Show Case Volume 3: Jackie Mittoo

  Title Artist Riddim Producer
01Champion Of The ArenaJackie MittooFunky Donkey: Bernard Purdie (Death In The Arena)Bunny Lee
02Hot MilkJackie MittooHot Milk: Jackie MittooBunny Lee
03Darker Shade Of BlackJackie MittooNorwegian Wood: BeatlesBunny Lee
04Drum SongJackie MittooDrum Song: Jackie MittooBunny Lee
05The SniperJackie MittooThe Sniper: Jackie MittooBunny Lee
06Peace TreatyJackie Mittoo Bunny Lee
07North Of The SunJackie Mittoo Bunny Lee
08Jumping JackJackie Mittoo Bunny Lee
09Super ChargeJackie Mittoo Bunny Lee
10One Step ForwardJackie Mittoo Bunny Lee
11Ram JamJackie MittooFattie Fattie: HeptonesBunny Lee
12Brain MarkJackie MittooDrum Song: Jackie MittooBunny Lee
13In Cold BloodJackie MittooIn Cold Blood: Jackie MittooBunny Lee
14EarthquakeJackie MittooAfrican Girl: Sugar MinottBunny Lee
15Atom SoundsJackie Mittoo Bunny Lee
16Death TrapJackie MittooRide On Girl: Johnny Clarke / Phensic: Tapper Zukie / Death Trap: Jackie MittooBunny Lee
17Clean Up The ArenaJackie MittooPeace And Love In The Ghetto: Johnny Clarke / Clean Up The Arena: Jackie Mittoo / ~Drum SongBunny Lee


Format Year Label Cat #
CD2003Blood And Fire
CD1993AbrahamJIM 4967
Blood And FireBAFCD 042
Sonic SoundsSSR 002