The Complete Wailers P4D0: Freedom Time: Wailers

  Title Artist Riddim Producer
J01Hypocrites (alternate)WailersHypocrites: Wailers 
J02Freedom TimeWailersFreedom Time: Wailers 
J03Lyrical Satirical IWailersLyrical Satirical I: Wailers 
J04This Train (alternate)WailersThis Train: Wailers 
J05FuneralWailersFuneral: Wailers 
J06Pound Get A BlowWailersPound Get A Blow: Wailers 
J07Stepping RazorWailersStepping Razor: Peter Tosh 
J08I'm Hurting Inside (original)WailersI'm Hurting Inside : Wailers 
J09Dem A Fe Get A BeatinWailersDem A Fi Get A Beatin': Peter Tosh 
J10Fire FireWailersFire Fire: Wailers 
J11Play Play PLayWailers & Rita MarleyPlay Play: Wailers 
J12Bend Down Low (Soul Mixes)WailersBend Down Low: Wailers 
J13Nice Time (Soul Mixes)WailersNice Time: Wailers 
J14Rocking Steady (Soul Mixes)WailersRocking Steady: Wailers 
J15Rock To The Rock (Soul Mixes)WailersRock To The Rock: Wailers 
J16Chances Are (Soul Mixes)WailersChances Are: Wailers 
J17Mellow Mood (Soul Mixes)WailersMellow Mood: Wailers 
J18Love (Soul Mixes)WailersLove: Wailers 
J19Rhapsody (Soul Mixes)Wailers & Rita Marley  
J20Falling In And Out Of Love (Original - Demos)WailersFallin In & Out Of Love: Wailers 
J21Splish For My Splash (Original - Demos)WailersSplish For My Splash: Wailers 
J22Stranger On The Shore (Original - Demos)WailersStranger On The Shore: Wailers 
J23Hypocrites VersionWailersHypocrites: Wailers 


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