Trojan Producer Series Box Set: Various Artists

  Title Artist Riddim Producer
A01Brimstone & FireObserversBlood and Fire: NineyNiney
A02Aily And AilalooMax Romeo & NineyBearded Men Feast: Max Romeo & NineyNiney
A03Ital CorrectionNiney The ObserverItal Correction: Niney The ONiney
A04No More Will I RoamDennis BrownNo More Will I Roam: Dennis BrownNiney
A05Jam DownObserversNo More Will I Roam: Dennis BrownNiney
A06Rasta BandwagonMax RomeoRasta Bandwagon: Max RomeoNiney
A07Bring The Couchie ComeReggae CrusadersBring The Couchie Come: Jah EarlNiney
A08One Train Load Of DubObserversWestbound Train: Dennis BrownNiney
A09Upsetting StationDave BarkerDuppy Conqueror: Wailers 
A10Badam BamRaversLive Injection 
A11Babylon's BurningScratch & Maxie & NineyJustice To The People: Lee Perry & The Upsetter 
A12CivilisationClassicsCivilization: Classics 
A13Hail StonesI Roy & Lee PerryHail Stone: Upsetters 
A14Black IpaLee Perry & The UpsettersBlack IPA: Upsetters 
A15Herb VendorHorse MouthGive Thanks: Delroy Butler 
A16Green Bay IncidentLord SassafrassDreadlocks In Moonlight: Lee Perry 
A17Dub And PraiseLee Perry & The UpsettersThanks and Praise: Junior Ainsworth 
B01Cn ExpressClancy Eccles All StarsSay What You're Saying: Eric "Monty" Morris 
B02Mr. MidnightDynamitesSkokian 
B03Here Comes The NightBusty BrownHere Comes The Night: Busty Brown 
B04Bag A BooClancy Eccles  
B05Holly HolyFabulous FlamesHolly Holly: John Holt 
B06Foolish FoolCynthia RichardsFoolish Fool: Dee Dee Warwick 
B07DanceboatKing Stitt & Clancy Eccles  
B08Herbsman ShuffleKing Stitt & Andy CappHerbsman Shuffle 
B09Rocking On The Gg BeatGg All Stars  
B10Born To Be LovedMaytonesBorn To Be Loved: Maytones 
B11Feel ItPaulette & Gee  
B12Ontarius VersionCharlie Ace  
B13Mr. BrownTrevor Brown  
B14Jordan RiverMax Romeo & Glen AdamsJordan River: Max Romeo & Glen Adams / Guidance: Sugar Minott / King of Kings: Dennis Alcapone 
B15Lonely NightsEric DonaldsonLonely Nights: Eric Donaldson 
B16Rack-A-TackTyphoon All Stars  
C01Soul ScorcherCarl BryanCuss Cuss: Lloyd Robinson 
C02Equal RightsCablesEqual Rights: Cables 
C03The DogHarry J All Stars  
C04What Am I To DoTony ScottLiquidator: Harry J 
C05Tons Of GoldVal BennettLiquidator 
C06CambodiaWinston BlakeCambodia: Winston Blake 
C07Skank In BedScottyBreakfast In Bed: Lorna Bennett / Hortense Ellis 
C08Down Side UpCarey & Lloyd  
C09HijackedJoe Gibbs All StarsHijacked: Joe Gibbs All StarsJoe Gibbs
C10Hold ThemRoy ShirleyHold Them: Roy Shirley / Feel Good: Ken BootheJoe Gibbs
C11The Reggae TrainReggae Boys  
C12MusicallyKeith Blake  
C13Secret WeaponAnsel CollinsSecret Weapon 
C14God Bless The ChildrenNicky ThomasGod Bless The Children: Nicky Thomas 
C15Freedom To The PeopleHeptonesJustice To The People: Lee Perry & The UpsettersJoe Gibbs
C16A Win ThemLeo GrahamA Win Them: Leo Graham 
C17Heart And SoulJunior BylesHeart And Soul: Junior Byles 


Format Year Label Cat #
CD1999TrojanTRBCD 010
lp1999TrojanTRBCD 010