King Jammy's Selector's Choice Vol 1: King Jammy & Friends

  Title Artist Riddim Producer
A01Ain't No MeaningKing Jammy  
A10False AlarmKing JammyStalag 17 
A11Good Morning TeacherKing JammyStalag 
A12Stalag ExcursionKing Jammy  
A13Mr. LandlordKing JammyHypocrite: Wailers 
A14It's MagicKing JammyIt's Magic : Dennis Brown 
A15Nah Look No WukKing Jammy  
A16DeniseKing Jammy  
A17Let Off SupumKing Jammy  
A18Bad Bwoy Gone A JailKing Jammy  
A19It's OverKing JammyDeath In The Arena 
A02Draw Mi MarkKing JammyDarker Shade Of Black 
A20Shame To SeeKing Jammy  

B01Pumpkin BellyKing JammyStalag 
B02Call The PolicsKing Jammy  
B03Under Mi Sleng TengKing JammySleng Teng : Wayne Smith 
B04Buddy EyeKing Jammy  
B05Original Fat ThingKing JammySleng Teng 
B06Eagle FeatherKing Jammy  
B07AgonyKing Jammy  
B08Big Belly ManKing JammyAgony 
A03People Are You ReadyKing Jammy  
B09Synthesizer VoiceKing Jammy  
B10Must Love ReggaeKing JammyAgony 
B11Don't Pirate ItKing Jammy  
B12Me Nuh ResponseKing Jammy  
B13Police Inna EnglandKing Jammy  
B14Girlie GirlieKing JammyNo Warrior 
B15Clarks BootyKing JammyMr. Walker/ No Warrior 
B16No WarriorKing JammyNo Warrior 
B17WarriorKing Jammy  
B18AdvantageKing Jammy  
A04It A RingKing JammyTempo 
B19Material GirlKing JammyMaterial Girl : Dennis Brown 
A05In DehKing JammyTempo 
A06Hog In A MintyKing JammyTempo 
A07The ExitKing JammyThe Exit : Dennis Brown 
A08What A La LaKing JammyStalag 
A09Come AlongKing JammyCome Along : Wayne Smith 


Format Year Label Cat #
CD2007VPVPCD 1744