African Melody: Various Artists

  Title Artist Riddim Producer
A01African MelodyG.G. All Stars  
B04The Return Of Herbert SplifingtonRupie & Sidy  
B05Look Who A Bust StyleMeditators  
B06Blessed Are The MeekSlim SmithBlessed Are The Meek: Slim Smith / The Beatitudes / Chant To Jah: Dr. Alimantado 
A02Man From CarolinaG.G. All Stars  
A03Stand Up For Your RightLloyd Terrell  
A05Game People PlayWinston Francis  
A06Oh Me Oh MyLloyd Tyrell  
B01Immigrants FlightBim Bam & Clover  
B02Freedom StreetFitzroy Sterling  
B03SalaamCharlie Organaire  


Format Year Label Cat #
lpPamaPMP 2004