After All This Time: B.B. Seaton

  Title Artist Riddim Producer
A01Joy In The MorningB.B. Seaton  
A10Can't Hide The FeelingB.B. Seaton  
A11All The BestB.B. Seaton  
A12Miss My School DaysB.B. Seaton  
A13Sweet CarolineB.B. Seaton  
A14Thinking About YouB.B. Seaton  
A15Lover's QuarellB.B. Seaton  
A16The Morning SunB.B. Seaton  
A17You Should Never Do ThatB.B. Seaton  
A18Hard To ConfessB.B. Seaton  
A19Accept My ApologyB.B. Seaton  
A02Born FreeB.B. Seaton  
A20You Can't Get AwayB.B. Seaton  
A21Lady With The Red DressB.B. Seaton  
A22Abc ReggaeB.B. Seaton  
A23Lean On MeB.B. Seaton  
A24Gimmie Little LoveB.B. Seaton  
A25 B.B. Seaton  
B01I Feel LostB.B. Seaton  
B02Freedom FightersB.B. Seaton  
B03After All This TimeB.B. Seaton  
B04International RaceB.B. Seaton  
A03Don't Let Love Pass You ByB.B. Seaton  
B05Mama's AdviseB.B. Seaton  
B06One Thing Leads To AnotherB.B. Seaton  
B07My People Hold OnB.B. Seaton  
B08Brothers BewareB.B. Seaton  
B09Forgive Them LordB.B. Seaton  
B10Wasn't It Made For Us AllB.B. Seaton  
B11Colour Is Not The AnswerB.B. Seaton  
B12Rainbow LoveB.B. Seaton  
B13No More TribalismB.B. Seaton  
B14Jah Help Those Who Help ThemselvesB.B. Seaton  
A04Just A Little More TimeB.B. Seaton  
B15There's A FireB.B. Seaton  
B16Are We LoosingB.B. Seaton  
B17Haven't I The RightB.B. Seaton  
B18I Want JusticeB.B. Seaton  
B19Life Is Not An Easy GameB.B. Seaton  
B20Is LifeB.B. Seaton  
B21Everybody Loves A WinnerB.B. Seaton  
B22You've Got To Be NaturalB.B. Seaton  
B23Where Did It Start (When Will It End)B.B. Seaton  
B24Someday I Will Be FreeB.B. Seaton  
A05Think Like Between Love And HateB.B. Seaton  
B25Hold On To Your CultureB.B. Seaton  
A06I'm Aware Of LoveB.B. Seaton  
A07No Good Girl/MyloveB.B. Seaton  
A08My Jamaican GirlB.B. Seaton  
A09God Bless Our LoveB.B. Seaton  


Format Year Label Cat #
CD2007Soul BeatSBCD 027