King Jammy's Selector's Choice Vol 4: King Jammy & Friends

  Title Artist Riddim Producer
A01Who She LoveKing Jammy  
A10TearsKing JammyTears 
A11GenieKing Jammy  
A12Live BlanketKing JammyHeady To Toe 
A13Think Me Did DoneKing Jammy  
A14Natty DreadKing Jammy  
A15I Know The ScoreKing JammyMean Girl 
A16End Of The WorldKing JammyMean Girl 
A17My LoveKing JammyMean Girl 
A18Mr. SeaKing JammyMean Girl 
A19Ital ManKing JammyJump And Spread Out 
A02BoombasticKing JammyWho She Love 
A20Jump & Shock OutKing Jammy  

B01Peenie PeenieKing Jammy  
B02Original KuffKing JammyPeanie Peanie 
B03Johnny Too BadKing Jammy  
B04Lave Punaany BadKing Jammy  
B05Pretty Looks DoneKing JammyPunanny 
B06Water Come A Mi EyeKing Jammy  
B07Love Mi StyleeKing Jammy  
B08Me Ah De DangerKing Jammy  
A03Bull's EyeKing Jammy  
B09Needle Eye Pum PumKing Jammy  
B10PunnanyKing Jammy  
B11Healthy BodyKing JammyPunanny 
B12Gimme The MoneyKing Jammy  
B13Babylon BoopsKing JammyPunanny 
B14No Borrow No GunKing Jammy  
B15Yes MamaKing JammyPunanny 
B16Border ClashKing JammyPunanny 
B17Bike BackKing JammyPunanny 
B18Wrong MoveKing JammyPunanny 
A04Missing YouKing JammyStorm 
B19Been Around The WorldKing JammyPunanny 
B20Punany SaxKing Jammy  
A05Lodi LodiKing Jammy  
A06Chatty Chatty MouthKing Jammy  
A07Champagne SaxKing Jammy  
A08If I Were A CarpenterKing Jammy  
A09Kissing In The MoonlightKing Jammy  


Format Year Label Cat #
CD2007VPVPCD 1747