I Am That I Am: Peter Tosh

  Title Artist Riddim Producer
01I Am That I AmPeter Tosh  
02Start In Music, Meeting Bob Marley & Bunny WailerPeter Tosh~ 
03Fire FirePeter Tosh  
04Herb SmokingPeter Tosh  
05Pick Myself UpPeter Tosh  
06HumiliationsPeter Tosh  
07Can't You See (Instrumental)Peter Tosh  
08Can't Stop That TrainPeter Tosh  
09His PhilosophyPeter Tosh  
10Fools DiePeter Tosh  
11Reincarnation And Rasta CulturePeter Tosh  
12Jah GuidePeter Tosh  
13Black In ChicagoPeter Tosh  
14Can't You SeePeter Tosh  
15Blacks Abilities / Teaching Marley MusicPeter Tosh~ 
16Handsome JohnnyPeter Tosh  
17Bumbaclot DefinedPeter Tosh  
18InstrumentalPeter Tosh  
19Herb As Healing Of The NationPeter Tosh  
20Don't Wanna Get BustedPeter Tosh  
21Post One Love Concert BeatingPeter Tosh  
22Legalize ItPeter ToshLegalize It: Peter Tosh 
23His Future In Africa? Plots On His LifePeter Tosh  
24Get Up Stand UpPeter ToshGet Up Stand Up: Wailers 
25Police Beating While Writing "Mark Of The Beast"Peter Tosh  


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