15 Big Ones: Various Artists

  Title Artist Riddim Producer
A01OutlawLouis Blanche  
B02Song Of PrayerLouis Blanche  
B03Country RoadSmokey 007  
B04Tonight Is The NightBetty Padgett  
B05Never Never NeverBetty Padgett  
B06100 Lbs Of ClaySmokey 007  
B07Hey HoneySmokey 007  
A02Keep The Troubles DownRudy Thomas  
A03Paying The BillsHarrison Sands  
A04Waiting For The TrainCecil Barker  
A05Gimme SomeHubert Lee  
A06Give Us FreedomTony Scott  
A07Family TreeRoots Uprising  
A08Raining OutsideRoots Uprising  
B01Before The Nect Teardrop FallsSmokey 007  


Format Year Label Cat #
lp1984Echo Records/Vista SoundsSTLP 1036