55The Easy DubKing TubbyDance Hall Style Dub
56Love of a WomanHorace AndyPrime of Horace AndyLove of a Woman: Horace AndyCoxsone Dodd
57Blessed DubKing TubbyRod of CorrectionLove Of A Woman: Horace AndyBrad Osbourne ( & Bunny Lee?)
58Groovy DubLee Perry & The UpsettersArkologyGroovy Situation: Keith RoweLee Perry
59Groovy SituationKeith RoweLarks from the ArkGroovy Situation: Keith RoweLee Perry
60Rejoice in Jah ChildrenSilvertonesWords of my MouthRejoice In Jah Jah Children: SilvertonesLee Perry
61Columbia CollyJah LionColumbia CollyRejoice In Jah Jah Children: SilvertonesLee Perry
62Rejoice In SkankUpsettersUpsetter in DubRejoice In Jah Jah Children: SilvertonesLee Perry
63Three in OneLee Perry & The UpsettersSuper Ape