Be True To Yourself: Alton Ellis

  Title Artist Riddim Producer
A01Something You've GotAlton EllisSomething You Got: Chris Kenner / Alton Ellis / Lee Perry 
A02Dance CrasherAlton EllisDance Crasher: Alton Ellis 
A03Don't Trouble PeopleAlton EllisDon't Trouble People: Alton Ellis 
A04The PreacherAlton EllisThe Preacher: Alton Ellis & The Flames 
A05Blessings Of LoveAlton EllisBlessings Of Love: Alton Ellis & The Flames 
A06Shake ItAlton EllisShake It: Alton Ellis 
A07Girl I've Got A DateAlton EllisGirl I've Got A Date: Alton Ellis 
A08How Can IAlton EllisHow Can I: Alton Ellis 
A09Cry ToughAlton EllisCry Tough: Alton Ellis 
A10Rock SteadyAlton EllisRocksteady: Alton Ellis 
A11Duke Of EarlAlton EllisDuke Of Earl: Gene Chandler / Alton Ellis / Cornell Campbell 
A12All My Tears (Come Rolling)Alton EllisAll My Tears Come Rolling: Alton Ellis 
A13Ain't That Loving YouAlton EllisAin't That Loving You: Johnnie Taylor 
A14Why Birds Follow SpringAlton EllisWhy Birds Follow Spring: Alton Ellis 
A15If I Could Rule The WorldAlton EllisIf I Could Rule This World: Alton Ellis 
A16Oowee Baby (Baby I Love You)Alton EllisBaby I Love You: Alton Ellis 
A17My Willow TreeAlton EllisMy Willow Tree: Chuck Jackson 
A18I Can't Stop NowAlton EllisI Can't Stop Now: Alton EllisDuke Reid
A19Why Did You Leave MeAlton EllisWhy Did You Leave: Heptones 
A20I Can't Stand ItAlton EllisI Can't Stand It: Alton Ellis 
A21My Time Is The Right TimeAlton EllisMy Time Is The Right Time: Alton Ellis 
A22Bye Bye LoveAlton EllisBye Bye Love: Alton Ellis 
A23Tonight (Aka Feeling Inside)Alton EllisFeeling Inside: Alton Ellis 
A24Give Me Your LoveAlton EllisGive Me Your Love: Alton Ellis 
A25Keep On YearningAlton EllisKeep On Yearning: Alton Ellis 
A26La La Means I Love YouAlton EllisLa-La (Means I Love You): Delfonics 
A27If I Had The RightAlton EllisIf I Had The Right: Alton Ellis 
A28Breaking UpAlton EllisBreaking Up Is Hard To Do: Alton Ellis / Shame And Pride: Leroy Smart / Mighty Diamonds 
A29DianaAlton EllisDiana: Alton Ellis 
A30Remember That SundayAlton EllisRemember That Sunday: Alton Ellis 
B01What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)Alton EllisWhat Does It Take To Win Your Love: Alton Ellis 
B02You Made Me So Very HappyAlton EllisYou've Made Me So Very Happy: Brenda Holloway 
B03Black Man's World (Aka Black Man,White Man)Alton EllisBlack Man's Pride: Alton Ellis 
B04I'll Be WaitingAlton EllisI'll Be Waiting: Alton Ellis 
B05It's Your ThingAlton EllisIt's Your Thing: Isley Brothers 
B06Lord Deliver UsAlton EllisLord Deliver Us: Alton Ellis 
B07Back To AfricaAlton EllisBack To Africa: Alton Ellis 
B08Wide WorldAlton EllisWide World: Alton Ellis 
B09You Said It Again (Aka I'll Make It Up To You)Alton EllisYou Said It Again: Alton Ellis 
B10Working On A Groovy ThingAlton EllisWorking On A Groovy Thing: Alton Ellis 
B11Hey WorldAlton EllisHey World: Alton Ellis 
B12True Born AfricanAlton EllisTrue Born African: Alton Ellis 
B13If I Don't CareAlton EllisIf I Don't Care: Alton Ellis 
B14Harder And HarderAlton EllisHarder And Harder: Alton Ellis 
B15Play It Cool (Aka Rock On Time)Alton EllisPlay It Cool: Alton Ellis 
B16Be True (To Yourself)Alton EllisBe True (To Yourself): Alton Ellis 
B17Baby I'm TryingAlton EllisBaby I'm Trying: Alton Ellis 
B18Wonderful WorldAlton EllisWonderful World: Alton Ellis 
B19Big Bad BoyAlton EllisBig Bad Boy: Alton Ellis 
B20You Are MineAlton EllisYou Are Mine: Alton Ellis 
B21All That We Need Is LoveAlton EllisAll We Need Is Love: Alton EllisKeith Hudson
B22I Don't Know Why TrulyAlton EllisI Don't Know Why: Alton Ellis 
B23Alphabetically YoursAlton EllisAlphabetically Yours: Alton Ellis 
B24I See My Future In YouAlton EllisI See My Future In You: Alton Ellis 
B25Alton's Official DaughterAlton EllisAlton's Official Daughter: Alton Ellis 
B26Better Get Your Heads Together (Aka I'll Take Your Hand)Alton EllisBetter Get Your Heads Together: Alton Ellis 


Format Year Label Cat #
CD2004TrojanTJDDD 205
lp2004TrojanTJDDD 205