Guns Don't Argue: Dennis Alcapone

  Title Artist Riddim Producer
A01Revelation VersionDennis AlcaponeI'm Gonna Get You: Delroy WilsonSmith
A02Zaka-Za-ZaDennis Alcapone Smith & Hudson
A03Spanish OmigoDennis AlcaponeOld Fashioned Way: Ken BootheSmith & Hudson
A04Shades Of HudsonDennis AlcaponeShades of Hudson: Dennis AlcaponeAlcapone
A05Mr. Brown's CoffinDennis AlcaponeMr. BrownHulness & Smith
A06Bawlin' For MercyDennis AlcaponeEverybody Bawling: MelodiansHulness & Smith
A07Out Of This WorldDennis Alcapone Smith & Hudson
A08Ball Of ConfusionDennis AlcaponeBall Of Confusion: The TemptationsAlcapone
A09Out De Light BabyDennis AlcaponeI Can't Hide: Ken ParkerAlcapone
A10Mosquito OneDennis AlcaponeYou'll Want Me Back: ImpressionsAlcapone
A11It Must ComeDennis AlcaponeBetter Must Come: Delroy WilsonAlcapone
A12Upsetter VersionDennis AlcaponeI Am The Upsetter: Lee PerrySmith & Gibbs
A13Ripe CherryDennis AlcaponeCherry Oh Baby: Eric DonaldsonAlcapone & Lee
A14Well DreadDennis AlcaponeCherry Oh Baby: Eric DonaldsonAlcapone
A15Horse And BuggyDennis AlcaponeMule Train: Count Prince MillerLange & Heath & Glickman
A16Rocking EthiopiaDennis AlcaponeThe Selah: EthiopiansAlcapone
A17King Of Kings (Aka King Of Glory)Dennis AlcaponeJordan River: Max Romeo & Glen Adams / Guidance: Sugar Minott / King of Kings: Dennis AlcaponeAlcapone
A18HoneycombDennis Alcapone~Leonard Dillon / EthiopiansAlcapone
A19Jumping Jack (Aka King Of The Track)Dennis AlcaponeStick By Me: Shep & The LimelitesAlcapone
A20Togetherness (Aka Black Gold)Dennis Alcapone~John HoltSmith
A21Guns Don't ArgueDennis AlcaponeLove Of The Common People: Nicky ThomasAlcapone
A22False ProphetDennis AlcaponeStealing In The Name Of The LordAlcapone
A23Go Johnny GoDennis AlcaponeBam So BaHolness & Smith
A24Milk And HoneyDennis Alcapone Alcapone
A25The Sky's The Limit (Aka Flying Machine)Dennis AlcaponeFlying Machine: Cliff RichardHolt & Green
A26Jungle Of CrimeDennis AlcaponeBig Bad Boy: Alton EllisAlcapone
A27Take Your TimeDennis Alcapone Alcapone
A28Marka VersionDennis AlcaponeDont Get Me Confused: Keith HudsonSmith & Hudson
B01Pop A VersionDennis AlcaponeFat Man: Fats Domino 
B02Seven Day ReggaeDennis AlcaponeEverybody Bawling 
B03Alpha And OmegaDennis AlcaponeBeat Down Babylon: Junior Byles 
B04Africa StandDennis AlcaponeA Place Called Africa: Junior Byles 
B05Jah Rastafari (Aka Wonder Man)Dennis AlcaponeSet Me Free: Dave Barker 
B06Master KeyDennis AlcaponeKing Of Babylon: Junior Byles 
B07Back BiterDennis AlcaponePeople Weird: Lee Perry 
B08Look Into YourselfDennis AlcaponeSee And Blind: Johnny Osbourne 
B09Majesty In Bed (Aka The Harder They Come)Dennis AlcaponeQueen Majesty: Techniques 
B10Worldwide LoveDennis AlcaponeTake What You've Got: Twinkle Brothers 
B11East To WestDennis Alcapone~John Holt? / Duke Reid 
B12Number One Station (Aka Rock To The Beat)Dennis AlcaponeLove Is Not A Gamble: Techniques 
B13The Great WoggieDennis AlcaponeYou'll Want Me Back: Impressions 
B14You Don't CareDennis AlcaponeYou'll Want Me Back: Impressions 
B15Judgement DayDennis AlcaponeJudgement Day: Hopeton Lewis 
B16Teach The Children (Aka Teacher Teacher)Dennis AlcaponeMr Big Stuff: Jean Knight 
B17Wake Up JamaicaDennis AlcaponeMoonlight Lover: Joya Landis 
B18DJ's ChoiceDennis AlcaponeBaby Love: The Sensations 
B19Cry ToughDennis AlcaponeCry Tough: Alton Ellis 
B20The Right SongDennis AlcaponeThe Same Song: Paragons 
B21Engine, Engine Number NineDennis Alcapone  
B22Musical LiquidatorDennis AlcaponeLiquidator: Harry J 
B23My Voice Is Insured For Half A Million DollarsDennis AlcaponeQueen Majesty: Techniques 
B24Musical AlphabetDennis AlcaponeMusical Alphabet: Dennis Alcapone 
B25Rasta DubDennis AlcaponeKeep On Moving: Wailers / Curtis Mayfield 
B26Sorry HarryDennis AlcaponeSorry Harry: Dennis Alcapone 
B27Jah Guide UsDennis AlcaponeBad Minded People: Leroy Smart / ~Revolutionaries 


Format Year Label Cat #
CD2005TrojanTJDDD 240
lp1993Jamaican Gold CDsJMC 200.115
lp2005TrojanTJDDD 240
lp1972TrojanTBL 187


Vocals: Dennis Alcapone