I Am The Upsetter: Lee Scratch Perry & Various Artists

  Title Artist Riddim Producer
A01I Am The UpsetterLee PerryI Am The Upsetter: Lee PerryJoe Gibbs & Lee Perry
A02Set Them FreeLee Perry & The DefendersSet Them Free: Lee Perry & The UpsettersLee Perry
A03People Funny BoyLee PerryLong Shot Kick De Bucket: PioneersLee Perry
A04Django Shoots FirstSir Lord Comic & The UpsettersOld Man River: Jerome KernLee Perry
A05What A BotherationLee PerryWhat A Botheration: Lee PerryLee Perry
A06You CrummyLee PerryYou Crummy: Lee PerryLee Perry
A07Return Of DjangoUpsettersSick and Tired: Chris Kenner ('58)Lee Perry
A08Check Him OutBleechersCheck Him Out: BleechersLee Perry
A09Prisoner Of LoveDave BarkerPrisoner Of Love: Dave BarkerLee Perry
A10Return Of The UglyUpsettersReturn Of The Ugly: UpsetterLee Perry
A11Rightful RulerU Roy & Peter ToshEarth's Rightful Ruler: Peter Tosh & U RoyLee Perry
A12Clint EastwoodLee PerryYakety Yak: Coasters / Cow Theif Skank Lee PerryLee Perry
A13Medical OperationHippy BoysSophisticated Cissy: Meters / Dr Who: I RoyLee Perry
A14Kill Them AllLee Perry & The UpsettersKill Them All: Upsetters / Cow Theif SkankLee Perry
A15Shocks Of The MightyDave BarkerSet Me Free: Dave BarkerLee Perry
A16SipreanoLee PerrySipreano: Lee Perry & The UpsettersLee Perry
A17Duppy ConquerorWailersDuppy Conqueror: WailersLee Perry
A18Don't Let The Sun Catch You CryingDave Barker & The WailersDon't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin': Ray CharlesLee Perry
A19Son Of ThunderLee PerrySon Of Thunder: Lee PerryLee Perry
A20Place Called AfricaJunior BylesA Place Called Africa: Junior BylesLee Perry
A21Give Me PowerRoy Lee & King IwahGive Me Power: StingersLee Perry
A22Small AxeWailersSmall Axe: WailersLee Perry
A23Beat Down BabylonJunior BylesBeat Down Babylon: Junior BylesLee Perry
A24All OverEccles & Neville Lee Perry
A25Small Axe Version 2 (Aka Shocks '71)Lee PerrySmall Axe: WailersLee Perry
B01Public Enemy Number OneMax RomeoPublic Enemy Number One: Max RomeoLee Perry
B02Professor IronsideLloyd ParksProfessor Ironside: Lloyd ParksLee Perry
B03Hot & ColdAugustus PabloFever: Junior BylesLee Perry
B04Back BiterLee Perry & Dennis AlcaponePeople Weird: Lee PerryLee Perry
B05Preacher ManStingersPreacher Man: The StingersLee Perry
B06Black Man TimeLee Perry Lee Perry
B07Babylose BurningMax Romeo & Niney & Lee PerryBeat Down Babylon: Junior BylesLee Perry
B08Justice To The PeopleLee PerryJustice To The People: Lee Perry & The UpsettersLee Perry
B09Cow Thief SkankCharlie Ace & The UpsettersYakety Yak: Coasters / Cow Theif Skank Lee PerryLee Perry
B10Black IpaLee PerryBlack IPA: UpsettersLee Perry
B11Jungle LionLee PerryLove And Happiness: Al GreenLee Perry
B12Bathroom SkankLee PerryKentucky Skank: Lee PerryLee Perry
B13WordsGatherersWords Of My Mouth: GatherersLee Perry
B14Dub OrganiserDillingerCloak and Dagger: UpsettersLee Perry
B15Better DaysCarlton & The ShoesBetter Days: Carlton & His ShoesLee Perry
B16Station Underground NewsKing KobaNews Flash: Leo GrahamLee Perry
