Dub From The South East: Glenmore Brown

  Title Artist Riddim Producer
01South East RockGlen Brown & King TubbySlaving: Lloyd ParksGlen Brown
02Merry Up DubGlen Brown & King TubbyYouths of Tomorrow: Glen BrownGlen Brown
03War Is OverGlen Brown & King TubbyCrisp As A Ball: Glen BrownGlen Brown
04Barro Street DrumsGlen Brown & King TubbyMarcus Garvey Words: Glen BrownGlen Brown
05Tubby At The ControlGlen Brown & King TubbyNumber One In The World: U RoyGlen Brown
06Come Into My Parlour VersionGlen Brown & King TubbyAnyone Who Had A Heart: Cilla BlackGlen Brown
07Natty Lead The Way VersionGlen Brown & King TubbyJah Jah Bring Everything: Jah GlenGlen Brown
08Meditating On Our Way Of LifeGlen Brown & King TubbyNever Too Young To Learn: Roman StewartGlen Brown
09Wicked DubGlen Brown & King TubbyYouthman: Wayne JarrettGlen Brown
10Black DubGlen Brown & King TubbyDo Your Thing: Isaac HayesGlen Brown
11Boat Of Progress VersionGlen Brown & King TubbyBoat To Progress: Glen BrownGlen Brown
12Assack Lawn No. 1 DubGlen Brown & King TubbyCrisp As A Ball: Glen BrownGlen Brown
13Bowla SkankSylford Walker & Glen BrownSave Our Nation: Glen BrownGlen Brown
14Westbury Music LinkGlen BrownYouths of Tomorrow: Glen BrownGlen Brown


Format Year Label Cat #
LPPantomine PRLP 02