At The Control: Big Joe

  Title Artist Riddim Producer
01You Must Be MadBig JoeTribal War: Little Roy / John Holt / George NooksBunny 'Striker' Lee
02Crucial Natty DreadBig JoeI'm Your Man: John HoltBunny 'Striker' Lee
03Take It But Don't Break ItBig JoeAngel In The Morning: Pat KellyBunny 'Striker' Lee
04Playing A Waiting GameBig Joe~since you've been gone, my life has changed, but my life reamins the same, though you belong to someone newBunny 'Striker' Lee
05Natty On VacationBig Joe Bunny 'Striker' Lee
06World Wide KayaBig JoeKaya: WailersBunny 'Striker' Lee
07Wicked a Watch and PeepBig Joe~?Bunny 'Striker' Lee
08Wicked Down FallBig JoeSun Is Shining: Wailers / Johnny Clarke / Delroy Wilson / Black UhuruBunny 'Striker' Lee
09Don't Huff and PuffBig JoeRasta Time: Al CampbellBunny 'Striker' Lee
10Sister Out the LightBig Joe Bunny 'Striker' Lee
11Better BreedBig JoeHow Could I Live: SharksBunny 'Striker' Lee
12Fishman SkankBig JoeIt's Raining: Three Tops / Weatherman Skank: Ray I / Laser Beam: Don Carlos / Fisherman Skank: Big Joe / Its Raining: Carlton PattersonBunny 'Striker' Lee
13HolidayBig JoeEvery Day Is Just A Holiday: SensationsBunny 'Striker' Lee
14How Can I LeaveBig JoeHow Could I Live: SharksBunny 'Striker' Lee


Format Year Label Cat #
CDBlack Solidarity
LP1978Live And LoveLAP 010
lpLive And LoveLAP 010
CDJackpotBSICD 65


Backing Band: Aggrovators
Producer: Bunny Lee