Foundation Of Dub: King Tubby & The Aggrovators

  Title Artist Riddim Producer
A01Dub AssasinatorKing Tubby & The AggrovatorsNorwegian Wood: BeatlesBunny 'Striker' Lee
A02Foundation Of DubKing Tubby & The AggrovatorsDont Try To Use Me: Horace Andy / A Man Like Me: Johnny Clarke / Greedy Girl: Jah StitchBunny 'Striker' Lee
A03Reality Of DubKing Tubby & The AggrovatorsCan't Stop Me: Johnny ClarkeBunny 'Striker' Lee
A04Look What Dub Has DoneKing Tubby & The AggrovatorsLove Brings Pain: ParagonsBunny 'Striker' Lee
A05Rough Rebel DubKing Tubby & The AggrovatorsCreation Rebel: Burning Spear / Johnny Clarke / U Roy / Ital Pot: Tappa ZukieBunny 'Striker' Lee
A06The Greatest Dub VersionKing Tubby & The AggrovatorsAka Black Superman VersionBunny 'Striker' Lee
A07True Believer In DubKing Tubby & The AggrovatorsTrue Believer In Love: Johnny ClarkeBunny 'Striker' Lee
A08Race DubKing Tubby & The AggrovatorsSudden Attack: RevolutionariesBunny 'Striker' Lee
A09Iron Pipe DubKing Tubby & The AggrovatorsHave Mercy: Mighty DiamondsBunny 'Striker' Lee
A10Joker From Dub CityKing Tubby & The AggrovatorsPlease Be True: Alexander Henry / Cornell Campbell / Suagr Minott / Leggo Violence:Johnny ClarkeBunny 'Striker' Lee
A11Steel Bottom DubKing Tubby & The AggrovatorsMean Girl: Larry Marshall / I Need A Roof: Mighty DiamondsBunny 'Striker' Lee
A12Fire Proof DubKing Tubby & The AggrovatorsWhy Me Black Brother Why: Mighty DiamondsBunny 'Striker' Lee
A13Hold The Dub YaKing Tubby & The AggrovatorsNatural Facts: Cornell CampbellBunny 'Striker' Lee
A14Money Lover DubKing Tubby & The Aggrovators Bunny 'Striker' Lee
B01Knock Out PunchKing Tubby & The Aggrovators Bunny 'Striker' Lee
B02Dub OvertureKing Tubby & The Aggrovators Bunny 'Striker' Lee
B03Joyful Locks DubKing Tubby & The AggrovatorsLong Long Dreadlocks: Linval ThompsonBunny 'Striker' Lee
B04Fire Fe Babylon DubKing Tubby & The Aggrovators Bunny 'Striker' Lee
B05South Man Skanking DubKing Tubby & The AggrovatorsTen To One: Mad Lads / Cornell Campbell / Conscience A Go Beat Them: Clint EastwoodBunny 'Striker' Lee
B06Hotter Fire DubKing Tubby & The Aggrovators Bunny 'Striker' Lee
B07Liberation DubKing Tubby & The Aggrovators Bunny 'Striker' Lee
B08Earthquake And Fire DubKing Tubby & The Aggrovators Bunny 'Striker' Lee
B09Typhoon And Tidal Wave DubKing Tubby & The Aggrovators Bunny 'Striker' Lee
B10Rebellion DubKing Tubby & The AggrovatorsSerious Thing: Horace AndyBunny 'Striker' Lee
B11Rebel Gunman DubKing Tubby & The Aggrovators Bunny 'Striker' Lee
B12Lime Tree Lane DubKing Tubby & The AggrovatorsLive Up Jah Man: Johnny ClarkeBunny 'Striker' Lee
B13Back To School DubKing Tubby & The AggrovatorsStop The Tribal War: Johnny ClarkeBunny 'Striker' Lee
B14Good And Even DubKing Tubby & The AggrovatorsRasta Don't Fear: Derrick MorganBunny 'Striker' Lee


Format Year Label Cat #
CD2000TrojanCDTRL 445
lp2001TrojanCDTRD 445


Recorded At: Channel One
Mixed At: King Tubby's
Backing Band: Aggrovators
Producer: Bunny Lee
Mixing Engineer: King Tubby