Step It In A Zion: Clint Eastwood

  Title Artist Riddim Producer
01School MateClint EastwoodMy Satisfaction: ParagonsBunny 'Striker' Lee
02Step It Up Little HarderClint EastwoodEasy Skanking: Bob Marley & The WailersBunny 'Striker' Lee
03Dread A What The Gal WantClint Eastwood Bunny 'Striker' Lee
04Whip Them Jah JahClint EastwoodTime Will Tell: Bob MarleyBunny 'Striker' Lee
05Step It In A ZionClint EastwoodPlay Fool Fe Get Wise: Johnny ClarkeBunny 'Striker' Lee
06Piece Of The ActionClint Eastwood Bunny 'Striker' Lee
07CarolineClint EastwoodI'm Just A Guy: Alton EllisBunny 'Striker' Lee
08On You MarkClint EastwoodRiding For A Fall: TamsBunny 'Striker' Lee
09Fist To Fist FightClint Eastwood Bunny 'Striker' Lee
10Ganga SmokerClint Eastwood~Cornell CampbellBunny 'Striker' Lee
11Natty Dread Is Working ManClint Eastwood~Cornell CampbellBunny 'Striker' Lee
12Send Another VegieClint EastwoodSend Another Moses: WillowsBunny 'Striker' Lee


Format Year Label Cat #
CD1978Live And Love
LP1978Live And LoveLAP 011
lp1978Live And LoveLAP 011
CDJackpotBSICD 64


Vocals: Clint Eastwood
Producer: Bunny Lee