Arise Black Man: Peter Tosh & Friends

  Title Artist Riddim Producer
A01Brand New Second HandPeter Tosh & Wailers  
A10Four Hundred YearsPeter Tosh & Wailers  
A11Ambitious BeggarPeter Tosh  
A12MemphisPeter Tosh & Wailers  
A13Rudie's MedleyPeter Tosh & Soulmates  
A14The Return Of Al CaponePeter Tosh  
A15Them A Fe Get A BeatenPeter ToshDem A Fi Get A Beatin': Peter Tosh 
A16ReubenWinston Wright & Larry McDonaldThem A Fi Get A Beaten 
A17Stop That TrainPeter Tosh & Wailers  
A18Sun ValleyPeter Tosh  
A19Nobody's BusinessPeter Tosh  
A02Maga DogPeter ToshMaga Dog: Peter Tosh 
A20Selassie SeranadePeter Tosh  
A21DownpressorPeter Tosh & Wailers  
A22Pepper SeedPeter Tosh  
A23Arise Black ManPeter Tosh  
A24Romper RoomPeter Tosh  
A25Brand New Second HandPeter Tosh & Wailers  
A03Skanky DogPeter Tosh & Winston Scotland  
A04Boney DogNow Generation  
A05Maingy DogBunny FlipMaga Dog: Peter Tosh 
A06Fat DogJoe Gibbs & Love GenerationMaga Dog: Peter Tosh 
A07The Crimson PiratePeter Tosh  
A08Rightful RulerPeter Tosh & U Roy  
A09Moon DustPeter Tosh  


Format Year Label Cat #
CD2000TrojanCDTRL 436


Vocals: Peter Tosh