Authorised Rockers: Johnny Clarke

  Title Artist Riddim Producer
01Rockers Time NowJohnny ClarkeRockers Time Now: Johnny Clarke / Crisis Time: I RoyBunny 'Striker' Lee
02Ites Green And GoldJohnny ClarkeRed, Gold & Green: Burning SpearBunny 'Striker' Lee
03African RootsJohnny ClarkeAfrican Roots: Johnny Clarke/ African Herbsman: I Roy / African Roots Rock Reggae: Dillinger / What A Wicked Act: Clint EastwoodBunny 'Striker' Lee
04Be Holy My Brothers And SisterJohnny ClarkeBe Holy My Brothers and Sisters: Johnny ClarkeBunny 'Striker' Lee
05Satta-Amasa-Gana (Seete Messga)Johnny ClarkeSatta Massagana: AbyssiniansBunny 'Striker' Lee
06Stop The Tribal WarJohnny ClarkeStop The Tribal War: Johnny Clarke / News To The Nation: U BrownBunny 'Striker' Lee
07Declaration Of RightsJohnny ClarkeDeclaration Of Rights: Abyssinians / Judgement Time: Junior Ross And The SpearsBunny 'Striker' Lee
08Let's Give Jah Jah PraisesJohnny ClarkeLet's Give Jah Jah Praises: Johnny ClarkeBunny 'Striker' Lee
09I Wish It Would Go On For EverJohnny ClarkeWish It Could Last: Delano StewartBunny 'Striker' Lee
10Natty Dreadlocks Stand Up RighJohnny ClarkeNatty Dreadlocks Stand Up Right: Johnny ClarkeBunny 'Striker' Lee
11Prophesy A FulfilledJohnny ClarkeProphesy A Fulfilled: Johnny ClarkeBunny 'Striker' Lee
12Marcus GarveyJohnny ClarkePoor Marcus: Johnny Clarke / Marcus: Tappa ZukieBunny 'Striker' Lee
13Roots, Natty Roots, Natty CongoJohnny ClarkeRoots Natty Congo: Johnny Clarke / African Worldwide: Dillinger / Real Born African: Jah StitchBunny 'Striker' Lee
14Wrath Of JahJohnny ClarkeWrath Of Jah: Johnny ClarkeBunny 'Striker' Lee
15Legalize ItJohnny ClarkeLegalize It: Peter ToshBunny 'Striker' Lee
16I'm Still WaitingJohnny ClarkeI'm Still Waiting: WailersBunny 'Striker' Lee
17Let Go ViolenceJohnny ClarkePlease Be True: Alexander Henry / Cornell Campbell / Suagr Minott / Leggo Violence:Johnny ClarkeBunny 'Striker' Lee
18Academy Award VersionJohnny ClarkeCrazy Baldhead: Bob Marley & The WailersBunny 'Striker' Lee
19Cry ToughJohnny ClarkeCry Tough: Alton Ellis / Ranking Of The Past: DillingerBunny 'Striker' Lee
20Crazy BaldheadJohnny ClarkeCrazy Baldhead: Bob Marley & The WailersBunny 'Striker' Lee
21Simmer DownJohnny ClarkeSimmer Down: Wailers / Rocking Round Town: Big JoeBunny 'Striker' Lee
22Jah Jah See Them ComeJohnny ClarkeHeavy Rock: Sound Dimension / See Them A Come: CultureBunny 'Striker' Lee
23Freedom BluesJohnny ClarkeFreedom Blues: Roy Richards / MPLABunny 'Striker' Lee


Format Year Label Cat #
CD1976VirginFLCD 9014
CD1991VirginCDFL 9014


Vocals: Johnny Clarke
Backing Band: Aggrovators, Revolutionaries, Skin Flesh and Bones
Producer: Bunny Lee