Remembering Count Ossie: Count Ossie

  Title Artist Riddim Producer
01African ShuffleCount Ossie  
02So Long (The Negus Call You)Count Ossie  
03Air Horn ShuffleCount Ossie  
04Gun FeverCount OssieGun Fever: Count Ossie 
05Fire EscapeCount Ossie  
06One Bright MorningCount Ossie  
07First GoneCount Ossie  
08Babylon GoneCount Ossie  
09Music Go Round And RoundCount Ossie  
10Leaving This LandCount Ossie  
11Swinging For JoyCount OssieSwing Low 
12Going Home To Zion LandCount Ossie  
13Count Ossie SpecialCount Ossie  
14Sodom And GomorrahCount Ossie  
15Serve Him And LiveCount Ossie  
16Herb I FellCount Ossie  
17Hello SharonCount Ossie  
18I Would Give My LifeCount Ossie  
19Gun Fever (Remix)Count OssieGun Fever: Count Ossie 


Format Year Label Cat #