Adventures In Dub: Various Artists

  Title Artist Riddim Producer
A01Tubby?s At The Control   
A10The Power Of Love   
A11Satan Side Version (Kiss 14)   
A12Dr Satan's Echo Chamber   
A13Bad Lamp   
A14Darkest Night Version   
A15A Noisy Place   
A16Psalms Of Dub   
A17Jungle Fever   
A18Casanova Dub   
A19A Ruffer Version   
A02The Invasion (Version) Invasion: Burning Spear / Jackie Edwards 
A20Coming Home (Version To No More Will I Roam)   
B01Big Bad Boy (Version)   
B02Concentration Version 3   
B03Silver Bullet   
B04Melody Maker Version 2   
B05Tipper Special   
B06Herb Vendor Herb Vendor: Horse Mouth 
B07Washroom Skank   
B08Curly Dub Curly Locks: Junior Byles 
A03Jah Version   
B09I Know Something   
B10Influenza Version   
B11Stay Dread Version   
B12King Tubby's Version (Please Officer Version)   
B13This Is The Hardest Version   
B14King Tubby's In Fine Style   
B15The Poor Barber   
B16I Trim The Barber Ali Baba: John Holt 
B17Dub & Praise   
B18Caring For My Sister   
A04Dubbing In The Back Seat   
B19Throne Of Blood   
B20Shaolin Temple   
A05Don't Think About Dub   
A06Stalag 17 Stalag 17 
A07Musical Drum Sound Version   
A08Stupid Doctor   
A09Elephant Rock   


Format Year Label Cat #
CD2006MetroMETRDCD 596