B17Rebels TrainUpsettersMake Up Your Mind: HeptonesLee Perry
B18To Be A LoverGeorge & EarlHave Some Mercy: Delroy WilsonLee Perry
B19Herb VendorLeroy Horsemouth WallaceGive Thanks: Delroy ButlerLee Perry
B20Hurts So GoodSusan Cadogan & The Mighty DiamondsHurt So Good: Susan CadoganLee Perry
B21Curley LocksJunior BylesCurly Locks: Junior BylesLee Perry
B22Golden LocksLee PerryCurly Locks: Junior BylesLee Perry
B23Woman & MoneyDenzil DennisWoman and Money: Denzil DennisLee Perry
C01Bury The RazorUpsettersBury The Razor: Lee PerryLee Perry
C02Woman Gotta Have LoveJimmy RileyWoman's Gotta Have It: Jimmy Riley 
C03Stay DreadLee PerryStay Dread: Lee PerryLee Perry
C04Fire Fe The VaticanMax RomeoWar Inna Babylon: Max Romeo 
C05Roots Train Number OneJunior MurvinRoots Train: Junior MurvinLee Perry
C06Ital CornerPrince JazzboOne Step Forward: Max Romeo 
C07Thanks & PraiseJunior AinsworthThanks and Praise: Junior Ainsworth 
C08Forward With The OrthodoxMistic IForward With Jah Orthodox: Mystic 
C09I Was Appointed (Alternate Cut)Junior MurvinI Was Appointed: Junior Murvin 
C10Groovy Situation (Dub Plate Mix)Keith RoweGroovy Situation: Keith Rowe 
C11Words (12" Disco Word)Anthony Davis & Lee PerryWords Of My Mouth: GatherersLee Perry
C12Know Love (12" Disco Love)Twin RootsKnow Love: Twin Roots 
C13Son Of Slaves (12" Disco Cork)Junior DelgadoSons Of Slaves: Junior Delgado 
C14Bad Weed (12'')Junior MurvinPolice And Thieves: Junior Murvin 
C15City Too Hot (12'')Lee PerryCity Too Hot: Lee PerryLee Perry
D01Cloak & DaggerTommy Mccook & The UpsettersCloak and Dagger: UpsettersLee Perry
D02Rude WalkingTommy Mccook & The UpsettersSkylarking: Horace Andy / Scratch Walking: UpsettersLee Perry
D03Caveman SkankLee Perry & The UpsettersApeman Skank: UpsettersLee Perry
D04Black PantaUpsettersBlackboard Jungle: UpsettersLee Perry
D05Flashing EchoUpsettersNews Flash: Leo GrahamLee Perry
D06KojakLee Perry & The UpsettersKojak: Lee Perry & The UpsettersLee Perry
D07Bush WeedLee Perry & The UpsettersBushweed Corntrash: Bunny & RickyLee Perry
D08Enter The DragonMighty UpsetterLady Lady: Cynty & The MonkeesLee Perry
D09FungeaMighty UpsetterFungaa: UpsettersLee Perry
D10Judgement DayLee Perry & The UpsettersJudgement Day: Lee Perry And the UpsettersLee Perry
D11Voodoo ManVin Gordon & The UpsettersVoodoo Man: Vin Gordon & the UpsettersLee Perry
D12Kingdom Of DubUpsettersStay Dread: Lee PerryLee Perry
D13DubismUpsettersVoodooism: Leo GrahamLee Perry
D14Lizard StickUpsettersBabylon Deh Pon Fire: Truth Fact & CorrectLee Perry
D15Dub Fu Ye RightsUpsettersStand Up: Eric DonaldsonLee Perry
D16Foundation Solid (Alt. Mix)UpsettersSolid Foundation: CongosLee Perry
D17Babylon Thief DubAugustus PabloPolice And Thieves: Junior MurvinLee Perry
D18Vampire (Horns)UpsettersVampire: Devon IronsLee Perry
D19Lover DubAugustus Pablo & The UpsetterHave Some Mercy: Delroy WilsonLee Perry
D20Huzza HanaLee Perry & The UpsettersHuzza A Hana: UpsettersLee Perry


Format Year Label Cat #
CD2005TrojanTJNBX 225
lp2005TrojanTJNBX 225
lp2005TrojanTJLBX 244


Producer: Lee Perry