Ashanti Showcase: Various Artists

  Title Artist Riddim Producer
A01EndlesslyDobby Dobson  
A10It's Too LateDennis BrownIt's Too Late: Dennis Brown 
A11Gettin' Things TogetherBonny Frankson  
A12Journey WithinGeneration Gap  
A13Let Me Hold Your HandHeptones  
A14I Miss You Pt 2Heptones  
A02Ship AhoyLove Children  
A03Come On GirlPrince Miller  
A04Sugar DandyHappy Junior  
A05Song My Mother Used To SingDennis BrownSong My Mother Used To Sing: Dennis Brown 
A06Travellin' OnGeneration Gap  
A08I Miss You Pt 1Heptones  
A09Yesterday Once MoreBeverley Woung  


Format Year Label Cat #
LP1973AshantiSHAN 106
lp1974AshantiSHAN 106